Dream interpretation

What dreams that daughter is pregnant?


Pregnancy is a joy for a woman if she is long-awaited and desired. The birth of a new person is perceived by a miracle and brings a lot of positive moments. What dreams that daughter is pregnant? Consider the question from different points of view in accordance with the age of the daughter and her marital status.

Daughter's pregnancy

Dreams come from the world of subtle matters as a warning or predestination. However, one should not literally take messages from the world of dreams, because these images sometimes have a fantastic character. A pregnant daughter can dream of both mother and father. What to expect from this dream, what changes?

Sleep can have several interpretations:

  • the experience of the mother for the fate of the child;
  • the beginning of a new stage in the life of family members;
  • cardinal changes in the life of the daughter;
  • subconscious desire of parents about another child;
  • real prediction of events.

A common interpretation of pregnancy is the entry of a person into a new phase of life, internal and external changes. As a rule, the new period is always prosperous and interesting. This may be admission to the university, change of residence or financial well-being.

If you exclude the fears and worries of a mother for her unmarried daughter, sleep is the herald of the most encouraging changes. How to distinguish a dream-experience from a dream-forerunner of a real event? The proclamation of pregnancy will not dream often and be accompanied by strong emotions of experience. A dream about a real event will happen only once and will be very clear and understandable.

If the nightly dream was about a girl to be extradited, the plot may portend a real engagement followed by a wedding. However, if a girl does not meet anyone and leads a modest lifestyle, dream reveals her hidden thoughts. She is thinking about something serious and has plans for implementation. A daughter may suddenly report some kind of firm decision that parents will not like.

Pregnancy is a symbol of burden, heaviness and fatigue, stealth and secrecy. Daughter is not going to devote parents to their secrets, closed the inner world from the introduction of other people. What's on her mind, time will tell. Get ready for an unexpected message. Also pregnancy may symbolize a secret diseasewhich the girl carefully hides.

If a the girl in the dream was crying and was in a desperate situation, you should carefully look at your daughter - she hides serious problems that torment her from the inside. Independently the girl cannot cope with problems, she needs help. However, she cannot ask about her due to her shyness.

If the parents had a dream about their daughter's pregnancy, it is likely that another child will appear in the family. This the dream foreshadows a new baby by the girl’s parents themselves.

Interpretation by days of the week

The meaning of the dream can be clarified by day of the week:

  • Monday's sleep is considered empty and deceptive, however, it may portend profit;
  • sleep on Tuesday prophesies bad luck and disappointment;
  • sleep on Wednesday speaks about changes in life;
  • a dream on Thursday foreshadows quarrels followed by reconciliation;
  • sleep on Friday brings good;
  • a dream on the Sabbath can become prophetic, if remembered in detail;
  • a dream on sunday speaks of the improper digestion of the dreamer.

Value according to Zodiac

  • Aries should prepare for the black band of life.
  • Taurus dream foreshadows insult.
  • Twins sleep remorse for their deed, followed by apology.
  • Cancers dream spell break with the man, whose patronage they enjoy.
  • Leo's dream tells of his own frivolity.
  • Virgins are sad because of their intimate life.
  • Libra dream prophesies gentle friend.
  • Scorpio sleep advises not to repeat past mistakes.
  • Sagittarius dreams dream of sorrow and trouble.
  • Capricorn vision tells of the futility of fear.
  • Aquarius will envy.
  • Pisces dream foreshadows healing or scientific discovery.

Other interpretations

  • To see a pregnant daughter at the altar - to provide all possible assistance.
  • To take birth in his own daughter - to the great surprise.
  • To suffer anger from the state of the daughter - to the big failures, disappointment in everything.
  • Seeing yourself in the image of someone's pregnant daughter - to a consensus in the family, a trusting relationship with parents.
  • Hear the news about the pregnancy of the daughter and experience the joy - to the well-being in everything.

Opinion dream books

Dream Dream. If the dream was greeted by the father, it means that his daughter will find success and happiness, all her wishes will be realized. Mother, this dream foreshadows a meeting with the betrothed daughter - an acquaintance will soon take place.

Dream of azarpromises speedy deliverance from the problems that fell on his daughter. Everything is formed, waiting ahead of happiness and well-being.

Dream Dream Meneghetti soothes the mother, saying that nothing bad will happen to her daughter. If the birth of a grandson is dreamed up, the situation in the family will soon improve - a large cash flow is expected. This may be a lottery win or an unexpected return of old debt.

Family Dream regards his father’s dream as a subconscious desire to have another child. For the mother, the dream is empty - it is a reflection of the inner fears for the fate of the child, who have no relation to the real state of affairs.

Dream loft for the mother foreshadows many worries and troubles. For a father, he can foretell unreasonable actions that need to be hidden.

Freund's Dream interprets the plot to good luck in the enterprise, as well as a possible meeting with an unpleasant person. If you dream often, the subconscious hints at the intimate side of married life.

Ukrainian dream book foreshadows parents shame because of the behavior of the daughter. Also, sleep can warn of family conflicts.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova believes that the girl wants to harm envious. To stop the intrigues of envious people, you should talk less about family life.


The probability of literal execution of what he saw in a dream is negligible, so do not interrogate the native person. Do not take vision seriously.