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What does number 23 mean in numerology?


The number "twenty-three" is a combination of the properties and energy of the number "two" and "three". The number “two” is a symbol of duality and balance, diplomacy and interaction, trust, service and the number of the Soul. And the triple is responsible for such a feeling as joy and optimism, allows you to express yourself, gives a person creativity, allows you to find out what is hidden from prying eyes. In more detail the value of the number 23, we will examine in the following material.

The people who were born on the twenty-third, are often filled with internal contradictions. Although in exceptional cases are a combination of ideal types of thinking.

Twenty-three unconditionally refer to positive numbers. But happiness will bring it only to smart people. It maximally reveals its properties only for individuals with a high level of intelligence, and for the rest it will be either neutral, or it will stimulate them to comprehend the new.

If you constantly live according to strict principles and do not strive to change your life for the better, you should not plan important events for a given date.

So, if your date of birth falls on the second or twenty-second number, it is not recommended to play the wedding of the twenty-third number. This, of course, does not mean compulsory divorce, but clearly does not predict a happy family life.

People under the influence of this number are distinguished by natural curiosity. They prefer to learn from their mistakes, and not on others.

They tend to regularly expand their intellectual knowledge, tend to reflect philosophically on the meaning of life and other serious things. Such people are always eager to learn. The husbands and wives also take exclusively intellectuals.

Their physical strength is not as great as mental abilities, but is fully compensated by the mind.

It is important for such people to get everything at once and to the maximum.

Of the negative character traits can be identified increased temper and aggressiveness. Such individuals seek to gain control over their surroundings with all their might.

Often, people under the influence of a given number are prone to mercantile spirit, although their self-interest is not as strong as that of those who are among the five.

In the love sphere, things are going in a good way, but only if they come across an arrogant partner who is capable of submission. In bed, the number 23 gives a strong sexual temperament, but these individuals do not show too much demanding of their partner. They are owners, both in friendly and in love relationships.

Watch this video and find out a lot of interesting additional information about the number twenty-three.

Many people, whose lives are affected by the number 23, want to learn more about its sacred meaning. In antiquity, it was actively used in the rites of the Illuminati, as well as Freemasons. And the Mayan calendar foreshadowed the end of the world on December 23 (which, fortunately, did not materialize).

Overall, the number 23 is very important in our life.

For example:

  1. The human spine is formed by 23 cartilages, there are 23 joints in the hand.
  2. A child from each parent receives 23 chromosomes.
  3. The cycle of human biorhythms is represented by 23 days.
  4. The blood makes one cycle through the vessels of our body for 23 seconds.
  5. A man dies when his body temperature drops to twenty-three degrees.

In Russia, it was thought up to celebrate on this date the day of the Navy, as well as the Soviet army (February 23). The date is very symbolic, because the army is a kind of egregore, manifested in reality. And each egregor is inherent desire to flourish and grow, the desire for novelty.

It becomes clear that the number twenty-three now and then arises in various aspects of our life, it can be found in many sciences, in the surrounding reality and in general in human destiny. If you wish, you will find a huge number of references to this figure.

If you are under the influence of this figure, you need to pay enough attention to the development of your innate abilities - this will allow you to achieve happiness and positive emotions, both in your life and for your environment.

Under no circumstances, do not neglect to communicate with your friends and relatives, and also always help if they turn to you for help.

The number 23 is the personification of the fiery moon. The number is responsible for the internal tension of a person, as well as his desire to achieve lofty ideals through special knowledge.

Numerologists have long agreed that this combination of numbers is filled with universal wisdom. Various mystical facts and stories are associated with it.

For people who are under the influence of the number 23, there is an increased communication skills, because they are able to think in a very diverse way.

For this reason, it is not difficult for them to get along with different personalities, for example, with those who are under the influence of three, five, eight, nine, ten, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty one, twenty three, twenty five, twenty eight and twenty nine.

Knowing the magic of numbers is not only interesting, but also very useful for everyday life. It will reveal to you the talents and abilities laid down by nature, will help you to act correctly in a given situation, and will also be useful in calculating vital dates for various events.