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Snakes only in the Far Eastern countries and India are considered sacred animals, in European countries the image of a reptile carries negative symbolism. Whatever the color of the snake, it is perceived in a negative aspect. What is the dream of a black snake? Consider the interpretation of various dream books on this issue.

The image of a black snake in a dream

The black serpent is considered an impending misfortune. However, in some cases, this reptile may foreshadow unexpected success: everything will depend on the context of the dream and the inner sensations of the dreamer.

For men, this image may portend:

  • impending threat;
  • overcoming obstacles;
  • sometimes treason favorite.

For women, the dream means:

  • warning to hurry with decision making;
  • risk of disease (with a reptile bite);
  • impending problems (wrapped around the body);
  • Zack of wisdom (if you hold in your hands or on your neck);
  • the snake in the basket is a sign of trouble.

If you saw the snake during the holidayThis foreshadows tense atmosphere and conflict situations with people. Likely rumors, gossip, evil libel. Some dream books consider the image of a black snake to be a symbol of induced damage.

If black snake wrapped the body of a familiar person and tried to bite, mortal danger awaits him. Also this person can become a victim of deceit and intrigue of other people.

If you saw a black reptile in female hairstyleThis person has bad thoughts and has plans for revenge. However, if a woman has a meek temper, she will face a serious illness or a fatal passion. A young girl can expect deceit, intrigue or the evil eye.

If a snake wriggles on the table among the products, beware of poisoning or serious illness. If you see a snake on someone's plate, this person is threatened with poisoning or magical attack through food.

Black snake on the holiday table - dead or alive - warns of the danger of eating at this event. If you are going to a celebration, wedding or anniversary, it is better to refrain from eating.

If you are going to have a picnic in nature or take a walk through the forest, a dream can alert you to a real reptile meeting. Take an antidote with you to avoid trouble, and also do not leave things on the ground unattended. The snake can crawl into a backpack or bag and suddenly sting.

See the black snake on the track - warning of an accident. If you are going to visit exotic countries, the image of a snake carries a real threat of being hit by a bite: some reptiles' poison kills within a minute.

Snake in the house

Reptile in the house is dangerous. If you killed or trampled a snakeso avoid trouble. If a the snake itself crawls out of the housethen trouble will not cause much harm. If a the snake still bitten one of the household, it is waiting for a fatal confluence of circumstances.

If you saw a snake in bedThis person is facing serious illness or damage. Elderly people and children, this image promises serious complications after an illness. If a the snake settled in the marital bedThis foreshadows a serious conflict on the basis of jealousy. Sometimes a snake on the marital bed foreshadows a divorce.

For a young girl a snake in bed promises a rude interference with privacy, rape is possible. Sometimes a dream foreshadows suffering because of unrequited love, a passion for a cunning heartless seducer is not excluded.

Young man a snake in bed foreshadows a dangerous enemy or magical attack (spoilage). If the dreamer broke up with the woman, chances of revenge on her part are likely. You should also look at your real girlfriend: it can be a serpent in angelic guise.

Dream interpretation

Dream Miller warns of danger: detractors intrigue behind your back. The color of the skin of a snake speaks of a dangerous enemy, who has all the trumps on his hands. If the snake is stung in a dream, you can not defeat the enemy or competitor. To repel an attacking reptile - to cope with problems in reality.

Dream Vanga warns: enemies will begin to openly attack. Those who have been lurking for a long time will show their true face. If the snake is poisonous, do not escape trouble. If you saw a non-poisonous reptile, you can handle the trouble yourself. The snake bit - you will overtake a blow from an unexpected side. Kill a snake in a dream - to the successful solution of problems.

Muslim dream book thinks that an influential enemy has attacked the dreamer. However, to kill a snake in a dream - to victory over enemies, and to hold it in your hands - to avoid trouble. To see a dead snake is the goodwill of heaven, all your troubles and enemies will disappear for reasons beyond your control.

Freund's Dream sees in the image of a snake a symbol of temptation and fall. The black color of the skin speaks of the dreamer's fear associated with the taboo topic of sexuality. Also, the image of a black snake may be associated with a certain person who seduces the dreamer and forces him to fall.

Dreaming nostradamus Warns: expect machinations from loved ones. Snake bite foreshadows scandal. The huge reptile symbolizes a very great evil that will affect everyone - the dreamer and his close environment. If the snake is sleeping - the enemy has lurked for a while, waiting for the right moment to attack. To kill a reptile - to cope with problems.

Other interpretations

What means black serpent in a dream, when they twist around the body and fall from the ceiling? The dream foreshadows a desperate struggle for existence, overcoming serious obstacles and the pressure of enemies. If the dreamer has committed a heavy deed, sleep means remorse.

Kill the black snake - you have to make a lot of effort to overcome the attack of enemies. If you do not, they will destroy you.

If in a dream sting at once several snakes, there will be a fierce struggle with the enemies, who waited for the moment to attack. If a snake grows in size, but does not attack, - the dreamer is tormented by his own fears.