Dream interpretation

Why dream of a brother?


Dreams about relatives often visit the dream, sometimes the dead relatives dream of and warn about significant events. Why dream of a brother? According to popular beliefs, a brother in a dream comes to scandals and quarrels in relatives. Let's see the answer in the famous dream books.

Dreamed brother

The interpretation of a dream is ambiguous and depends on many reasons:

  • who dreamed of a brother - a woman / man;
  • how the brother behaved in the dream;
  • did the dead brother dream?
  • brother's age in reality - older / younger;
  • where the brother was in a dream - at home or elsewhere;
  • how the dreamer behaved and how he felt.

If you came to sleep happy and healthy sibling, in your common destiny there will be positive changes. If brother is in a dream looked sick or poor, the changes will be adverse.

Older brother foreshadows good events in life, financial stability and prosperity. However, sometimes a dream can talk about the desire to gain protection, especially if the dream is seen by a girl.

If sleep comes younger brother, expect unexpected troubles and additional responsibilities in the family or at work. Also, the dream tells about the lack of warmth and emotional communication - the dreamer needs it.

If you are dreaming quarreled with brother, in real life, expect quarrels and conflicts in the family. The usual conversation with his brother in a dream foreshadows a lot of cases, hard work and recuperation.

To see the dead brother in a dream not to good. Some dream books interpret such a vision for disease, others - for trouble. It is bad if in a dream you were playing with the deceased in gambling. Such a plot says that the life of the dreamer literally hangs in the balance.

However, there are other interpretations. If the brother looked merry, the dream foreshadows good. If he looked sad and preoccupied - a misfortune.

See brother drunk - soon you will hear about his frivolous acts, the consequence of which will be big trouble. Severe alcohol intoxication foreshadows severe illness of the brother.

If you saw a sibling in the blood (hands, face, clothes), will soon come hard financial times for both. If a brother is frightened in a dream, expect family troubles. If a brother cries, a dream foreshadows joy.

To see a loved one in dirt - a feeling of heaviness and guilt. Try to find out what worries your brother, how you can help him. It is bad if a brother wallows in mud: such a dream spells trouble and hardship for a loved one.

See brother sinking in water - you have to unwind the tangle of problems that he created.

Other plots

The birth of a little brother in a dream foreshadows the news. If the message brought joy in a dream, the news will be pleasant. A sense of bewilderment or anger over the birth of a brother predicts receiving shocking news.

Hug brother in a dream - to conflicts and quarrels in the family, clarify the relationship. Kisses with brother promise tensions, unlike hugs and kisses with other relatives.

Fight with brother considered a positive symbol. This story foreshadows either a quick enrichment, or good support from other people. Moreover, the support will be a hollow surprise for the dreamer.

Brother's killing in a dream - to sadness and grief. Either this dream suggests getting rid of a long-standing family problem. Worse, if the dreamer himself acted as a murderer. This story foreshadows a very bad life situation, shame and disgrace.

Brother's death in a dream promises well-being to all - and the "dead", and the dreamer. A different interpretation of the plot is the message that the dreamer will need help. The funeral of a living brother in reality promises well-being and health.

The wedding of a single brother in reality involves a big change in the lives of family members. Married Brother's Wedding foreshadows the birth of a child. Not necessarily with him, just hear the news from relatives or friends.

If a woman dreamed wedding with your own brother, the dream foreshadows the good. The dreamer is very attached to the family. Sex with a sibling speaks about intimate problems: a woman is fixated on her intimate life.


What do cousins ​​dream of? Sleep has a similar interpretation with a sibling. If the cousin looked happy and healthy, expect a favorable change. A quarrel or conflict with a cousin carries negative symbolism.

Nonexistent brother

How to understand a dream in which you see a non-existent brother in reality? Such dreams talk about abandonment and loneliness. A person is so closed that other people cannot reach his heart.

If a non-existent younger brother came to sleep, the plot tells about the feeling of jealousy or rivalry in the life of the dreamer.

A non-existent step-brother will tell you that there is no mutual understanding between the parties in a close social circle.

Opinion dream books

French dream book believes that the sleeper will be faced with meanness or betrayal, if he saw a brother in a dream. Also, the dream foreshadows family conflicts and strife. To see the death of a brother in a dream - to the joy and profit.

Great Dream foreshadows the receipt of news if the sleeper saw such a plot. The fight promises strong family ties and a sense of appreciation.

  • Modern dream book foreshadows receiving false news or false hearing.
  • The newest dream book: to see a cheerful brother - to a prosperous long life, a patient - to a speedy recovery.
  • Dream Azara predicts a long life.
  • Dream interpretation Medea promises complexity in life.
  • Dreams horoscope believes that soon the dreamer will find a true friend.

Dream interpretation Hasse considers the plot from the positive side. A negative meaning carries a dream with a fight or quarrel.

Dream interpretation 2012. Older brother dreams about the need for protection, advice and support. The younger one dreams about the need to take care of someone.

Dream interpretation thinks that to see a dead brother in a dream - to well-being and longevity, to see in water - to get rid of trouble, to see the sick - to recover.