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Symbols of love and happiness: what are the most popular today


Love is an inexplicable scientific phenomenon that makes the heart beat more often next to the object of adoration, and gives the soul a true pleasure from this process. Symbols of love help to express a bright and sublime feeling or to attract it into your life.

Symbols of love

To date, there are many different amorous attributes. For example, the most famous are: hearts, a pair of wedding rings, paired items (gloves, shoes, and so on).

Love symbolism is actively used on postcards, in the process of preparing for a wedding, a romantic date. And just to show your loved one how dear he is to you.

Further I suggest you to deal with popular love symbols, dividing them into categories.

Classical symbols

Love language is rich in various recognizable symbols of love and loyalty. Consider them.


Which image immediately comes to mind as soon as it comes to love? Of course, my heart! What they just do not decorate: gift cards, make in his form Valentine, used for home decor, clothing and so on.

The heart is a symbol of love and happiness. It is associated with tender and deep feelings. What is the history of its origin? You have probably noticed that the traditionally painted heart is far in resemblance to a real organ.

According to one theory, initially depict the symbol of love in its current form began in Greece. The Greeks have always attached special importance to the body, raising it to a cult. And, allegedly, in ancient Greece, the symbolism of the modern heart arises, the purpose of which is to glorify a beautiful female ass. There is no scientific evidence of this theory, therefore, to believe in it or not to believe is your own business.

Interesting information. The heart is the most important organ in the human body, which knows no rest day or night. The never-tired motor is a symbol of life, it is honored as a repository of the human spirit.


Or rather, not one, but a couple of swans is another common symbol that can tell about eternal love and devotion to each other.

It is not surprising that the swans began to personify a beautiful and sublime feeling: these birds create one pair for their entire life. Together they take care of themselves and their offspring.

The bonds connecting the swans are so strong that if one of the birds dies, the other remains alone in memory of lost love. But, as a rule, a swan does not live long without a pair - it is either thrown off a cliff, reducing accounts with life, or dying, longing for its half.


The pigeon bears the title of "bird of the world", and a couple of pigeons is another symbol of love. In various sources we find the personification of different variations of feelings by birds. So, for someone they symbolize carnal passion, sexual desire. And for another person - they are associated with platonic affection, love of youth.

Which of the values ​​you personally give the dove - it does not matter. The main thing is that these little birds are in fact very similar to a couple of lovers. Just watch them coo with each other, touch their beaks, clean the feathers of each other. It is not surprising that the doves are also often said about lovers.

It is believed that it is no coincidence that pigeons began to symbolize love. Allegedly, Aphrodite herself was very fond of them (the goddess responsible for the sphere of feelings, patronizing all who are in love).

Wedding rings

Ring - another amorous attribute. In its form, it resembles the eternal flow of time. And when the young ones fasten themselves by marriage bonds at the altar, they put a ring on each other's finger, giving a promise to always love and be faithful to their half until death.

It’s not just that wedding rings are supposed to be worn on the ring finger on the right hand. After all, it is from this finger comes the artery that falls directly into the heart.


The deity of love Cupid is also included in the popular love theme. Small mischievous Cupids with bows and arrows are decorated with postcards and cars of the newlyweds. Wherever you see this image - you immediately understand that this is a beautiful light feeling.

Little kids

Children are a creation of love and happiness of two hearts in love. In the ideal course of events, the baby is born when the love between two people is so strong that they need someone else to give it to.


The traditional picture is a stork carrying a child in its beak. According to legend, it is the storks personify the process of birth of the baby, plus make the relationship of young parents happy and harmonious.

Red Rose

The rose of rich red color has been a symbol of passionate feelings and love for hundreds of years. Her color indicates a passion burning in a pair of lovers.

From where the rose came exactly, as the personification of love, it is impossible to reliably establish. According to one statement, it is believed that its place of origin is Ancient Egypt. There, roses were considered plants of Isis, a female deity responsible for love, motherhood, family, and female attraction.

Another romantic legend finds a scarlet rose, as a memory of the unearthly love of Venus and Adonis. Venus was the goddess of love, and she herself experienced a strong feeling - to the beautiful young man Adonis. Adonis showed reciprocity to the goddess, but soon died, hunting a wild beast. When the funeral was over, flowers of the same red color as the youth’s blood began to appear and bloom on the grave. They symbolized the eternal love of Venus.


It is not necessary for love to be associated exclusively with earthly, real things. It can also be personified by creatures from fairy tales, myths. For example, the legendary bird Phoenix.

An ancient belief says that the bird comes from the sun itself. With her inner light and warmth she will be able to melt the ice in the hearts of even the most callous personalities. And on its wings the famous Phoenix bears not only immortality, but also universal love.


Perhaps you have heard that on the day of marriage you need to tie a wedding ribbon to a tree or plant a small tree. In the future, feelings in the family will only increase in accordance with the growth and strength of the plant.

At the same time, spruce, oak, rowan, viburnum, hawthorn, and pine are called “love trees”.

Amorous symbolism of various states of the world

In addition to the above cupids, hearts, flowers and cooing doves, there is also national love symbolism. Let's talk about it in more detail.

  • Egypt. During the reign of the Pharaohs, Egyptian symbols of love were red roses, as well as precious minerals: rock crystal, turquoise and emeralds.
  • Residents of Ancient Romeas an attribute of high feelings, diamond and sapphire stones were found. These gems and to this day personify deep feelings. Therefore, they are used as talismans to harmonize their pair.
  • Japanese and Chinese also has its own symbol of love - it is a butterfly. And the image of one butterfly - says that the young lady recently fell in love and had not yet managed to slay her lover with all her charms. Relationships are only developing. When depicting a pair of winged wizards - you can talk about mutual love. They act as a family talisman.
  • In Chinabesides butterflies, love is also associated with the tangerine tree. It is believed that the sunny fruits will make the relationship more passionate. Traditionally, a couple of mandarin ducks is presented as a gift to the newlyweds as the personification of tenderness.
  • French people in the field of love revered royal lily. There is a special custom, according to which the groom presents to his bride one lily each day.
  • The Scots came up with their love symbol - this brooch "Lakenbut". She always decorates the wedding dress of the bride.
  • For residents of the UK, the turtle-dope personifies fidelity and devotion to the soulmate to the death.
  • Russia. In the Russian Federation, family values ​​and feelings embody seemingly unremarkable flowers - chamomile. Although they are simple in appearance, they are filled with deep symbolism. So white shade - indicates purity, purity, and the yellow middle - reflects the home. Petals - are the symbols of all relatives, gathered together.

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