Dream interpretation

The value of the digit 8 in numerology


Before analyzing the value of the number 8, make a digital map by date of birth. How to do this, we have a detailed, exemplified in this article.


The eight is a dream of all. This luck without effort, work, just dreamed and received. We believe that if you have an eight, then you know the law, the rules, the actions that directly, at no extra cost, lead you to what you want.

The more 8s in your map, the luckier you are.

Two or three eights

If you have "88" or "888", there is a spontaneous desire to call you lucky and a darling of fate. For others, at first glance, everything looks like that. It’s as if you don’t put in any effort, but at the same time you have many things that for others remain an unattainable dream.

But numerologists know: not everything is so simple. They suggest that a person has previously passed a very difficult spiritual path. But not in the present life, but in the past (numerology implies belief in reincarnation, yes). Perhaps in that life you experienced great suffering, hardship, even slavery.

Very many people with two or more eights say that they often dream of war, sacrifices, terrible scenes, although they have no relation to war even through relatives.

The main problem for eight-men is the envy of other people. Therefore, those who have eights, should be careful not to be "shot" envy.

No eights

Those who do not have the eights in the test at all should remember that in life everything has to be earned by their work. Honest understanding of your desires and confirmation of the actions of the movement in the direction of your desires - the key to success. If it is enough for the “multivariate” to have the desire “I want” inside, then it will give you nothing. If you want - prove by action, what exactly do you want, in what direction.

The world does not feel your desires, you need to introduce him to yourself, to work on it. This requires constant active participation by its actions, and by active actions in its life and in the life of society, the world, and people in general. "Do not sink - do not burst" - this saying is about you.

It would seem unfair and offensive. But on the other hand, in the past life you did not have to go through hardships and sufferings, you were not a victim. In addition, unlike the lucky ones, people without eights are more often successful in life. Just because they are not accustomed to count on luck.

They count only on themselves, competently build relationships and support them, controlling the entire process.

People counting on luck, good luck, are actually in slavery in the case of fate, depending on the weather. Therefore, luck is a relatively useful service.

Four and Five Eights

One more extreme. About such people should be said separately, although they are extremely rare.

Four or five eights numerologists call the "number of an angel." It denotes a certain mission, purpose, experience of the soul and strength of mind. This is a person who has taken upon himself the soul a serious task, a certain purpose in the form of knowledge, discoveries, technologies, ideologies and something similar important for the whole world of people. Figuratively speaking, "God is on a business trip."

Subconsciously, a person feels this commitment from childhood. He is distinguished by confidence, independence. Such a person is virtually unsinkable, if he lives in harmony with himself and goes his own way, without listening to others.

Other people like to share problems, difficulties, mistakes with them. Because mnogovarmenniki own technologies for solving many problems, but they need to remember all this. Special abilities are revealed only under severe stress, with a strong specific need.

They are so clever that no game by another person will go unnoticed. Although in appearance they look very simple and not important at all. The world is always on their side; tricks with them are useless.

More information in the video:

Perception by others

How do people perceive individuals with "888":

  • make an impression of an amazing person
  • children take them literally as fairies and wizards
  • love to laugh and have fun
  • beautiful, feel great
  • highly valued among other people

But especially observant may notice: the relationship with the family, especially with children, in many interlocutors often develop very badly. The same applies to health: the “lucky” himself is almost not ill or quickly recovering, and his children constantly suffer from various ailments.

Tip: if you have 3 eights or more, try to direct most of the energy towards work and friends. Your family needs this energy much less, do not create an excess of attention.

Persons without eights:

  • if these are children - they collect all the bumps on themselves, often fall down, hit, start to walk late, in general, have no luck;
  • they live without comparing themselves with anyone, but simply by doing things, they do not notice their bad luck, because they are accustomed to strain in their lives in order to get a result.

But people with one eight themselves notice that once at a time it is not necessary. Either they are lucky or not. Usually it is a cheerful, calm, communicative personality, which is perfectly perceived by others. They have a lot of friends, buddies, enough attention of the opposite sex. But how much they will be successful in life and marriage depends mostly on the upbringing and treatment of parents.

Numerologists believe that one eight in the test is the normal value needed to balance the personality as a whole. If you do not have eights - not bad either, but you need to understand that you always have to rely only on yourself. If there are a lot of eights, take courage - you have a great mission that you need to find and fulfill.