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Indian horoscope by date of birth


Indian horoscope - another version along with the traditional Zodiac, and Eastern. He has not gained as wide popularity as the previous two, but this does not make it any less interesting or reliable. How to find out who you are on the Indian horoscope - consider in this material.

Indian astrology: what is it?

Astrology in India has been around for more than 5,000 years. In drawing up the horoscopes, local astrologers took into account not just the position of the Sun, but paid particular attention to the "lunar station" (nakshatra).

Unlike the usual division of 12, in Indian astrology, the year is immediately divided into 27! Twenty-seven - not just a number from the ceiling, just as there are major 27 basic nakshatr positions.

All of them are particles of the lunar cycle, speaking symbols of various living beings. From when you were born, the impact on the characteristics of your behavior and the whole life in general depends.

Find out under the patronage of a small animal you are completely easy. For this purpose, simply match your date of birth and the Indian calendar.

Interestingly, the totem animal in Indian astrology is closely connected with the karma of man, represents his spiritual guide. It is also noteworthy that in this horoscope the main emphasis is placed on the amorous theme.

Indian horoscope by date of birth

Ashwini (April 13-27, totem animal - horse)

The worst thing for these individuals is to be alone in the company. And it means not only personal life, but also loneliness in general. On the other hand, Ashwini people enter into love relationships only with those who are willing to accept their independence and personal space.

The people under the horse totem have little concern what and who will think about them. And if they feel sympathy towards someone, they will definitely show it. Ashvini - are great lovers, they are charming and elegant.

Bharani (April 28 - May 11, the totem animal is an elephant)

The ambitiousness of these individuals just rolls over: they set themselves exclusively global goals, not exchanging trifles. On the other hand, they always maintain sound rationalism.

Bharani are hunters by nature, they are not accustomed to taking what goes into their own hands. But they can quickly lose interest in their chosen one (darling). Wanting to conquer them - you need to keep a constant distance in a relationship.

Krittika (May 12-25, totem animal is a sheep)

Krittika characterized by tenderness and sensuality. In love, emphasize loyalty and harmony. They choose partners who, by deeds and not words, demonstrate their feelings, capable of long-term relationships.

The personality of this totem is distinguished by its natural vigor, but also by impulsiveness: their emotional state varies greatly during the day. Often Krittika implemented in the works.

Rohini (May 26 - June 8, the totem is a snake)

Rohini are real perfectionists. They are completely incapable of being in a mess. They fall into the category of romantics, having fallen in love, always openly show their emotions.

The Rohini people prefer their own opinion to the public. At the same time, they are distinguished by their intelligence and good manners. Like the previous totem, often go to work.

Mrigasira (June 9-21, totem animal - snake)

Representatives of the sign of the snake differ stealth and isolation. Finding from them what they really feel right now is not possible. Mrigasira prone, as to self-control, and to the control of others.

Can create the impression of arrogance and arrogance, which is harmful in building a serious relationship. They are just waiting for their “own” person, who will reveal their inner goodness and love.

Ardra (June 22 - July 5, sign - dog)

Ardra characterizes tenderness, kindness and sincerity. For them, a loved one is always in the first place. They remain faithful to him until the very end. In addition, Ardra endowed with powerful sexual energy, although often disappointed in the love life.

Not prone to manifestations of selfishness, showing attention to the concerns of other people.

Punarvasu (July 6-19, cat sign)

The cat does not feel joy, if she does not pay attention. And she needs a lot of attention, and even if she has a stable relationship.

For the Punarvasu people, any control over themselves is absolutely unacceptable. They are very, very impregnable person. Another feature of such people is the ability to control their sexual energy. To melt the ice of the heart Punarvas will have to try again.

Pushia (July 20-August 2, living being - ram)

Representatives of the ram mark are characterized by isolation and restraint. They do not let others into their soul. Often they show despotism, rudeness in relations with their lover (or lover).

For some time people-Pushya find solace in sex. For this reason, for a long time they do not decide on a serious relationship, they change partners "like gloves."

Ashlesha (August 3-16, sign - cat)

Ashlesha are personalities, once having lost their location, you are unlikely to return it back. Distinguished by innate love of freedom and rebelliousness.

In addition, cats are very secretive and insightful. First, listen to others, analyze information and only then open their soul. Absolutely not amenable to outside control. True, with the right approach to themselves, over time, they turn into incredibly tender, sensual and loyal.

Magha (August 17-30, sign - rat)

Magha strives to receive everything from life, for which reason they find comfort in carnal pleasures. They are distinguished by inner strength and authority, able to ignite a real passion in a partner.

For such individuals, the role of a leader and boss is more suitable than a subordinate. In addition, Magha are conservatives, for whom very important family traditions.

Purva Falguni (August 13 - September 13, animal totem is a mouse)

Perhaps you can’t say it, but people of this sign need reliable, "real" relations. They do not have fun on the side. To preserve their union, Purva Falguni will donate anything, however, exactly as much as they feel interested in their person.

The emotions of these individuals are often going off-scale, and they are also quite jealous. When they are angry, they can do what they repent about.

