Dream interpretation

Why dream late grandmother granddaughter?


Dreams of deceased relatives bear positive symbolism. If you see your ancestor in a dream, it does not say something bad, but is a warning about a possible negative. Why dream late grandmother granddaughter? Consider in detail the interpretation of various dream books.

The image of a grandmother in a dream

Grandmother is the guardian of the race, support and support. Esoterics claim that after the death of the physical body, the soul remains alive. If a deceased grandmother comes in a dream, then she is trying to tell or warn about something - always for good.

However, not always in a dream is a real relative, sometimes in the form of a grandmother evil forces can come. Therefore, if the grandmother just came to talk about anything or offer any gifts, the dream is not considered good. You can not take gifts from the dead, and give - you can.

If you just saw the image of the deceased grandmother, the interpreters define the following:

  • unmarried dream girl prophesies a wedding;
  • businessmen - a good profit from the transaction, a good contract.

It is considered a good omen to see two grandmothers at once - this is a sign of tribal patronage, a reliable guard against the vicissitudes of fate. If the grandmother came to sleep with her grandfather, there will be a crucial life-changing stage in life - an important family ceremony.

If grandma comes to sleep all the time, then you should pay attention to your life path. What are you doing wrong? As the head of the family, the grandmother is trying to prevent unreasonable actions and to save from trouble. As soon as you correct, the grandmother will stop coming to the dream.

Different plots dreams

Sometimes in a dream we see different pictures, as if they were happening in reality. What does it mean to see a grandmother's house? Psychologists believe that the dreamer lacks domestic warmth and support from relatives. Grandmother's house represents comfort and peace, confidence in the future and the inviolability of family traditions.

If you see that the grandmother came into her house, well-being and wealth will soon await you. See the funeral of a relative - the interpretation of sleep depends on the weather. If during the funeral ceremony the sun was shining, they would expect a happy change. If during the ceremony the sky was overcast, expect trouble.

If you see how granny is baking pies and setting the table, then expect guests in the house. At the same time, try to adhere to the traditions of hospitality that your grandmother taught you during your lifetime.

The weeping grandmother asks to visit her grave and remember in a Christian way. If the grave is far away from you, visit the church and put candles for the rest. You can order forty minutes. If this is not done, someone in the family will be seriously ill.

If you saw a relative in the image of another person, a dream warns you not to deal with doubtful people. Be careful and cautious. Embracing a revived grandmother - to good luck in life, well-being and health. It’s bad if grandmother kisses you - it promises illness, misfortune in your personal life and at work.

Conversation with grandma

Esotericists connect conversations with the dead in a dream with troubles and danger in reality. However, sometimes you can get valuable advice and danger warning through conversation. If you hear the voice, but do not understand the words, the dream warns of trouble.

There are many testimonies of dreamers who were saved from misfortune by a dead grandmother’s voice. Psychologists believe that in the voice of a deceased relative, our subconscious speaks, which we simply cannot hear in the usual bustle of life. It is in a dream that we will be able to listen to the voice of the subconscious in the image of a grandmother, who was trusted in her life.

It is considered a good sign if a grandmother asks for money or clothes. In reality, you will find wealth and many new things. If a relative asks for food, it means that he is going to patronize you in everything.

If a relative gives money, many dream books consider such a plot to be a sign of bankruptcy - you will be left without everything. If you took clothes from your grandmother, in reality repeat her karma (fate).

It is considered a bad sign if a deceased relative calls with her and promises some kind of wealth. This story may portend an unexpected demise. If you managed to refuse the offer, in reality you will cope with any difficulties, recover from the disease and overcome your enemies.

Go after the grandmother - you expect the same death as she had. Giving someone's photo to granny - this person will face death.

A bad omen is considered a conversation with a grandmother, on whose body traces of corruption are visible - this is a serious illness of the dreamer. Also, a dream can foreshadow a collapse in life - life will go downhill.

Grandmother in a coffin

What does the dream in which you saw the ancestor in the grave mean? It depends on the plot of the dream picture:

  • if the grandmother rises from the grave - you are awaited by the arrival of relatives;
  • talking to a granny lying in a coffin - unfortunately;
  • if the grandmother is crying - wait for a family quarrel and troubles;
  • kissing a grandmother in a coffin - to separation from a loved one;
  • grandmother lies in a coffin in your house - to the disease through their own fault.

Some dream books give a negative interpretation of the dream with the body of a grandmother in a coffin. It warns of misfortunes: divorce from her husband, family troubles. However, other dream books see in this story a foreboding of financial well-being.

Dream Vanga

What dreams of a dead grandmother alive? If 40 days have not passed since the day of death, sleep is an echo of experiences. The interpretation of sleep after the anniversary of the funeral depends on the circumstances of the dream:

  • unmarried girls dream prophesies a wedding;
  • talk and cuddle with a granny - you did not fulfill your promise to her;
  • if you hug an old woman, it is a sign of good health;
  • if an old woman hugs you - correct the mistake made in life;
  • two grandmothers - a warning not to make mistakes in life.

Always, after visiting the dead in a dream, put candles for the rest and visit the graves of your relatives.