Dream interpretation

Why dream of a red cat?


The cat was considered a mystical animal by the ancient Egyptians, many mysterious things on earth are associated with the image of a cat. People assumed that through the cat you can find a connection with the other world, as it is a guide to the world of spirits. Why dream of a ginger cat or a cat? Red color also has its sacred meaning, which will be discussed in the article.

The image of a cat in a dream

Cats are messengers of otherworldly forces on earth. Ginger cat symbolizes, in addition to the mystical qualities, great vitality. Red color personifies cunning and deceit, dexterity and insight.

The image of a cat with red hair in a dream represents the inner world of man, his outlook and views, character quality and position in life. Since cats are associated with otherworldly forces, the image of a red animal will help to open the connection with the subconscious and the ability to know the inner self of man.

In the negative sense, the image of a cat can represent the impact on a person of otherworldly forces.temptation and temptation. It is not excluded the magical influence, if in a dream the cat came to you. To decipher the message from the subtle world through a dream, you need to remember which cat you saw. Also remember how the cat behaved in your dream:

  • big ginger cat;
  • little kitty;
  • what the cat did;
  • your reaction to the dream.

See a big red cat - Your authority will be subordinated to the authoritative person. You will not be able to resist manipulation, even if you are aware of the speculative nature of the relationship. Try to break contact with this person, to leave his sphere of influence. It is bad if a red cat in a dream represents a close relative - a grandmother or one of the parents. This may be mother-in-law or mother-in-law.

Hear the red kitten's meow - to problems in understanding with their own children. If the red kitten sleeps peacefully, then family relationships with children will improve and you will be proud of their achievements in the future.

For men and women, the image of a red animal carries a different interpretation. For women red cat foretells the betrayal of a loved one, and kittens - pregnancy. For men the image of a fiery animal foreshadows a meeting with an interesting but extremely capricious woman. Cats are generally distinguished by waywardness and independence; they do only what is important to them at the moment.

If a the cat attacked in a dream, expect big trouble. But the playful animals can predict the rise of the career ladder, if this question is important and priority for the dreamer. See the cat on the tree - to a quick change of place of residence. If you were going to move to a new place of residence, pay attention to the behavior of the animal in a dream. If the cat was scared of something, wait a little with the move.

Cat washing, as in the example, promises the arrival of guests. Stroking the cat on the back - you are contacted with an insidious person whom you trust completely. If a woman strokes a cat for wool, her relationship with a new man will end in tears - this is a windy man who wants new impressions. However, a cat with green eyes foreshadows favorable developments in the personal and business sphere.

If a the cat ran away and hid in a dream, a bitter separation with a loved one awaits you. To avoid the inevitable separation, make every effort to strengthen the relationship. The conflict has been brewing for more than a month and is ready to break out. And the loved one is going to leave "in English", that is, without informing him - he will simply disappear from life.

Other dream scenes

Why dream talking cat? In this case, you need to remember the words of the animal: this is a message from the subtle world. As a rule, cats dream about people who are unsure of their attractiveness. If you have problems in relationships with the opposite sex, try to remember what the cat tried to tell.

If a the cat looked aggressivePerhaps soon your best friend will show his true face and become an enemy. Aggressive but fat cat, symbolizes the failures of enemies when trying to harm the dreamer. A fat lazy cat loses the predator's grip, respectively, the enemies will not be able to cause harm.

Animal without a tail warns: there is a person surrounded by a dreamer who is trying to solve his problems at the expense of the dreamer. The head of a cat in a dream - you are too careless in the choice of friends, not all of them are worthy of your attention. To avoid problems, do not trust everyone.

Famous dream books about red cat

  • Dreaming maya predicts troubles and problems in the life of the dreamer, if a red cat appeared in a dream. You will have to struggle to achieve your goals, literally climb the career ladder, show wonders of resourcefulness and cunning. For lovers, the fiery predator predicts problems in mutual understanding, betrayal and inevitable separation.
  • Freight's Dream Interpretation interprets the image of a predator in a dream in its own way. In his opinion, the red cat symbolizes experiments in bed, wonders of sophistication in the approach to lovemaking. For singles, a cat predicts mysterious romantic meetings, interesting acquaintances and a fullness of sexual sensations.
  • Dream Medea believes that the cat symbolizes unpredictability in the behavior of the partner. When it comes to love relationships, the partner does not reciprocate and uses you for the sake of temporary interest.
  • Russian people's dream book sees in the image of a cat the infidelity of a woman (for male dreamers) and the infidelity of a man (for women). Recall the behavior of an animal in a dream - this will help to understand the causes of treason dear person.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse warns: in your life there will be a false hypocrite, who cunningly finds out all the plans. Or it will be an insincere lover who wants to use you for their interests.
  • Dream book azara He believes that a flattering, insincere person will appear in the dreamer's life. Be careful with new acquaintances, do not rely on polite treatment and beautiful words. This is all falsity and pretense.