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Fleece Sovilo (Sowulo) - the personification of life


The rune of Sovilo (Soulo, Sowulo) is the sixteenth symbol of the ancient Germanic alphabet. It is in the grip of the element of air. Literally translated as "the sun" and symbolizes positive solar energy, heat, light. It is the heyday, the life force necessary for every person. Let's talk about the value of the rune Sovilo more.

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a brief description of

Fleece Sovilo or Fleece Salt is a symbol:

  1. The energy of the Sun, necessary for life, growth and human development. This is what makes striving for growth, helps to support life
  2. It is also self-realization, ambitions, everything that drives a person to success and fame, makes them fight for "a place under the Sun", to occupy an advantageous position in society
  3. This movement, creativity and creation. And the movement is for your own development, a deep understanding of yourself.
  4. This is what helps to get rid of excessive conservatism, overcome obsolete stereotypes, remove harmful qualities that have no place in a person. Thanks to this quality, the rune helps to correct the mistakes that have already been made that hinder creativity and development.

The moment is important that the sun does not shine constantly - it is replaced by darkness. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up with energy at the right time in order to use it in the "dark" time for a person in the future.

Meaning in divination

Since the Sovilo rune has a symmetrical shape, its value does not change depending on the loss of a symbol in a straight or inverted position. When used in divination, the rune of Sovilo has the following meanings:

  • Introduces in the life of a person the luck and luck that will accompany him in all endeavors
  • Helps control all aspects of life, make the right decisions and influence the course of events as needed
  • Sometimes it embodies problems that cannot be solved yet. Or points to people who negatively affect you and your life.
  • It is a symbol of health care.

The rune of Sovilo seems to say: "the impossible is possible, you will achieve everything you desire." It energizes the soul, helping to realize its goals, to find the right solutions to problems. Indicates that a person has extrasensory abilities, has tremendous strength of mind, is an integral and conscious personality.

Often it foreshadows that you will reach the top, gain power, be healthy, achieve incredible success. It means that a person is endowed with enormous energy and is able to radically change his life for the better.

Advice when a rune rolls Sovilo: do not be afraid to dream and make plans. You are able to translate all ideas conceived and existing in your imagination into reality.

Combination with other runes

The value of the runes is often influenced by other characters, in combination with which it falls. For example:

  • Combinations of Sovilo - Inguz, Sovilo - Dagaz, Sovilo - Gebo predict: your health is at risk. Take care of this side of life, leaving for the time all the other things
  • Combinations of Sovilo - Tivaz, Sovilo - Kenaz suggest that there are doubts about the favorable outcome of the case, which is important for you. Slow down and think whether you are moving in the right direction.
  • Sovilo - Fehu or Sovilo - Otala indicate that now is the most favorable time for rest in your life. Your business is in order, you can move away from them for a while without harm to the result. Gain strength and then fight again
  • Sovilo - Vuno or Sovilo - Raido. You have driven yourself. If you do not take a break, you risk getting sick - the tension is too great, sometimes let's relax
  • Combinations of Sovilo - Isa, Sovilo - Nautyz, Sovilo - Turisaz warn: the situation that is important for you is out of your control. It is necessary to mobilize and solve this problem.

Value at one-popping divination

If Sovilo falls in one-divination, it may mean the following:

  • You are too demanding and critical of yourself. You need to stop controlling yourself too much and engage in self-analysis. Such perfectionism only harms your affairs.
  • You need to get rid of the pessimistic attitude towards the world around you. Add positive emotions in life, communicating with friends and relatives
  • You have a very good intuition, but you do not know how to use it. Try to develop this quality - it will help you make the right decisions.
  • You are a romantic, a dreamer, a person with an incredibly developed imagination. These qualities make it difficult to perceive the world adequately. Take off your rose-colored glasses and leave the world of illusions, otherwise you will face serious disappointments.
  • You belong to the people, "kissed by God", endowed with talent, which will help to be realized in the field of creativity. But you lack self-discipline and hard work - develop these qualities and achieve incredible success.
  • Physical work is contraindicated to you, despite good health. Much more suitable work associated with public speaking. You are an excellent speaker, you can attract and hold the attention of a large number of people.
  • You often experience the feeling "I can do anything." So it turns out - the results of your work always exceed expectations. Keep up the good work, your faith in yourself is able to move mountains

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Magical use of the runes

Runes are often used in magical rituals, as well as for making amulets, talismans, amulets. Sovilo helps to achieve the following goals: