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Signs of good weather - predictions more accurate meteorologists


"Nature has no bad weather" - lies! Bad weather is the one that ruins our plans for a day off in nature, does not allow us to sunbathe, freezes ice right under our feet. Therefore, people have been greedy for many centuries to accept the good weather.

Once upon a time “good weather” was a rather vague concept. For crops and, accordingly, people cultivating them is better if the winter is snowy and cold, so that the parasites are frozen in the soil. And for life and various things on the street, the sunnier and drier the better.
Signs of good weather, we will consider those signs of nature, which suggest that the days will be suitable for going outside: no precipitations, warm, sunny, not too cold in the cold season. It is necessary once to get out of the apartment.

Even if you live in the center of a big city, and there are nature close by - only stunted trees in the nearest public garden, you will not be deprived of weather signs, because the sky can be seen from everywhere.

Moon and stars

In the city, the stars are not as visible as they are far from civilization and light pollution, but even the fact that they are noticeable can be a sign.

  • Circles around the moon (halo) are increasing - bad weather will end soon, good days will come.
  • The moon at night is bright white with no admixture of other colors, its outline is clearly delineated, not blurred. - The weather will be dry tomorrow.
  • The month has sharp horns - you can expect a few fine days in a row.
  • Bright, yellowish moon on a cloudless sky - to good weather.
  • The rising moon is edged with a red halo that quickly disappears. - to clear and quiet weather for the coming days.
  • Flicker of stars decreases - the weather will be good soon.
  • The stars in the sky cast greenish - clear weather will be long, especially if the stars at the same time shine exactly and do not flicker.
  • If a clearly visible Milky Way - this is a pleasant weather. “Visible” means you quickly found it.


Despite the fact that the rainbow is visible during or after the rain (that is, when the weather is no longer ah), it is clear from it how long the bad weather will last and when the clear days will come.

  • The rainbow is located in a plane from east to west - promises a pleasant weather for the next couple of days.
  • Evening rainbow reports that good weather will stand all night until the morning. Great opportunity to organize a night walk!
  • Green rainbow hints that the weather will improve soon, even if at the moment is not happy.
  • If a during the rain, a yellow rainbow appeared for the most part (and the blue and blue hues in it are barely noticeable) - beautiful weather is expected right after the end of the rain.
  • High and steeply curved rainbow speaks of fair weather, but may be windy.


On the next day, the most beautiful weather is the most beautiful to determine by the color of the setting sun and brightly colored clouds.

  • At sunset, the western part of the sky is clear - good weather is expected, and if it was still inclement, it will soon be corrected.
  • In the evening, after the rain, the sun appeared, and did not disappear in the clouds until sunset - tomorrow will be great weather.
  • Clear, cloudless sunset with a golden streak at the horizon - a sign of prolonged clear weather.
  • The sky after sunset shines silver for a long time - The weather will be clear and will not change for a long time.
  • After sunset, a greenish strip appeared at the horizon. - You can wait for the heat and the bright sun tomorrow.
  • If a the shape of the setting sun is not perfectly round, distorted - soon the bad weather will change to the weather.

The weather itself may suggest what it will be in the coming days, it will continue as it is now, or it will radically change.


Is it possible to predict in the rain whether good weather will follow? Of course!

  • On a summer morning, there was a short light rain - The rest of the day promises to be clear.
  • If a it rains intermittently - it will soon end, and good weather will come.
  • After the rain, dew fell, and fog spreads over the ground - The next day will be fine.

Fog and dew

Fog and dew are easy to see in summer, they fairly accurately show the weather the next day, so watching them in summer is very useful.

  • After sunset in the lowlands, hollows, light fog is formed over the rivers, and does not rise in the morning - The weather in the next couple of days will be beautiful.
  • Fog dissipates quickly in the morning - to good weather.
  • In the morning, the fog spreads on the surface of water. - no precipitation all day.
  • Fog in winter means soon warming.
  • Abundant dew in the morning - to good weather all day.
  • Shortly after sunset, dew falls on the grass - both night and the next day promise to be clear.
  • Dew becomes more abundant before sunrise, and soon after it disappears - The weather will be fine all day.
  • Dew fell in the morning - you can not wait for the rain before lunch.


Behavior of hoarfrost will tell you when to choose a day for a ski trip or a visit to the rink.

  • A thick layer of frost on the grass and branches - to good weather for a few days.
  • Fluffy frost on trees and bushes means the sky will be clear.
  • If a frost is formed at night, in the afternoon we should expect sunny weather. There will definitely be no snowfall.

Green creatures, whose survival depends largely on the weather, feel its changes so subtly that any meteorologist would envy!

  • Wildflowers smell faintly - the weather is expected to be dry.
  • Fern spins leaves down - to heat and lack of precipitation.
  • Dandelions do not compress inflorescences - there will be no rain.
  • There are dense clouds in the sky, and buttercup flowers remain open. - the rain will not go, and the weather will soon clear.
  • In the spring surfaced water lily sheets they promise that good, warm weather will be established soon.
  • A lot of wild sorrel - The winter this year will be mild, with thaws, sunny.
  • Potatoes stand straight - the weather will be dry.
  • In the summer on mountain ash few fruits - to dry weather.
  • If a in spring, oak leaves bloom earlier than ash leaves - spring and summer will be dry and warm.
  • Birch in spring gives little juice - summer will be dry and hot.
  • Onion has grown thin skin - Winter promises to be warm and pleasant for walking.
  • Violet opens petals - to improve the weather.