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Vishuddha chakra will help unleash your inner talent


Chakra Vishudha, if you translate its name from Sanskrit, means "purification." 5 chakra combines thoughts with their expression, acts as a source of inspiration for the individual. In addition, vishudha helps individuals harmoniously communicate and interact with other individuals.

The location of vishudha is the area at the base of the throat that extends from the sixth to the seventh vertebra. The diameter of the chakra can vary from three to fifteen to twenty centimeters.

Another name for Vishudha Chakra is the throat chakra, based on its location. You can also find in some sources such a name as volitional (due to its most important function - the manifestation of the will through the word, with the help of the speech apparatus). By color, this energy center can also be called blue chakra.

The competence of the chakras are as follows:

  • Vishudha is responsible for the expression of will with the interaction of the individual in relation to the world around him. The will in this case is informational, for example, if we compare it with the energy of the third chakra, manifested in physical reality;

The blue chakra is responsible for the expression of their personal convictions, the realization of mental images that have arisen in the area of ​​the sixth chakra. At the same time, this expression occurs in verbal form.

  • it is also thanks to vishudha that a person is able to hear and perceive his inner voice, which is the voice of the inner “I”, often giving us the right advice regarding the choice of one or another life option;
  • the fifth chakra is determined by the degree of self-identification of a person - the birth of his personal "I", as well as the ability to separate it from the field of collective energy. It can be concluded that it is vishudha chakra that will allow others to manifest the peculiarities of the human personality, its individuality, uniqueness;
  • This energy center still helps the creative implementation. In this case, there is the birth of creativity from the personal talents of the personality, which interact with the collective unconscious. Using the energy of this chakra, we have the opportunity to bring to life the creative ideas that come to us from the universal energy information flow. Creativity can be of any kind — music, dance, art, or writing;
  • In addition to all the above, vishudha is also responsible for the ability to influence others. Having a highly developed fifth chakra, you can easily impose your position on another person, convince him of negative or positive ideas. Remember, for example, how you felt when you quarreled with some energetically strong person or were actively arguing with her. It is likely that you felt some discomfort in the throat area or cough. Most people do not tend to turn their attention to a causal relationship - they write off their worsening condition to an ordinary disease. But in fact, this is the way to determine the presence of energy-informational damage to vishudha.
  1. This chakra corresponds to a blue hue.
  2. The musical note is SALT.
  3. The symbol of the chakra has sixteen petals.
  4. By taste, vishudha is a bitter taste.
  5. It corresponds to the aroma of neroli.
  6. Wanting to improve the activity of the energy center, you can purchase such stones: celestines, aquamarines, chrysoprase.
  7. From Sanskrit, the name of the chakra can be translated as "purification".

The fifth chakra took control of the thyroid, vocal cords, as well as the functioning of the respiratory system, throat, neck, teeth, tongue, nose, hearing organs and the skin of the body.

When there is a high spiritual development of vishudha, a person is able to think like an innovator, he is open to the new, distinguished by his original vision of the surrounding reality.

Such a person in the decision-making process will be guided solely by his own opinion, independent of those around him, and not thinking in accordance with the standards established by society. It is easy and understandable to convey its position to others, calmly discussing their own ideas, even if no one accepts them.

A person with a harmoniously working vishudha is very strong in the voice of intuition, the ability for self-expression in art and oratory is developed, he is easily given the conviction of others in his own interests.

If the energy of the chakra corresponds to a low spiritual development, a person suffers from rudeness, discussion of those around him, likes bad language, speaks untruth, is distinguished by heightened conflict, unable to interact with others, is emotionally unstable.

In addition, there is a desire to be proud, to assert itself at the expense of others, to compete with them. Typically, such a person has the concept that you need to have your own thinking, but he can not control this process. Constantly contradicts a different opinion, tries to prove his right to freedom with the help of a struggle, seeks to suppress any conflicting opinions, proving the truth of his own.

It may happen that with a low development of the fifth chakra, a person is in principle incapable of manifesting himself. Then such individuals try not to express their own opinion under any circumstances, they firmly believe that it will not be interesting to anyone and is not important. Inside themselves, they “lock up” the desire to tell others about their thoughts and feelings. It is not difficult to guess that adhering to such a position in life can easily turn into one, thrown overboard of human society.

