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A conspiracy against disease will restore health


How many humanity exists on earth, exactly the same, and there are various ailments. Modern medicine, of course, has achieved unprecedented progress and can cure the vast majority of currently known diseases. But in the old days, our great-grandmothers turned to the help of medicine exclusively popular and often combined it with village magic, applying a healing plot from diseases. Used as an unconventional method of getting rid of the ailments by some people now.

Disease plot and its main varieties

No one will deny that any disease, even a frivolous banal common cold, knocks a person out of his usual rhythm of life and causes a lot of inconvenience. If the disease still occurs in a severe, complicated form, it weakens the sick, not only from the physical side, but also from the moral side.

And what to do with special cases when traditional medicine refuses the patient, when the drug treatment does not give any results, when the doctors only distractedly shrug? In this situation, many people recall the ancient healing methods experienced by more than one generation of people - various medical plots and rituals. Appealing to the help of healing magic sometimes becomes the only hope of a person who has been stricken with a disease.

Disease Plot represents magic spell that aims to eliminate the ailment from which the performer himself or the customer suffers. It can also be used prophylactic.

There is a wide variety of witchcraft plots to help cure a particular ailment. Their classification varies depending on the affected area and the symptoms that bother the patient. In general, there are several main types of medical rituals:

  • preventive plots - protective rituals that help prevent the development of any ailments. They can be read even if a person is completely healthy and does not observe any symptoms in himself;
  • universal rites - such conspiracies can be uttered in any disease;
  • conspiracies pronounced to treat a particular disease - act in relation to separately taken diseases;
  • healing rituals used in the treatment of children's ailments - they are displayed in a separate group, because the plot for a sick child is read, most often, by the mother or grandmother.

Since the conspiracy from diseases is aimed at getting rid of the disease or pain, normalization of well-being, it is recommended to read it during the period of the waning moon. The energy of the night luminary at this time well helps to eliminate any negative. In special cases, the magical rite can be held in another phase, but it is necessary to comply with all the conditions of the instruction.

Preventive and universal plots for diseases

Preventive plot from any ailment

This short plot is a protective prayer that helps prevent the development of any ailment. You can pronounce it for yourself, for children, for your relatives. Charm speaks until dawn:

Universal conspiracy against disease

This is a conspiracy, accompanied by a rite. The first part of the ritual is held within the walls of the church, the second - at home. First you need to visit God's temple, buy there. 3 candles and dial holy water. Also, be sure to put candles before the icons (any), pray, ask for help and God and his saints, ask the Lord for a blessing for recovery, then cross and go to his home.

At home, you need to calm down, light candles in any quantity, put icons of saints nearby and a container of consecrated water, focus on healing and read the conspiracy words on the water (at least 7 times):

The water to which a plot is plotted must be added daily to the patient’s food and drinks, and done so for 2 weeks. If, after all the manipulations, the ailment does not leave the sick person, the rite and conspiracy must be repeated.

A conspiracy to otchitki severe (deadly) disease

If the patient has been suffering for quite a long time, and drug treatment is not bearing fruit, you can try to report his illness by using the following conspiracy. The words are slandered on the shirt or shirt of the patient, in which he slept (it is not necessary to wash it). Requirements for the performer:

  • read the plot in the open air (forest, field);
  • perform a ritual in absolute solitude;
  • complete silence throughout the day when the rite was held.

Suitable days are everything except Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays. The text of the report:

When the plot of the disease will be read on the shirt, it must be immediately set on fire and, not waiting until it burns to the end, leave the place where the ceremony is performed. Look back is impossible.

A conspiracy against disease if doctors cannot make a diagnosis

This plot applies if the nature of the disease is not known, and the doctor is unable to clarify the diagnosis. The text should be read by the patient before bedtime, 12 times:

Plot for speedy recovery

In order for a quick recovery from the disease, the sickest person or the person who wants to help him, in the period of decreasing moon, should go outside into the open air after 12 o'clock and, looking at the night light, say the words of the plot

Useful information about conspiracies against diseases and examples of effective healing rituals can be found on this video:

Conspiracies to treat individual diseases

Plot for cold and flu

The plot helps to get rid of colds and eliminate the symptoms of colds. Words of healing spells are read on honey (To do this, specifically purchase a new jar of bee honey). The ritual can be used both for adults and for small patients. Its text is pronounced on honey exactly 7 times:

Conspired pcheloprodukt need to eat one teaspoon 3-4 times a day. For sick children, sweetness should be diluted in water (or tea) and the baby should be watered, also 3-4 times a day.

Rite of skin diseases

This plot is effective against any dermatological diseases. The ritual is used foggy glass or mirror. The patient should move the index finger of the right hand first on the sweaty surface, and then wipe the sores on the skin with the same finger, saying:

The healing spell is read thrice. The first results will appear after a few days.

Conspiracy for treating female diseases

This spell is used for the purpose of healing from gynecological diseases (including female infertility). The plot is spelled out for exactly 7 days. without interruption and with faith in recovery. The words are read after 12 o'clock at night, in the light of 2 burning candles (the gaze of the performer should be directed at their flame. The text is pronounced three times:

Having spoken the plot the necessary number of times, the candles should be blown out. On the second and subsequent days the rite is repeated with the same candles. On the seventh day they should be allowed to burn to the end.

If the child is sick

The above spell is a conspiracy against children's diseases. It helps to protect the sick child from possible complications, strengthens its immunity.

At first, a little preparation is required: you need to pour clear (preferably, key) water into a transparent jar, lower the silver cross into it, leave the container in this form for a day. As it takes 24 hours, you need to stand in the middle of an empty room with a can (holding it with both hands) and say the magic words:

You need to water the child with a flattering water, 3 drops in pure form, or adding to other drinks. This should be done every 3 hours. Water should also be mixed into the bath when bathing, sprinkling the corners of the children's room with it. It is advisable to moisten it with a window sill and a threshold.

Any conspiracy against disease is a useful witchcraft rite that will help to cope with a variety of diseases, because it has long been proven that the word has healing power. Using healing rituals, it is necessary to fulfill all the necessary requirements exactly and believe that magic will help to achieve healing.