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Runa Algiz: meaning and photo


Runa Algiz literally translated as "Protection" or "divine protector." Therefore, it is a very strong protective rune: it is used to make powerful amulets, as well as in fortune telling. But this is not the only meaning.

Photo runes:

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Short rune value

The rune Algiz is the fifteenth rune of the 24 all-German and the 16th rune of the Scandinavian runes. She is a very favorable rune. It has two main meanings:

  1. Protection from trouble, adversity and difficulties that arise in the immediate vicinity of a person. Fleece also is capable not only protect, but and warn about impending adverse events
  2. Also is rune friendship. But not in the usual sense: it symbolizes friendship with patrons, powerful people who are able to change your life for the better, to help cope with troubles

Algiz is considered a rune of life. Next, we consider a deeper interpretation of this runic symbol.

Interpretation at divination

In the classical understanding of the rune Algiz is a very powerful rune of protection. The person who uses it is under the protection of the Highest divine forces that protect and protect him.

If Algiz falls in divination, it may mean the following:

  • A person is under the protection of higher powers — magical rituals that other people use to harm him cannot affect him.
  • A man will win in the fight against enemies, enemies, he is invulnerable to the opinions of others, gossip, slander. Therefore, very often the rune was depicted on the arms and military uniform of fighters going on campaigns
  • The person is open to self-development. He can achieve a high degree of awareness, is able to control the processes that occur in his subconscious. He is open to new perspectives, constantly receives chances to improve his life from Fate.
  • A person is absolutely protected from all threats of the outside world. This is a powerful amulet
  • Algiz - the personification of good luck, spirituality, inspiration and creative flight. If you use this rune, luck will accompany you in all your endeavors. You easily find new ideas for creativity and self-development, you have decided on your purpose.
  • You will constantly receive new lucrative offers and opportunities to realize your goals.
  • There is a devoted friend in your environment who is ready to completely disinterestedly help you and support you in any situation, even if everyone else turns away from you.
  • You have an incredibly strong intuition, you are able to anticipate problems and difficulties in time to get away from them.

When the Algiz rune falls out during fortune-telling, you can be sure that in the near future Fate will provide you with a chance to radically change your life for the better. Try not to miss opportunities and time to use them.

Value Algiz upside down

Any rune drastically changes its value if it falls in an inverted position. As a rule, the characteristic of the runic symbol becomes negative. But this means that you only have to pay attention to certain aspects of your life in order to avoid this negative, and not accept it.

This is what the turned rune of Algiz in divination can mean:

  • You need to be more attentive to your health - now it is extremely vulnerable. You may already be sick and you should go to a doctor to identify the disease at an early stage and heal quickly. And maybe the immune system is greatly weakened and you need to strengthen it.
  • Problems in business relationships are coming up: with partners, colleagues, superiors. Well-established ties are at risk, you risk losing powerful patrons. You may be abusing them and giving nothing in return. It may also be that someone will try to engage you in a dishonest game — avoid it so as not to harm your own reputation.
  • Likely quarrels with close friends and a loved one through your fault. Try not to provoke conflicts, in any quarrel look for a compromise and try to put yourself in the place of your opponent

If the rune fell in an inverted position - you are too straightforward, because of this, you risk "breaking firewood" in a problematic situation and remain a loser. Carefully monitor your behavior, do not commit unseemly deeds, and you will be able to avoid trouble.

Watch the video about the meaning and use of Algiz:

Why use Algiz?

In the esoteric rune, Algiz is used in two cases:

  • when you need to protect yourself from the negative coming from outside
  • to develop foresight and intuition

There are also runic formulas that will achieve the desired goal. For example:

  1. Algiz - Fehu. Provides protection of business from competitors, crisis and other negative phenomena
  2. Algiz - Raido. Used before traveling, protects against all troubles that may arise in the long journey.
  3. Algiz - Berkano. Used by pregnant women: this combination helps to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.
  4. Gebo - Algiz. Helps to get rid of destructive relationships, breaks dangerous ties, is used for cuffs in magical rituals
  5. Algiz - Eyvaz. Provides powerful protection from magical effects: protects from damage, the evil eye, astral attacks
  6. Algiz - Laguz. It is used to ensure that the injured person recovers sooner. This combination improves tissue regeneration, accelerates healing, reduces the risk of infection.
  7. Algiz - Kenaz. Helps to get rid of depression, fears, phobias, obsessive thoughts and ideas. Treats psychological problems