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How to read the top of a man from a woman


Tired of an overly obsessive fan? Or do you want to get rid of a rival with whom your man changes you? The remedy is - the top of a man from a woman, which you need to read in such situations. We share a proven way that will forever turn a man away from a young lady, for whom he has strong feelings.

Rules and Recommendations

It is very important to make a man's back from a woman correctly. To do this, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Your intentions must be good. You can not make a lapel to harm someone, out of spite, from the feeling of the place. If you are in the grip of negative emotions, you will cause irreparable harm to both man and your own soul.
  • You need to clearly realize your goal, to understand that the consequences of a lapel can be irreversible, and it will be very difficult to return everything to normal.
  • Do not aspire to turn away the husband from the wife, to destroy someone's family happiness. As a result, everything will be bad - and you will not become happier, retribution will surely overtake
  • Prepare all items necessary for the cuff in advance so as not to fuss during the ritual.
  • Dress during the ceremony should be all black - avoid bright shades of clothing
  • A week before the ritual, observe the post. Also refrain from negative emotions, thoughts, avoid contact with unpleasant people for you.

And remember that a cuff is not always a sufficient measure. You can discourage your husband from his mistress, but if you do not try to establish your relationship with him, there will be another rival.

Lapel with a pin

To make such a top, you will need church wax candles, a small pin and a tube of glue. Light candles, heat a pin with a flame, and then glue a metal object to the wall by the front door.

During the magical manipulations, it is necessary to pronounce the following plot three times:

"I called you, the servant of God (the name of the man), now you are all mine, and you leave the servant of God (the name of the woman to turn away from), only to feel indifference to her"

At this ceremony ends. The pin must remain glued to the wall for twenty days. After this period the man will forget about the opponent and will return to you.

Blood cuff

This is the most powerful type of cuff, but it is for those who are not afraid to use their own blood. To perform a magical ritual, you need a photo of an opponent, a long string of black color, your blood and a thin sharp needle.

It is necessary to make the following manipulations:

  • Cut the string and put it in your blood tank for five minutes.
  • After that, put the thread in the photo opponent
  • Roll the photo into a tube, tie the remainder of the thread
  • Take a needle and gently pierce the resulting scroll exactly in the center and put it in a container with blood.

After that, you need to spell several times:

"My man (name of the chosen one) I will not give you. Forget about him forever and never"

Burn the photo and any remaining attributes that were used for the flap. The needle should be buried in the ground - it is better away from your home, on the shore of the nearest reservoir.

Lapel with water

Water has a very powerful energy, and the energy of the elements of Water is especially strong for women. Therefore, it is worth trying this method of the flap.

Wait for a new moon or a time when the moon will subside. At night, after twelve, dial in the well or spring of clean water.

You should have a glass jar or bottle with you. When you pour water from the source into the prepared container, slowly and clearly pronounce the following words:

“One, the servant of God (the name of the man) will go to the left. The second, the servant of God (the name of the woman to be turned away from) will turn to the right. They will part and never meet again. So be it!”

Then comes the most difficult thing: with conspiratorial water, it is necessary to quietly give a drink to both the man and his beloved. You can add water to their drinks. But it is very important that they do not have any suspicions.

Lapel with sand

This method is suitable if you live near the river and can collect river sand. The river should be small, because the sand must be collected from its two shores.

Stand at midnight near the river bank and start pouring sand from one hand to another, mentally presenting the man and his beloved. It is necessary to sentence the following words:

"As the sand dissipates, so the love of God's servant (man's name) and God's servant (rival name) will shatter, disappear, leak, end. As the banks of the river never close together, so will the path of God's servant (man's name) and God's servant (name competitors) will go away forever. So be it! "

Pour sand and read the plot is necessary as long as there is no grain of sand in your palms.

Watch the video on how to make a lapel yourself:

Top of the man from himself

If you need to turn away a man who is in love not with a rival, but with you, this method will help:

  1. Type earth in the graveyard at midnight and put it in a clay bowl
  2. At home, at night, at the full moon or on the growing moon, sit down at the table. In the center, place the bowl with the earth, next to put a glass of red wine. Light Five Church Wax Candles
  3. Start with a sharp knife to stir the wine and say: “I went out, the servant of God (your name) at night in the field, dug a hole, put that love of a servant of God (the name of a man) in a hole, threw it in the ground. Lie the love of God's servant (man's name) there, never come back to me. ”
  4. Place a glass in a bowl with earth and leave the room. After two hours, you can enter it and pick up the wine. Drink for three days you need to drink a man - then the lapel will work.