Dream interpretation

What dreams of a rat that bites?


The rat carries negative symbolism in the dream. However, it is necessary to distinguish between tame and wild animals that "illegally" live indoors. What dreams of a rat that bites? As a rule, such a plot does not portend positive changes in life. Consider all the details in detail, using the values ​​of dream books.

The image of a rat in a dream

In real life, they fight with rats using rat traps and other devices. Rats cause irreparable damage to the household - they eat food, spoil things and spread the infection. Rabid rodents can infect humans through a bite during an attack. Rat does not cause any positive emotions in humans.

The image of an attacking rat in a dream is associated with the appearance in the life of a person of an intriguer and a traitor, an envious person and an adversary. Sometimes a rat can talk about an upcoming trap from the enemy. The accuracy of interpretation is determined by the details and features of the plot of the dream:

  • what part of the body was bitten by a rat;
  • what the attacker rodent looked like;
  • who dreamed this dream;
  • who was bitten by a rat in a dream;
  • what the dreamer did during the attack of the rodent.

If in a dream you fight off a group of aggressive rodents, soon expect a quarrel with neighbors. To prevent the development of a negative scenario, try to bring the situation under control in advance. Many attacking rodents dreams to conflict in the work team.

Where bitten a rat

If rodent bit my hand, wait for the machinations of enemies and competitors. For a young girl, this dream foreshadows the appearance of an insidious rival. Men sleep promises conflict with neighbors or relatives. Young mothers rat bite by the hand promises anxiety because of the disobedience of the kids.

If rodent bites the legs, you are waiting for a trip associated with a sad event. The bite of a sick or dirty rat foreshadows a trial. Blood after bite said he would soon receive sad news from relatives living in the distance. Girls dream promises unpleasant conversation when they meet.

Finger bite has several interpretations:

  • index - to meet with an influential person;
  • medium to doubt and uncertainty;
  • large - to the concerns associated with the sale / purchase of property;
  • nameless - you can find the right solution;
  • little finger - to gossip about personal life.

When interpreting a dream, it is necessary to take into account which hand was bitten by a rodent. If the finger on the right hand, you can easily survive an unpleasant event. If the finger on his left hand - the trouble will leave a residue on the soul.

Bite back - to serious health problems. It is necessary to check the condition of the spine, be examined by a doctor. Why dream of a rat in a dream woman? This dream foreshadows gossip behind your back, gossip and idle talk about personal life or professional achievements.

Also sleep with a bite behind your back warns of a hidden rivalthat does harm. If two or three rodents have grabbed in the back, the dream warns about the betrayal of a loved one. Be careful not to trust your secrets.

Bad when rodent attacks and bites on face. In this case, the dream warns of loss of reputation after a conflict. Do not give in to provocations, try to get away from the conflict situation. Thereby you can minimize moral losses.

Other interpretations

  • If a rodent bit and ruined clothes dreamer - try to become more organized in life. You are careless and negligent about responsible assignments, do not take into account the negative impact of lack of integrity on their own lives and the lives of loved ones.
  • The rat tried to bite the body, but grabbed her clothes with her teeth? You will face a conflict with relatives and close people because of an annoying misunderstanding. Do not react badly to the development of the situation, and everything will be fine.
  • Why does a rat bite a woman in a dream? Such a plot warns about a rival at work, who is trying to push the dreamer and spread ridiculous rumors about her behavior and personal life. The treacherous plans of this intriguer can be realized, if not to take measures to counter.
  • Big chinchilla rat is dreaming a woman? You have made yourself an influential enemy in the form of an authoritative woman who will harm and revenge in every possible way. Remember who you treated impolitely in the recent past?
  • If a the rat attacked a familiar person in a dream, a disease awaits him. That part of a body for which the rodent has grasped will ache.

Good omens

In some cases, sleep may portend positive changes in the life of the dreamer. Consider these plots in detail:

  • the rodent bites the hand of a sick person - to a speedy recovery;
  • the bite of a hand animal by its feet promises a pleasant journey to distant places;
  • the attack of the big rat and the tested fright in a dream - to profit.

If you are in a dream caught and killed the rat that bit you, in reality, you will be able to defeat your enemies and prevent them from causing significant damage to your reputation. Enemies will be punished. To kill a huge rat in a dream - to great success and triumph.

if you managed to prevent a rat bite in a dream and to fight off an attack, in reality it will be possible to avoid misfortune and the development of an unfavorable situation.


Psychologists consider the image of a rat in a dream a reflection of the unpleasant traits of the dreamer. The subconscious suggests that it is necessary to change in yourself. The dreamer does not notice that his behavior and manner of communication with people causes a negative reaction from others. If you do not change and not reconsider your attitude towards people, you can be left all alone.

Of particular importance is a dream in which the sleeper saw himself as an aggressive rodent. This means that his behavior in the eyes of others is perceived extremely negatively. They see you as an unpleasant person, communication with whom leaves a residue in the soul and bewilderment. To change, you need to work on yourself, stop seeing the victims of your aggression in others.