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Karmic diseases and their true causes


All pathologies that occur in the human body are not random. They indicate that a person ceases to live in harmony with the Universe, violates its laws, therefore the Higher Forces thus give him a sign that he needs to change his behavior strategy. There is a very interesting table in which karmic diseases and their causes are indicated, we suggest you familiarize yourself with it.

Next we provide a list in which the karmic causes of various diseases are indicated.

Alcoholism, drug addiction - A person is not able to solve their problems. He has a feeling of terrible fear, wants to hide from everything. Goes away from reality.

Allergic reaction - testifies that a person does not endure someone from his environment, and also denies his personal power. Cannot express his inner protest against anything.

Appendicitis - there is a sense of fear of life, positive energy is blocked.

Lack of sleep - a sense of fear, a person does not trust life, feels guilty. Also increased nervous irritability.

Vegetative dystonia - man is infantile, does not believe in himself, is inclined to doubt and blame himself.

Increased appetite - the presence of strong fear, the desire to protect themselves from everything. The man does not love himself.

Excess body weight - the desire to protect themselves from something. A person feels an inner emptiness, a lack of communication, positive events in life, therefore he begins to “jam” problems.

Reduced appetite - a sign of self-dislike, unwillingness to arrange a personal life, together with thinness indicates a fear of remaining rejected.

Inflammations - indicate a sense of inner fear, rage, inflammation of consciousness. Man suffers from anger and frustration.

Hirsutism (increased hairiness in girls) - carefully concealed anger, covered by fear. A person tends to blame others for their problems, does not want to develop themselves.

Eye pathologies - Eyes are a symbol of the ability to a clear vision of the past, present and future. You may be unhappy with what you observe in your life or you do not see the true state of affairs.

Headaches - A person can not properly assess their abilities and capabilities. Tends to criticize himself, feels a sense of fear, his self-esteem is unreasonably low. Lost connection with their inner "I". You need to forgive yourself to get rid of headaches.

Throat pathology - the person is not able to protect himself. "Swallows" anger, is experiencing a creative crisis. There is also a reluctance to change the situation. Diseases of the throat are provoked by a sense of inferiority, as well as a sense that not everything we want is allowed to do. Indicates internal irritation, a sense of confusion.

Hernia - indicates a sense of internal tension, burdening. Personality does not have the right creative thinking.

Diabetes - a feeling of longing for unfulfilled dreams. A person needs to be constantly monitored. The development of diabetes contributes to a sense of inner sadness, inability to accept and give love. There are various personal conflicts.

Airway pathology - a person refuses to breathe life, does not use all its possibilities. He overcomes fear, resists change. He does not want to change anything in his life.

Asthma - The most common respiratory disease. She points to the suppression of feelings of love, crying, fear of life, excessive manifestation of negative emotions. This is the fear of showing frankness, trusting others, there is still the suppression of sexual desire.

Sinusitis - a person pities himself, cannot control the situation.

Runny nose - is a plea for help. A person feels like a victim, does not recognize his true value.

Bleeding from the nose - wants to achieve recognition and be loved.

Gallstones - a constant feeling of bitterness, the presence of heavy thoughts, a sense of pride.

Gastric pathology - a person feels fear of the new, also feels fear, dissatisfied with himself.

Gastritis - indicates a prolonged period of uncertainty, a person feels doomed, prone to outbursts of anger.

Ulcer - the presence of fear, a person is convinced that is flawed, can not justify the expectations of his environment. An ulcer indicates the presence of an internal conflict, when a person seeks to become independent, but at the same time he zealously wants to be under someone’s guardianship. Increased anxiety and suspiciousness.

Dental pathology - indicate indecision, a person is not able to generate ideas, does not analyze them, it is difficult for him to make important decisions. Lost faith in their own strength. We need to learn to act instead of just thinking and speaking, to maximally detail our wishes and actively engage in their implementation.

Gums bleed - the person is not happy with the decisions made by him.

Infectious pathologies - testify to the irritation experienced inside, anger, disappointment. There is no joy of life. Also, the appearance of any infection means that a person is experiencing a certain internal conflict. Weak immunity is provoked by dislike for oneself, low self-esteem, self-deception, hopelessness, inability to distinguish one's own desires from those of others.

Watch the following video in which Oleg Gadetsky talks about the connection of diseases with subtle karmic reasons.

Cyst - A person can not cope with their grievances, constantly returning to the past because of this. Hellarmoniously develops.

Intestinal pathologies - a person is afraid to let go of the old, that which has already faded into the background. Prone to make premature conclusions, does not know the true nature of things.

Hemorrhoids - Earlier, a man suffered greatly from heightened anger. He can not cleanse himself of his problems, negative experiences, "sours" in the negative. Feels a sense of thoroughly repressed fear.

Constipation - lives on obsolete ideas and stereotypes, is inclined to link in the past. The presence of constipation indicates that a person has accumulated a lot of feelings in himself, overcome inside with experiences that he does not want to let go of, in order to give life to new emotions and events.

Colic - feeling of irritation, dissatisfaction with people around.

Flatulence - testifies to internal stiffness, fear of falling into a hopeless situation. There is a feeling of constant anxiety about your future, many ideas are not realized.

Diarrhea - the person is overcome by strong fear, is in a restless state of consciousness. Afraid, wants to escape from reality.

Skin pathologies - The skin is the personification of the inner thoughts, emotions and experiences of a person regarding his appearance. The presence of skin diseases indicates that a person feels a sense of shame towards himself, worrying too much about the opinions of others about himself. Inclined to reject themselves. This is also a feeling of inner anxiety.

Ulcers (abscesses) - their presence indicates the presence of disturbing thoughts, as well as hidden resentment.

Fungus - a person does not develop in their beliefs. He does not want to leave the past, it is the past that has a great impact on his present.

Burns - feeling of anger, internal boiling.

Psoriasis - fear not to hurt, not injured. The person refuses to take responsibility for their feelings.

Neck diseases - their presence indicates that the person sees the situation only on the one hand, there is no flexibility of thinking. He is stubborn, does not want to find a way out.

Eczema - the person suffers from psychological problems, feels insecure, planning their future.

Arthritis - a feeling of self-dislike. Hard experience of criticism, insults. The inability to refuse others, the desire to punish themselves, the position of the victim.

Herniated intervertebral discs - a person ceases to feel support from life.

Curved spine - impossibility to reconcile and calmly swim along the vital river. A person experiences a feeling of fear in trying to retain obsolete mental images. There is no integrity of the person, there is no courage in beliefs.

Low back pain - many ideas in the personal sphere remained unfulfilled.

Radiculitis - there is hypocrisy, anxiety about their financial assets.

Rheumatoid arthritis - the person is very critical of strength. Suffers from piled up problems and trouble. It can not release outside accumulated negative energy and experiences.

Diseases of the back - feeling of fear about finances. Fear of wanting to be used. If diseases concern the middle part of the back, it means that the person feels guilty, does not believe the people around them.

Pathology of the upper back - there is no moral support. A person feels unloved, inclined to restrain love.

Blood pathology - in life there are few joyful experiences, there is no mental movement. A person does not listen to their own internal needs.

Anemia - there is no joy, while the person is afraid to live, convinced of his inferiority.

Arterial pathology - this is also a pointer to the fact that life is not positive enough, plus the personality is difficult to listen to your inner self.

Now you know what the true karmic causes of disease are. In order to save oneself from any pathologies and prevent them from appearing in the future, it is important to practice spiritual development and not be led by negative emotions.