Dream interpretation

When prophetic dreams are on days of the week


Look into the future. to know your destiny - these questions interest every person. On Christmas week, you can make a prophetic dream, which will reveal the secrets of fate and tell you the right direction in life. There are also special rituals for making dreams. However, prophetic dreams can come without rituals. When do prophetic dreams occur on days of the week? Consider this question.

What is prophetic dream

Do prophetic dreams always come true, and how to determine the nature of sleep? It is believed that during the night rest the shower can fly away to the other world, and after awakening it can return. It is at these moments that a person sees dreams. If the soul is not far from the body, dreaming ordinary scenes associated with daytime problems. If the soul has flown far away, comes a prophetic dream.

Scientists can neither confirm nor deny this claim. Psychologists are engaged in dreaming, but the results of research are more like guesswork. Esoteric guesses do not engage in speculations, but simply interpret what they have seen according to the images that came in the dream.

True and False Visions

Prophetic dreams are true and false. A true dream is always filled with a special meaning, the pictures come bright and memorable. Such a vision is not forgotten for many years and is executed exactly. It is characteristic that the true prophetic vision cannot be “drained into the water” or somehow prevented: the dream will come true exactly.

False visions are always confusing, devoid of meaning and specifics.. Usually these dreams are frightening, so after waking up you just need to tell about what you see flowing water. The ritual is simple to perform: you need to open the faucet in the bathroom and tell about the whole stream of water, then ask the water to carry the words with you.

When prophetic dreams come

Often such visions happen. on holy weekwhen the border between worlds becomes thin. These days, deceased relatives may come to sleep to predict events in life.

Prophetic dream can dream on any church holiday. According to popular belief, "holiday dreams" always come true before noon. Prophetic dreams come and on the third day of any month. Also prophetic are dreams on friday night - they come true.

Friday Dreams

Dreams on Friday night have a special meaning. There are 12 Great Fridays of the year that bring dreams from heaven:

  1. in the first week of Lent;
  2. before the Annunciation;
  3. on the eve of Palm Sunday;
  4. on the eve of Ascension;
  5. on the eve of Trinity Week;
  6. before the birth of John the Baptist;
  7. on the eve of Elijah the prophet;
  8. before the Assumption of the Virgin;
  9. in front of Archangel Michael;
  10. before the day of Kozma and Demian;
  11. on Christmas Eve;
  12. before the Epiphany.

Each of these Fridays has a special grace. Dreams these days come from heaven.

Days of the week and time of day

Also, prophetic dreams can appear on certain days of the week - this was noticed by our long-time ancestors.

  1. monday dreams are empty;
  2. empty dreams come on tuesday;
  3. Wednesday dreams can come true;
  4. empty dreams come on thursday;
  5. on Friday prophetic dreams;
  6. on Saturday - dreams do not come true;
  7. on Sunday - may come true before noon.

Monday is under the control of the moonwhose influence is deceptive and illusory. These dreams should not be taken seriously. However, it is on Monday that you can hold a special rite for a prophetic dream by asking an interesting question.

Tuesday is controlled by mars. On this day, you can get a hint to change your destiny.

Wednesday is controlled by Mercury. At this time, anxious dreams may come that call for control of the emotional sphere: this is what you lack in life.

Thursday ruled by Jupiter. At this time, you can attach importance to dreams related to professional activities. The rest of the dreams are considered empty.

Friday is ruled by Venus. At this time, prophetic dreams about fate and personal relationships come. On Friday night you can see a prediction about a wedding or a loved one.

Saturday rules Saturn. This harsh planet is associated with fatal signs of fate. Dreams don't exactly come true, but they can give a hint - what to expect in the future, good or bad?

Sunday is ruled by the sun. If an alarming plot is being dreamed of at this time, take it as a warning against unwanted behavior.

Times of Day

Important is the time of day at which the dream falls. Usually day dreams do not mean anything: they reflect the vanity of the mind and domestic concerns.

Evening sleep, as well as midnight, is also empty. At this time, the soul did not have time to get into other worlds.

Correct value has dream dreamed in the morning. It is at this time that we see the prophetic dreams.

How to distinguish the prophetic dream from the usual

This question worries many dreamers. How, on what grounds can this be done? It is important to understand that the prophetic dream can come on any day of the week on the eve of the fateful event. These are dreams-messages that do not depend on the time of day and day of the week. You can distinguish this vision from simple dreams:

  • sleep will be bright and memorable, will cause strong emotions;
  • the vision picture will have a clear storyline with a beginning and an end;
  • a dream will bring specific information in the form of numbers, words written or spoken;
  • sleep will be short, not tedious-endless.

The dream will be so vivid and memorable that you will not be able to forget it for a long time.

How to interpret the prophetic dream

Images from prophetic dreams can correspond to images from the interpretation of dream books. For example, a rat will denote an enemy, and a bat and a spider will mean an evil prediction.

If you did not find an explanation in the interpreter of the story that you saw, rely on intuition. Your inner feeling will be decisive in decoding sleep: as a rule, it does not fail.

One more criterion of true vision will be the conformity of what has been seen to reality. If in a dream you run away from an unknown monster, and suddenly you have wings with a tail, then feel free to refer the dream to a fantasy one. In prophetic visions come real, not fictional images.