Dream interpretation

What dreams of female breasts?


Female breast is considered a symbol of motherhood, care and education. The image of a bust in a dream for men and women has a different interpretation. What dreams of female breasts? The interpretation of the dream will depend on the characteristics of the dreamer's perception of the image.

Symbolism of the female breast

The archetype of the female breast is strongly associated with the image of motherhood and life. Milk is the only food for an infant, so the lack of food will lead to the inevitable death of a little person. However, for men, this symbol has the opposite meaning - sexual need.

Male dreams of the female breast are filled with eroticism and the desire for sexual realization. Lonely men women's bust may portend a long-awaited meeting with her half. Businessmen - successful implementation of the project, especially if the breast was filled with milk.

For women This symbol promises health and luck in your personal life. Nursing moms breasts may dream because of the subconscious fear of losing milk. This dream has a psychological background and is not subject to interpretation.

General interpretation of sleep

  • Big beautiful breasts symbolizes good luck in all undertakings and a prosperous life. Respectively, small chest expresses a financial disadvantage, trouble and complexes about their appearance and significance in society.
  • See how bust increases on the eyes, - a long-awaited meeting with a loved one will happen soon. For men, large breasts symbolize large gains and promotions.
  • If a a trickle of milk flows out of the chest, you expect material abundance. Breast-filled breasts offer promise.
  • See three breasts - to the lack of realization of the plan. Your plans will remain in the project without becoming a reality. Perhaps your dreams simply have no real basis and look like a mirage.

Men's dreams

  • Sleep in which man sucked milk from the female breast, symbolizes the need for help. There was a situation in which the dreamer could not figure out on his own, therefore he needed support and advice from the outside.
  • See beautiful lush breasts - to new romantic victories and conquests. All dreams come true, and our plans come true. To caress a female breast - to a long relationship with a partner.
  • Image of a hairy female breast spells fraud by a well-known person. If the hair on the bust was curled with rings, in reality the dreamer will receive an inheritance or get rich in another way, luck in gambling or winning the lottery is not excluded. The density of hair will tell about the amount of cash receipts.

If you have entered a period of trials and are suffering from a multitude of problems, the image of a female bust can symbolize the subconscious desire to get maternal support and help or longing for a carefree childhood.

Women's dreams

  1. If a dream sees single woman, the image of the breast (or feeding the baby with milk) is a subconscious desire to create a strong family and raise their own children.
  2. If you see how unknown woman breastfeeds a babySoon you will be involved in work that takes a lot of time and effort. A dream with a similar plot for unmarried women is a symbol of a strong family, the desire to become a happy mother.
  3. Man kissing chest in a dream? Soon a man will appear in the life of a woman whom she will love with all her heart. For married women, this plot foreshadows the temptation, with which a difficult struggle lies ahead. Do not be seduced.

What do dreamers say

Female dream book He considers the vision of a full, beautiful breast an omen of happiness and success. If you see your chest dirty or dried, more successful and self-confident opponents stand in the way. If you are wounded in the chest, expect trouble. If you see a fan in your dream that looks seductively at your chest, soon your relationship will become more intimate.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova sees in the female breast a symbol of happiness, material well-being and a major acquisition.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century considers the female breast a symbol of mutual love and trusting relationships. If there was a bra on the chest, there is no complete trust in the relationship between the lovers and there is a share of secrecy. Beautiful breasts dream to fulfill a dream.

For women, the image of the breast carries the following omen:

  • the bust of an alien woman - to the realization of the flaws of their appearance;
  • to see big breasts in respect
  • to see small breasts in oneself - to hate;
  • breast filled with milk - to prosperity;
  • too firm a chest - to losses and shortages;
  • hanging chest - to trouble;
  • cut chest - to treason.

Dream Dream sees in the image of the female breast a childish dependence on parents, a symbol of femininity and dedication. A beautiful bust - to the realization of a secret dream, thin and dry - to failure. Seeing a wound - heart experiences, love.

French dream book predicts marriage if you see a breast image of a nursing mother. If the image of an old woman who is breastfeeding has come to sleep, you will soon find great wealth. Chest pain foreshadows a dangerous situation.

Great Dream considers the image of a shriveled dried breast a symbol of marital fidelity. Beautiful lush breasts dream of happiness and well-being, cut off - to treason, firm - to loss and poverty.

Dream Miller warns: a chest wound dreams to the trouble, dried up - to the rivals, complete and white - to the part.

Esoteric dream book treats this image depending on the gender of the dreamer. A man is looking for the image of his mother in his beloved, a woman dreams of becoming more sexual and liberated.

Moon dream believes that sagging breasts portend pulmonary diseases, and beautiful - a lot of happiness and love.

Erotic dream book sees in this image the longing for close people with whom you are separated by fate. Also, this image can symbolize longing for lost comfort, childlike immediacy and carelessness.