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Signs of summer


All the active life of our ancestors took place in the summer: the preparation of food for the whole year, construction, weddings. And bad weather could greatly hinder this stormy activity. Therefore, the signs of summer are mainly related to the weather and the behavior of nature.

In contrast to the cold season (although it strongly depends on the region), in summer you can often see rain and predict what to expect from nature in the following days. Trees aroused from hibernation and abundant summer flowers and herbs compete with barometers in determining the weather. In the summer without one or another signs about the weather will not stay!

Just say a week ahead, what the weather will stand, can not even Hydrometeorological Center. Folk omens are also poorly capable of making forecasts for the long term, but for a day or two, depending on the state of nature - why not?

Signs of clear weather

Summer in our latitudes is the only time when it is pleasant to be in nature. The earth is already dry, the days are sunny, if lucky, and the nights are warm. How to find out if there are nice days ahead?

  • If at night The Milky Way is visible well. - The day will be beautiful weather.
  • Dew fell in the evening - The night will be quite warm, and the day will be clear.
  • If a it is warmer in the forest in the evening than in the open - the coming days promise to be pleasant in terms of weather.
  • In the evening, midges wind up in a column, and do not fly like horrible - the next morning and day will be fine.
  • Gulls sit on the water - anticipate great weather.
  • Loud, enthusiastic grasshoppers chatter in the evening - to a beautiful next day.
  • After the rain, the rainbow quickly disappeared - then it will be sunny.
  • The morning fog quickly melted. - a few days will be warm.
  • Clouds scattered right after sunrise - the day will be just lovely sight.
  • If a the sky darkens during the day, gets a more saturated shade of blue - you can wait for dry weather. This is due to the fact that the sky is darker where the air is drier. Whitish sky hints at high humidity.
  • Pink sunset - to a quiet night and a clear day after.
  • Pigeons cooing - foreshadow warm.
  • Hear the cuckoo in the middle of summer, in July - you can count on the rest of the holiday season that is beautiful in terms of weather.
  • Fish splashing in the pond during the day and in the evening - promises good weather the next day.

Signs of near bad weather

It makes sense to predict bad weather on a clear day (to know if it’s time to get home from nature), and when the bad weather already stands (to determine how long it will last). Therefore, signs of rain in the rain - this is not a tautology, but the proverb.

  • Green glow in the form of circles around the stars - to rain the next day.
  • Crickets silenced - be rain.
  • Thunder roars dull and long - it promises rain (not necessarily right now, from the same thundercloud from which the peals are heard), and if is it raining alreadyand the thunder is long - hail is coming soon.
  • Dandelion afternoon gathered inflorescence - soon the sky will be overcast.
  • Everything Spiders hid somewhere - a sure sign of impending weather.
  • Famous omen: swallows fly low - to the rain.
  • Appeared rainbow in the west - sign of gloomy weather and precipitation.
  • Rooks massively seek food in the grass - it will rain. Perhaps this is due to the fact that earthworms are more likely to crawl out of the soil to the surface when the air becomes humid.
  • Sparrows tinker in the dust - soon rain clouds will gather.
  • Rainbow of red, orange shades - to windy weather.
  • If a in the forest, the trees are noisy like wind, but there is no wind - this is to rain. And if the forest then subsides unexpectedly, a thunderstorm will happen.
  • Sharp thunder comes out, predicting rain.
  • Summer rain is falling - it will last for a long time.

Horticulture, hiking in the woods for mushrooms and berries and fishing - no more summer lessons. What do the signs of summer say about the prospects of gardeners, mushroom pickers and fishermen?

  • Thick fog in early summer promises an abundance of mushrooms.
  • Low clouds hint that it is time to gather with a basket in the woods.
  • Quiet rain in calm weather - mushroom mushroom pickers after it can gather and go for the "prey".
  • Mold on the forest paths says that there will be a lot of mushrooms at the end of summer and closer to autumn.
  • Frequent rains hint at the excellent harvest of gruzdey.
  • Abundant dew signal that the harvest will be good, and the effort expended in the cultivation of the beds will pay off.
  • Zarnitsy in June - to good shoots.
  • Warm weather summer promises a decent crop of cucumbers.
  • Also associated with cucumbers gadfly. If a lot of them - cucumbers will be the sea.
  • Frost with hoarfrost late summer - to the next harvest year.
  • Great bite will be in hot weather when the wind blows from the south.
  • The day is warm, quiet, windless (ideally, if it is also overcast at the same time) - the fish will even ask for a hook.

If the majority will take, who look at the day ahead - this is the observation of the weather, then the signs about the link between the seasons are already observations about the climate. What, according to signs, does this or that summer speak in general?

  • Summer was windy - In winter, expect snowstorms.
  • Collected over the summer months good harvest? The winter will be harsh, cold. But it will be something to eat from the blanks.
  • Anthill summer unusually large - Autumn will come early.
  • Summer was a lot of rain - Winter promises to be long.
  • Mostly hot weather in summer it says that there will be little snow in winter, and the frost will be strong.