Dream interpretation

Sign: acne on the chin

Chin acne is a problem that bothers so many girls (and sometimes guys). Many people believe that this is a sign from above and begin to seek the help of existing signs about ascending. Superstitions arose for a reason, and due to numerous observations, so they can be trusted.

  • The appearance of red painful "blyamb" in the chin area is interpreted as a kind of warning that one of the blood relatives will soon fall ill. Of course, you do not need to blindly believe this sign, but if any of your relatives feel bad, immediately send him to the hospital! So it will be much more reliable and timely treatment for medical care will not allow the transition of the disease to a more serious stage.

Note! In some cases, omen means not a relative, but a male acquaintance who has thick facial hair.

  • The appearance of a major pimple without any particular pain indicates a family quarrel. You need to try to be less contentious, so that you do not struggle with bad consequences. Otherwise, the signs predict that you will have a protracted quarrel with the second half, which will result in an incomprehensible reason.

Each single pimple has its own interpretation, coming from its place of origin. And the appearance of several acne on your chin will indicate one of three things:

  • Break the relationship with dear man. In some superstitions, betrayal becomes the cause of parting, but it is not indicated whose name it is. And according to other causes of "disaster" you need to install yourself. If acne does not appear very much - soon you will reconcile with your beloved, cool down and be together again.
  • And if there are a lot of red, painful hillocks on the chin, most likely, the feelings are finished. But, of course, only you can determine how effective this belief is.
  • Successful completion of the case. In a number of states, it is believed that the appearance of multiple unhealthy spots in the lower facial area indicates the beginning of long and troublesome projects. And also points to the stresses received due to a responsible task.
  • Making new acquaintances. In this case, do not worry because of a temporary cosmetic defect! After all, the pleasure that gives communication with interesting people can not be in any comparison with some pimples.

  • In the days of pre-revolutionary Russia, when beauties found acne in their chin area, they began to look out of the window with hope, looking for the eyes of a future narrowed. After all, a slight reddening of the skin surface foreshadowed that in the future the girl would make an offer.
  • To date, acne on the chin will indicate a quick wedding, and a romantic date. The outcome will depend on whether you have a worthy candidate for the role of a husband. In the process of searching, you need to keep a clue in your mind all the time, which has reached us from ancestors: the spouse must be older than his wife, but that the difference is not too obvious.
  • And the appearance of a small neat pimple delicately notifies you of a possible intimate adventure. Not for nothing that our ancestors gave these small defects the name "Hotyunchikov."
  • The longer the pimple does not want to leave your face, the longer you will get the novel. But, of course, if ulcers do not leave the skin for a very long period of time - this is a clear reason to think and seek help from doctors.
  • In antiquity, if a pimple on a chin arose in a woman in a position, then the whole family would begin to exult: it means that a boy will soon be born who will become the heir and successor of the clan. At the same time, an extensive abscess or a large number of them foreshadowed problematic childbirth, while a small and lonely one indicated a speedy resolution of the burden.

Probably no need to say that such signs about acne on the chin can not withstand criticism? After all, the changes occurring in the body of a pregnant woman are so cardinal that acne at this time is by no means a surprise, but rather a normal phenomenon. In any case, it will not be superfluous to be safe and once again consult with the doctor about the problem being described.

Guys in this regard are not so happy, because large-sized pimples in the chin area foreshadow problems in the intimate area of ​​life. Perhaps the emergence of diseases classified as "shameful", or parting with a girl, after which the guy faces a long loneliness.

Neutralize the badsuperstition

Do not be in a hurry to get upset if the pimple has foretold you something unpleasant, because it can easily be neutralized. To this end, it will not even be necessary to apply a silver spoon to the affected area, to read spells, or to burn bundles of magical herbs on a saucer. All that is required of you is that as soon as you find the enemy, apply any means to eliminate acne.

For this purpose, our great-grandmothers took flower honey, and we can replace it with drugs like "Zinerit". It is important to begin to act in time, and not to wait until the pimple comes off by itself.

And now we bring to your attention the opinion of physicians on this issue. The appearance of acne in the chin area will indicate various pathologies in the pelvic region, as well as hormonal imbalance, stress, infections, colds and weakened immunity.

Also, this attack likes to attack girls who abuse fatty and salty foods. And in some cases, acne can even indicate worms. Of course, you can not start to panic only because of one "scoundrel." But if you notice more and more frequent appearance of skin defects that do not go away for a long time - it is worth to take a break from taking a little and sign up for a consultation with a doctor. In this case, he will make a more accurate predictor of the future.