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Guessing on the cards on lunar days - when is it better to perform


You may have noticed that on some days of the month the cards stubbornly refuse to provide you with the correct information. What is the cause of this phenomenon? If you believe the professionals, the probability of execution is directly related to the specific days of the lunar cycle. And performing divination on lunar days, the most suitable for this, you get the most truthful answers.

The moon is not just a satellite of the Earth, it has a huge impact on our planet. Many magic rituals are performed strictly on certain lunar days, and fortune telling is no exception.

When the heavenly body is at the peak of activity - magic works better, desires are fulfilled faster, you can do rites to increase something in your life. The situation changes dramatically when the moon begins to decline - at this time rituals are performed to get rid of problems, troubles, ailments, and so on.

The same applies to the topic of fortune telling. Next, we offer you a detailed transcript of each lunar day, as far as it is suitable for successful divination.

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The first day is New Moon. Traditionally, it has been said that on this lunar day the cards will not answer your questions correctly, because the Moon has almost no magical power. Therefore, at this time, pay more attention to finding solutions for your problem on your own, and thinking about plans.

Second day - A great time to learn about your future.

The third day - on divination imposed the strictest ban. The patron saint of this lunar day is Leopard, and he is very unpredictable.

Fourth day - You can ask questions that can be answered "yes" or "no." Ask only for the present tense.

Fifth day - shed light on the events of the distant future. It is permissible to double-check the result of fortune-telling performed on the fifth lunar day, the next day.

Sixth day - most suitable for making predictions. Even people far from the esoteric on this day are able to become true predictors. A lot of hidden information comes in dreams.

Seventh day - ask cards only about relationships (love, family, social and so on). You can get an accurate and detailed answer.

Eighth day - it is better to refuse divination, although there is no strict prohibition.

Ninth day - Their patron is the Bat, which is distinguished by contradictions and danger. Therefore, if you are not yet able to realize clues from above, it is better to postpone the predictions.

Tenth day - A good time for guessing about family issues. The day is filled with positive energy.

Eleventh day - it has a special energy, the symbol is the Crown. You can resort to any fortune telling associated with fire. Not a single question will remain unanswered.

Twelfth day - do not look into the future today. You can only ask about urgent issues, but then formulate them as accurately as possible.

Thirteenth day - Its symbol is the Wheel. At this time spiritual searches will be successful, you can read magical literature and think, but it’s better not to guess on the cards - you can get confused.

Fourteenth day - most likely, you will receive not a truthful answer. Or events will go wrong. It is better to set the card deck aside.

Fifteenth day - You can resort to using cards, while asking questions on any subject.

Sixteenth day - ask the cards what awaits you in your career, financial field. Also, you will answer questions about love.

Seventeenth day - have not yet met your soul mate? Ask for help to the cards, but do not ask about anything else.

Eighteenth day - performing divination on this day, remove mirrors away.

Nineteenth day - is a very dangerous day. The appearance of various conflict situations and losses is not excluded. Postpone fortune telling for another time.

Twentieth day - Cards will tell you today the truth about your relationship with colleagues. With other questions better wait.

Twenty first day - do not ask about money, other topics are welcome.

Twenty second - you will be able to find out how Mrs. Fortune treats you, as well as about your financial future.

Twenty third day - do not guess today, because the symbol of these lunar days - the Crocodile carries a very contradictory energy.

Twenty fourth day - It is good to ask today about a very distant future. Use fire for divination.

Twenty fifth day - discard today the cards, replacing them with pebbles or shells.

Twenty sixth day - it is symbolized by the Toad, which is the personification of wisdom. Despite this, fortune telling will be meaningless.

Twenty seventh day - today instead of cards it is better to use milk or water. Divination will be quite truthful.

Twenty eighth day - shed light on long journeys. His patron is Lotus, who happily shares truthful information.

Twenty ninth day - plays the role of the darkest and most unpredictable day, which is patronized by the planet Saturn. The fortune-telling on this lunar day will not please you, while you will activate negative mechanisms that you cannot stop yourself.

Thirtieth day - Its symbol is the Golden Swan. Today you can and should guess. You can apply cards, or you can ask for help from fruits and vegetables. But these lunar days do not fall on every cycle of the heavenly body.

If you perform divination in the most suitable for this lunar day, you can always get true information, the cards will not lead you by the nose. And if you add another 100% faith in the result - the effect will not take long to wait and everything promised soon will come true!