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Basic Laws of Karma


The concept of "karma", if translated from the language of the ancient Eastern sages, implies a certain action. The laws of karma have been known to people since time immemorial. They tried to stick, because otherwise inevitably followed retribution.

Impacts can be of different plan - physical, mental, verbal. Each impact has its own reason, for example, the desire or need for food, sleep, learning - all this is the result of certain influences. Therefore, karma in its essence is a link between the cause that provokes the action and its consequence - the cause-effect relationship.

It can also be noted that karma acts as a legitimate chain reaction of life, the absence of which would stop evolution.

The concept of "karma" in its sound is very similar to the word "kara", that is, with punishment. Indeed, in committing some bad offense, we inevitably expect punishment, and a good one is followed by a reward.

According to the basic law of karma, "there can be no phenomenon without a cause, and what will be the reason, so will the effect."

When we perform some actions or actions, we use for this our personal will power. Even without realizing it, it is necessary to recognize that every action provokes our suffering. While we live on earth, we are forced to experience this suffering again and again.

But, fortunately, there is an opportunity to reduce suffering to a minimum, while retaining the ability to enjoy life. Familiarize yourself with the basic laws of karma to learn how to harmoniously interact with the surrounding reality.

1 law

"All that you have done will surely come back. It is also the law of cause and effect.

If we want to live a happy, peaceful life, have good friends, find our love, then we must fill other people with positive emotions, create good things around us.

Everything that we send to the Universe, everything comes back to us.

2 law

We need to make efforts if we want to get a good result. We are a particle of the huge body of the universe. We have both external and internal side.

The key to a harmonious inner state will be complete independence from the opinions of others. It is important in all circumstances to remain a full-fledged person with his own opinion, to interact only with those who give you positive experiences.

3 Law (Humility)

You will not be able to make changes to the situation until you can accept it.

If we have detractors, and in our environment we observe certain character traits with habits that irritate us, then it would be best to shift our attention to other things. Try to focus on the positive, then it will invariably attract into your life.

4 law (Growth)

The process of moving is often far more important than the final destination.

The main focus should be on their own changes, and not on the changes of the people around them.

We have not so much in our possession as it seems - our life and time, which we have been given.

By changing something in ourselves and our heart, we thereby change our reality for the better.

5 law (liability)

Every negative action that happens in our lives indicates that the root cause lies in ourselves.

We act as a mirror reflection of the world around us. And the world around us is a reflection of ourselves.

Watch this video to further understand the effects of the laws of Karma.

6 Law (Universal Interconnection)

Even performing actions, seemingly insignificant at first glance, we do something important. The reason for this is the close relationship between everything in the universe. Taking one step, we simultaneously provoke the next - this is the process of habit formation.

In order to perform an action, it is important to start it. But do not get too hung up on their previous steps, because you acted, guided by the data that you had at that point in time.

There is a very clear interweaving of the past, present and future in the world. Therefore, all actions from the past will affect us for a certain period of time.

7 law (law of focus)

Man, by nature, cannot simultaneously contemplate two things at once.

If you mentally focus on finding for yourself any spiritual things, then you will simply have no time to succumb to negative emotions - anger, aggression, anger, and so on.

8 law (donation)

If you claim that something is true, there you will have to prove it personally on yourself. If you are not ready, it means that you have only an opinion, but not knowledge.

We can speak with confidence only about what we have practical experience.

9 law (being in the present)

It is important to stay in the present moment. While analyzing your past actions or making plans for the future, you spend your energy and do not live in the present moment.

Guided by old thoughts, outdated behavior patterns, dreams, you lose the ability to update.

10 law (changes)

Similar situations will happen again and again in your life until you can learn the necessary lessons from them and change the strategy of your behavior.

It is very naive to constantly do the same, while expecting a different result.

11 law (patience is rewarded)

To achieve something, it is necessary to make efforts for this.

The most worthy things in this world can be obtained only through regular actions, work on yourself.

The real pleasure in this life is delivered by the actions that you must perform, knowing that you will definitely get what you want.

12 law (inspiration)

You can only get what you really deserve.

The real energy of something corresponds to the amount of energy and effort spent on achieving it.

By investing something in yourself, you are making an investment in the welfare of the world around you.

You can only get something truly worthwhile if you can give it away for free.

Knowing and observing the laws of Karma described above, you will be able to qualitatively improve your life, attracting only the right people to it and saving yourself from making mistakes.