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Guessing online "What does he think about me?" on tarot cards


Guessing "What does he think about me?" - one of the most popular ways of online divination. With the help of the elementary scenario of the Tarot, you can find out how your elect treats you, how serious your relationship is.

How to guess:
Mentally imagine your chosen one in front of you. Try for 2-3 minutes not to think about anything and focus on the image of the person. When you are ready - draw 5 tarot cards.

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Repeat online divination can be no earlier than 5-10 minutes.

Guessing on ordinary Tarot cards

It is great when harmony and mutual understanding reign in your relationship. Then you don’t have to find out if your loved one misses you, thinks of you. Unfortunately, often girls are in ignorance regarding the feelings of the chosen one.

But you can’t hide anything from the cards - they will always help determine how the beloved treats your person.

To tell fortunes, you will need a deck of tarot cards. Cards should be carefully shuffled, and then ask the question: "What does he (the name of the chosen one) think of me now?". Mentally imagine the image of a young man in your thoughts and clearly pronounce the cherished phrase.

After that, you need to move the card with your left hand and see what has fallen.

The value of the arcana tarot in the layouts on the relationship

Arcana in the hands on the relations acquire the following values:

  1. Jester You have illusions about the love of a chosen one for you. It is necessary to remove the rose-colored glasses and realistically assess what is happening. Your real betrothed is somewhere close, but this is not the person you are wondering
  2. Mag. Symbol of the beginning of a new relationship. Probably, they will be tied with the one whom they made. But, probably, someone else will also become the chosen one, if you have recently become acquainted with someone
  3. High Priestess There is a spiritual connection between you and the man. She can incarnate in true, deep and unconditional love
  4. The Empress Relationship with the chosen one promise to be long and strong. But there is a snag - all the time you have to play the role of not only the wife, but also the mother, because the partner’s identity is rather immature
  5. The Emperor. Your chosen one has a strong relationship with your father, therefore the fate of your further relationship will depend on his opinion.
  6. Hierophant The card indicates true, true love. It is important not to deviate from moral principles and social norms, then everything will turn out well (example: not to enter into cohabitation, and get married)
  7. Lovers. There is a very strong physical tension between you and your chosen one, you are irrepressibly attracted to each other, these emotions are simply impossible to control. But remember that true love is not only passion, but also spiritual binding
  8. Chariot. Indicates a craving for perversion: homosexuality, violence, promiscuous sexual relations
  9. Strength. Sexual relations with the chosen one promise to be the best in your life, but love is unlikely to develop
  10. Hermit. To love you, learn to first love yourself and take care of yourself. Then the chosen one will pay attention and fall in love with all my heart.
  11. Wheel of Fortune. Your relationship will enter a new, deeper and happier stage. But sometimes the card can promise separation, and then the entry into a new relationship
  12. Justice. Relations between you and the chosen one are stable, calm, serious. You are in harmony and balance, respect and appreciate each other, but there is no violent passion
  13. Hanged. The elect has obvious psychological problems that ultimately lead to problems in the sexual life (impotence, infertility)
  14. Death. This card may promise to part with the elect, but this is not a reason for frustration. You will immediately meet your true love and build a new happy relationship
  15. Moderation. Harmony and mutual understanding reign between you. This is an ideal relationship, full of love, tranquility, confidence and respect
  16. Devil. Your man is led astray, looks at the side, thinking about treason. He loves you, but his brain seems dimmed - he is ready to sacrifice relationships for a moment of pleasure with another woman.
  17. Tower. The relationship will come very dramatic and quite serious changes. They will be negative. It may be parting, divorce, treason, severe illness.
  18. Star. The symbol of hope, the end of the crisis, the restoration of past feelings. The map indicates: quarrels and quarrels will cease, you are one step away from harmony
  19. Moon. The chosen one feels a soul mate in you and is ready to go with you in life, but you cannot speak of strong love.
  20. The sun. A card that personifies a very vivid, emotional relationship. And positive, very expressive, but without strong quarrels
  21. Court. Your relationship needs a change. This is especially true of sex life - it has become pretty fresh
  22. The world - you are happy and filled, so emotionally do not depend on men. And this is wonderful - there is a chance to build harmonious relationships.

Watch the video how to do the divination correctly "What does a man think of me?"

Now you know how to conduct divination "What a loved one thinks of me." But it is equally important to learn how to correctly interpret the meaning of maps - try to approach the interpretation of the alignment seriously and consciously. Also very important:

  • True to believe cards: leave doubts and skepticism, if you do not trust the tarot, they will never tell the truth
  • Mentally represent the image of the elect during a fortune-telling and clearly formulate your question. Less extra words - more visualization and specific wording

In fact, the easiest way is not to turn to the cards in order to think and guess whether your feelings are mutual. It is better to directly and honestly ask a chosen one - men are rarely cunning in such matters. If you are not interested in him, he will say that, and you will not waste your time.

But if he starts to play up and walk away from the answer, then it is worth referring to the cards.