Dream interpretation

Guessing on one card will lift the curtain of the future


People have always sought to find out what fate has prepared for them for the near future. That is why various divinations, which allow to lift the veil of the future, have enjoyed great popularity at all times. Guessing for a situation advice 1 card will help you find the right solution for a given question. We invite you to familiarize yourself with its implementation and results.

One card can answer you only one question. It is very important to set it as concretely as possible.

An example of a correctly posed question: “How does this person relate to me?”.

The essence of this fortune-telling is to shed light on a person who has already managed to develop a situation.

First, you need to correctly formulate the question to which you want to get an answer. If you refer to the Tarot cards without highlighting a problem that concerns you, you will not be able to get the right advice. The card will simply demonstrate your emotional state.

Mandatory condition divination - to stay in a calm, peaceful and joyful mood.

For fortune telling take older with younger arcana tarot (deck consists of 78 cards). For a beginner, you can make an exception and allow the use of only older ones, but in this case, the range of recommendations received narrows considerably. The deck should be mixed, then randomly pull out one card from it and deal with its value.

Of course, that initially all the information will tell you the known value of the card that fell. But you should also listen to your imagination and intuition - they will also give you positive advice.

Remember also that the first impression is deceptive, so it is better to remember or write down the answer of the cards, and then you will have plenty of time to think it over carefully.

More details about fortune telling on the Tarot cards will tell the following video

All questions to the Tarot cards are formed on a single principle. And resorting to fortune-telling on 1 map, you will just need to choose a random lasso, and then pay enough attention to its interpretation.

Traditionally, this fortune telling is used to describe real events, but there is also an opportunity to find out from the cards and features of your future. But be sure to ask the most specific questions! A question like “What awaits me in the near future?”, For example, has no specifics, so the cards will not be able to give an exact answer to it. Try to show in detail in your question the situation that is currently there.

We can single out such examples of successful wording of questions:

"What result will I get if I get a job?"

"What are the consequences for me to remain in the old post?".

We offer you an interpretation of the basic values ​​of the Tarot cards that you will need in the described divination (at the same time we took only the interpretation of the older Arcana, because they are used by novice magicians).

  • Jester - indicates a lack of experience. Advice of fortune telling: a guessing person must show perseverance and give enough attention to training.
  • Magician - indicates the completion of some cases. Tip: if you show ingenuity, you can turn the situation that has developed in their favor.

  • Priestess - is a symbol of unpredictability. Tip: you have a very high adaptation to life. In the sphere of feelings, the appearance of this map indicates that your partner may surprise you unpleasantly.
  • The Empress - the person has strongly manifested parental qualities. Card advice: you need to be calm and make decisions deliberately.
  • The emperor - is a symbol of human dependence. But the card says that everything can end well if you work on the situation.
  • Priest - this map also indicates dependence, but not on psychotropic substances, but on people, possessing power and authority.
  • Lovers - a map symbol of inevitable events. You will need to make an important choice, so think carefully before you act.
  • Chariot (wagon) - It is a call for action that needs to be done as soon as possible.
  • Justice - this card symbolizes justice. Tip: you are very honest, keep up the good work.
  • Hermit - personifies the search for the right decision and the desire to rely on yourself. Tip: The hermit card is not very positive if your question is about a love topic.
  • Fortune (Wheel of Fortune) - a symbol of alternation in the life of black and white stripes. Means that after every failure, success is sure to follow. Tip: you often show rationality and have the ability to predict future events.
  • Strength - calls for active action. Tip: you are purposeful, keep up the good work.
  • Hanged - the appearance of this map indicates possible pathologies.
  • Death - is a sign of life changes external or internal. Tip: do not be so critical of yourself.

  • Moderation - personifies calm, you have time to think carefully about your decisions. If you are in conflict with someone now, the situation will become even more aggravated.
  • Devil - A guessing person can be used by other people for their own selfish purposes, or he will have to sort things out with others.
  • Tower - speaks about not realized dreams, and also indicates the possible appearance of health problems.
  • Star - gives you hope for a good completion of the event.
  • Moon - A person suffers from spiritual contradictions, is tormented by doubts.
  • The sun - promises to improve your business, the beginning of the white band.
  • Court - You will encounter changes that you cannot resist.
  • World - foreshadows the successful completion of all cases.

This fascinating fortune-telling on 1 map will help you find the right answer to the question posed and will orient you in the confusing maze of life. Listen to the advice of the Tarot card, but do not forget about the tips of your inner self.