In the case of the energy weakness of the fifth chakra, a person has a strong fear of public speaking, that is, fear of the energy of the collective, the collective mind, which can affect the mind of a particular individual.

  • Their fears are also present fear of truthful information, deception and betrayal (indicates an underdeveloped will).
  • Normally, a person feels harmoniously, when he expresses himself as a person, feels his higher “I”, such a person lacks egocentrism and self-will.
  • Passion can manifest pride (represented by arrogance and ambition).

If you want to open the fifth energy center, you will first need to learn to reach a compromise with others and with yourself, without losing space communication. That is how human essence should manifest itself. The personality gains confidence in its capabilities only if the chakra is working normally.

But before embarking on the development of vishudha, you should deal with the disclosure of those chakras that are located below its level. To do this, you will need to analyze the actions of others. Learn to enter the position of an independent viewer, in which you remain independent of alien influence, at the same time not imposing your opinion on anyone and not being afraid to express what you think out loud.

The blue hue represents this energy center. You can apply it by performing color meditation. It will not take much energy from you. Just lie down on the floor (do not forget to spread the rug beforehand), and fully relax. Cover your eyelids and visualize the thick grass on the edge of the forest. Watch from below what is above the amazing blue and endless sky.

The main goal in the described meditative practice is to maximally visualize how the blue energy begins to spread throughout all the cells of your body, overwhelms it over the edge. Energy begins to purify your thoughts, fills them with light and clarity. Imagine how your body surrenders to the power of the heavenly waves, gently blown by the fresh breeze. When there is complete relaxation with peace, slowly return to the usual state.

During the practice, control your breathing. You will also come to the aid of the mantra with the sound of "OM", which you need to do as you exhale.

Watch the video below, it will help you improve the work of the fifth chakra.

This energy center is closed or starts to work poorly when a person accumulates in himself insults or disagreement with others. To eliminate the existing block, you will first of all need to remove the feelings that provoked negative experiences.

Would you like never to fall into similar situations? Then engage in the development of their own behaviors, solutions to this situation. On the one hand, this method is very simple, and on the other, quite complex. Its main function is to reconfigure the unnecessary beliefs and attitudes in mind.

Vishuddha opens and starts working normally when you work hard and systematically on yourself. There are certain auxiliary methods that can also be used to harmonize the functioning of the described power center. This will help you a personal diary, in which you will enter all the "painful" information.

Eliminating blocks of the fifth chakra, use also aromatherapy with the use of lavender and sandalwood oils. You can do as usual aromatic lamp, and resort to inhalation.

Also, all shades of blue are very well open the chakra. Choose for yourself items of clothing of this color, ties and scarves (so that they are in direct contact with the neck) will bring special efficiency.

The presence of energy breakdowns in the fifth chakra does not leave the personality the opportunity to show their inner abilities. The person in this case is not very sociable, closed. In addition, there is such a nuisance as the inability to harmoniously contact the human body and soul. As a result of this imbalance, physical exhaustion, malaise develops, serious chronic pathologies appear.

Also, if the vishudha does not work sufficiently, the person does not have a golden mean between the emotional and logical realm. To harmonize chakra work, you need to constantly develop yourself. Practice public speaking (you can attend special trainings, which will be people with similar difficulties). Express your ideas to the maximum, stop worrying about the consequences of what you are doing.

An important aspect is to develop an all-consuming love for the Higher Forces, the Most High. In addition, pay enough attention to your own socialization: engage in social activities, move up the career ladder, practice charity and other manifestations of social activity.

Another step in the healing of blocked vishudhi is the manifestation of leadership abilities, the ability to manage a team or some group of individuals. Effective restoration of the throat chakra also occurs when you feel sincere gratitude towards others.

It is important for a person to have a sufficiently developed and well-functioning throat chakra, because in this case, the person becomes independent from the opinions of others, capable of maximally showing his talents and abilities in life. Another vishudha will help you to establish harmonious contact with the outside world and enjoy a happy, successful life!