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Strong Orthodox prayer from husband drunkenness


With alcohol dependence spouse forced to face the majority of women in our vast country. A destructive addiction to alcohol is a huge problem that anyone can get out of the rut, especially if all the means to eliminate it have been tried, and there has been no result, and no. A strong Orthodox prayer from the husband's drunkenness often becomes the last saving straw for wives who want to pull their companions out of life from the suffocating loop of the green serpent.

The role of the Orthodox prayer in the fight against alcoholism

The symbol of alcoholism is not in vain is the green snake. According to the Bible, it was the serpent that once played the role of tempter and sent humanity to the path of sin. And the fruits of this are reaped to this day. An example of this is the wholesale drunkenness that has captured into its tenacious paws and ruined many good and kind human souls.

Alcoholism does not even think to stop its soul hunt and continues to condemn people to suffering. And it is not known to whom even drunkenness causes more grief - to alcoholics themselves, or to their families and friends. It is sincerely a pity for those courageous, patient and at the same time unfortunate women who have to carry on themselves a heavy cross in the form of a drunk husband.

The passion for alcohol in time takes away from man all that is human and transforms his weak-willed and cruel animal. The alcoholic does not notice anything except his addiction, which kills him gradually. He does not want to admit his illness (and this is nothing more than a sickness of the soul), does not want to be treated. In such cases, sometimes faith in God becomes the only way out.

A person who sincerely believes in the Lord can always overcome hopelessness and despondency (and they always follow any drunkard), will be able to find peace of mind and rise to the level that will allow him to triumph on the green serpent. A powerful and effective means on the way to this victory is the Orthodox prayer from drunkenness.

Icon “Inexhaustible Chalice” and strong prayer from drunkenness

Drunkenness has a devastating effect on all aspects of the human personality: it exhausts the body, damages the mind, destroys the soul. The Orthodox Church treats alcoholism as a demonic influence and believes that it requires special assistance. To implement this assistance, the icon of the Mother of God “Inexhaustible Chalice” is most often used, in front of which the prayer from drunkenness is pronounced.

The image of the “Inexhaustible Chalice” differs from other icons of the Mother of God in that the Mother of God does not hold the Baby in her arms, but stretches them over the sacred Communion of the Lord, in which the Baby Jesus is located. This cup has an amazing property to give a person joy and comfort, to quench his spiritual thirst.

To the face of the Virgin “Inexhaustible Chalice” are asked to heal people of near and dear from drinking. The prayer, with the help of which it is customary to call on this icon to get rid of alcoholism, sounds like this:

This prayer, which can help get rid of husband, son and other relatives from drunkenness, is one of the most powerful and effective. It is necessary to pronounce it repeatedly and, preferably, with the blessing of a priest.

It is necessary to offer a prayer to the icon “Inexhaustible Chalice” sincerely, with an open heart. During its reading it is also recommended to take the feat in the form of a strict fast 40 days long. Be sure to all this time should regularly attend the temple and submit notes on the health of a person obsessed with alcohol dependence.

From the history of the phenomenon of the icon "Inexhaustible Bowl"

The prototype of the icon of the Virgin “Inexhaustible Chalice” appeared to the Orthodox world in 1878.

In the Efremov district of the Tula province lived propoyats-peasant. Obsessed with the green serpent, he drank away all the property in his house, came to a beggarly existence. Because of alcohol, his legs were taken away from him, but he did not give up his habit. Exactly until the dream came to him, in which the elder appeared to him and suggested to him a means for healing from the destructive addiction: go to Serpukhov, in Vvedensky Vladychny monastery, find the image of the “Inexhaustible Chalice” there and serve him a prayer service. However, the peasant did not dare to follow the advice of the old man - because of his sick legs and the lack of outside help.

The dream was repeated 2 more times, for the third time the old man in it already gave the drunk a formidable order. Frightened by his peasant, he set off on his way on all fours, stopped in a village for the night on the way. The old woman, whose guest was the traveler, seeing his suffering, felt sorry for him and rubbed his legs for the night, laid her to sleep on the stove. At night, the peasant felt relieved, was able to stand, and then he continued on his way on his feet, first relying on 2 sticks, then on one.

When he reached Serpukhov, he came to the monastery and told about his dreams, but it turned out that no one had heard about the image of the Holy Mother of God “Inexhaustible Chalice”. Then someone suggested looking at the icon hanging in the aisle from the temple into the sacristy - what if this is it? After inspecting the icon, everyone was incredibly surprised to see the inscription “Inexhaustible Chalice” on its reverse side. And in the old man, the peasant recognized from his dream the man who had built this monastery, Father Varlaam.

The face of the Mother of God was taken to the temple the same hour and served a prayer in front of him. The peasant returned home already completely healthy - on healthy legs, healed from his craving for alcohol.

The news of the newly-minted icon “The Inexhaustible Chalice” and the miraculous recovery of the peasant very soon spread outside the monastery. Suffering began to flock to the image of the Mother of God. They offered their prayers to her, asking for deliverance from drunkenness, and were convinced of her mercy and wonderworking.

Other prayers from drinking husband - effective and proven

A prayer from the husband's drunkenness can be addressed not only to the image of the Mother of God “The Inexhaustible Chalice”. With a request to help her spouse cope with his addiction, his wife can turn to:

  • the blessed old woman Matrona of Moscow;
  • St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Powerful prayer from the drunkenness of her husband Matrona of Moscow

Prayers for healing from addiction to alcohol, addressed to the Holy Matronushka, have tremendous miraculous power and help to cope with even the most severe forms of alcohol dependence.

The text of the petition, which is erected in front of the face of Matrona of Moscow in order to get assistance in the fight against the green serpent, sounds like this:

A prayer from drunkenness directed to Matronushka can be read both in church and at home. It is important that she, like all the prayers of alcoholism, pronounced regularly.

Prayer from the alcoholism of her husband Nicholas the Pleasant

Another strong prayer from the husband's drunkenness is an appeal to the God-pleasing Nicholas. The prayer process can be carried out in the temple or at home.

Home use of the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker from alcoholism requires a special ritual, for which you definitely need to purchase:

  • icons: St. Nicholas, The Most Holy Mother of God “Inexhaustible Chalice”, Lord Jesus Christ, St. Matrona of Moscow. In general, the named icons should be in any house where there is a person addicted to alcohol;
  • 3 church candles;
  • holy water.

It is necessary to conduct the prayer rite of Nikolai Udodnik at home in absolute silence. Procedure:

  1. Place all the icons on the table.
  2. Light up 3 candles in front of the images, place a container with holy water next to it.
  3. Looking into a vessel with consecrated water, say the text of the prayer from drunkenness to Nicholas the Pleasant:

Let the candles burn out to the end.

In the process of ritual, consecrated water receives a healing charge from prayer. Conspiracy liquid should be regularly poured to her husband in food and drinks - so that he did not notice and did not suspect.

A prerequisite for this prayer rite is a daily visit to the temple for a 10-day period. In each of these 10 days you need to pray to the holy elder and submit notes about the health of a person suffering from alcoholism.

Listen to the prayers from drinking on this video:

Any prayer from drinking should be pronounced sincerely, with the concentration of the person praying on her every word. At the time of appeal to the higher forces, you need to think only about the problem (husband's drunkenness - in this case) and not be distracted by extraneous thoughts. The text should be pronounced in a whisper or out loud, clearly and clearly, with an expression. Also, there must be a deep faith in the help of God and His holy saints.

It will be useful to recite the “Our Father” prayer several times a day, every day. Her words possess a truly great power and help you cope with your misfortune.