Uttara Falguni (September 14-27, animal totem is a buffalo)

All life striving to achieve the ideal and justice. Uttara Falguni are generous, kind-hearted, generous, have a "wide soul."

In love affairs, they do not need easy victories, are interested in long-term and interesting games with the opposite sex. And they need a vital passion.

Hasta (September 27-October 10, sign - buffalo)

For Hasta, it is typical too unstable mood, anxiety, internal vulnerability. But at the same time, people of the sign are not greedy, sincere, they adore fun. They have common practicality.

Husta is looking for a partner from whom they will get enough emotional support.

Chitra (October 11-23, totem animal - tigress)

These individuals have a pronounced charisma, are admired by others. Plus, they have high moral values.

In the whole Indian horoscope these are perhaps the most faithful and faithful signs. If necessary, they will go to any hardship, if only they feel reciprocity to themselves. But it can turn into cold and detached with a strong disappointment.

Swati (October 24-November 6, animal - buffalo)

Swati practical, independent and independent. For them, family values ​​are extremely significant. The main negative feature is the constant internal contradictions.

In love they show increased jealousy, living with them under the same roof is not an easy mission.

Vishaha (November 7-19, animal tiger)

To please the tiger is a difficult task. As a rule, he is a pronounced pessimist, prone to fixating on the bad. But at the same time it has an external attractiveness, internal strength, determination. Such a person does not scare difficulties.

And he has a huge sexual potential. Looking for sexual pleasure Vishakha is capable of treason.

Anuradha (November 20 - December 2, sign - deer)

The deer is in dire need of love. So strong that it can even commit a crime, just to gain a big and strong feeling. And in a relationship, spiritual feelings are more important for Anuradha than sexual intercourse.

By nature, being a spiritually developed person, strives to achieve perfection. Alas, with all the positive signs people often suffer from depression and changes in their moods. Very straightforward.

Yeshta (December 3-15, totem animal - deer)

Yesht people are characterized by pronounced sexuality and sensuality. Such individuals are prone to authority, they are characterized by inconsistency of character.

Their sexual energy pours over the edge, which sometimes causes many problems. By nature, Yeshta got high intelligence, ambition and simply unrealistic dedication. In their lives, often the white line is replaced by black, however, they do not lose faith in the best.

Mula (from December 16-28, totem mark - dog)

Mula deserve the title of "strange" in the Indian horoscope. They are absolutely not interested in the generally established norms. But prone to thinking outside the box, sometimes shocking others (as well as their hobbies).

Mule is crazy about risk and new experiments, but suffer greatly from platitudes, dullness and routine. In love, it is important for them to keep enough personal space.

Purva Ashadha (December 29-January 11, the animal is a monkey)

Such personalities are passionate and tireless lovers. But when they find their love, they show maximum loyalty, without even thinking about someone other than their loved one.

If you contact Purva Ashadha, you will not know the need for finance.

Uttara Ashadha (January 12-24, totem animal - Mongoose)

Mongoose is a very complex nature, full of contradictions. It is important for them that life is non-standard and exclusively on the terms of their rules.

In love, Uttara Ashadha is capable of a serious relationship, but only on the condition that the partner controls them completely.

Shravana (January 25-February 6, the totem is a monkey)

Incredibly delicate people. Their positive characteristics: playfulness, charm, wit, sympathy with the world around them. And negative: difficulties in the expression of their feelings.

Therefore, often people-Shravan create the impression of cold, callous and detached, although in fact it is not. The ideal candidate for a personal relationship is one who will periodically allow one to be alone with oneself.

Dhanishta (February 7-19, totem animal - a lioness)

Lionesses are very demanding about their partner. They will be faithful and reliable lover (lover), but only if their expectations are met.

By nature very morally strong and responsible. They have inner charisma, love attention to themselves. But also distinguished by rancor. Once having quarreled with Dhanishta, you will be loosening the consequences for long.

Shatabhishak (February 20 - March 4, totem - horse)

The sign distinguishes self-control and strictness outside with inner reverie and passion. Create a relationship can only with those who will be more proactive and help Shatabhishak cope with internal doubts. For them, everything sensual is perceived as weakness, and they do not want to be weak.

Purva Bhatra (March 5-17, totem is a lion)

Tend to see only good things in a loved one. Love is very important for such individuals, so they spare no effort to create the perfect union.

Purva Bhatra is extraordinarily courageous, active, have a particular sexuality. Always on the positive. True, in some cases, decide on the betrayal of his soul mate.

Uttara Bhatra (March 18-31, cow sign)

Emotional to the limit, but also gentle, caring. It is easy to take on the role of a warrior and protector, always improving himself and eliminating their own shortcomings.

Throughout life, trying to create a perfect union. And if this does not work out, they will turn into ascetic singles.

Revati (April 1-12, totem animal - elephant)

Revati is without doubt the most generous and sacrificing personality in the Indian horoscope. They are characterized by great patience, goodwill and generosity.

True, they express increased jealousy when it comes to serious relationships. They need a person who understands their needs and helps to cope with any doubts.

Sometimes Revati feel lonely, as their elects should remember.

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