Dream interpretation

Signs for luck and good luck


We all work hard for our own benefit and for the sake of the family, and wait patiently for this reward. Unfortunately, well-being, joy and happiness depend not only on honest efforts, but in many respects on luck. How not to miss it, advise signs for good luck.

Some of the signs do not require anything from a person: he saw, noticed, did not miss - well done, happiness is not far off. Others suggest to perform a certain action.

Parents are trying to discern the signs of a future happy and easy life in children from the early days. And who of the adults was not looking for himself or herself surrounded by signs that everything would soon be settled, but life would turn out?

  • If a girl looks like a father, and a boy looks like a mother, their life will be happy. Softened in girls, men's traits and in fact look pretty. Beauty is not equal to happiness, of course.
  • Long hair baby - to luck. And not only his personal, but also the one who sees the child. It is time to visit the girlfriend who gave birth to her (at the same time to support her, because the maintenance of the newborn and the isolation make the young mothers crazy).
  • Birthmark on the place where you can not see - Luckily. It's time to spin in front of the mirror.
  • The baby was born on the growing moon - will be rich and successful.
  • Horseshoe above the entrance door - it is both a guard against damage and the evil eye, and a magical magnet for happiness in the house. A horseshoe found on the street can not be dragged along but spit on it and transferred over the left shoulder, then luck will stick to you.
  • Break the plate - for luck. On a birthday or anniversary - happiness for the birthday, at a wedding or when meeting with the parents of the passion - to a successful life together.
  • Ants in the house - to a happy life. Ants, in contrast to cockroaches, are insects with a positive value, and lead to wealth and a harmonious family existence. But this does not mean, however, that you need to endure them nearby.
  • Find a lilac flower with five petals - to good luck. You can dry it and carry it with you, or you can make a wish and eat it - and then the wish will come true. Same with four leaf clover.
  • See the evening spider - to a good life.

Festive omens

Holidays have a special power and influence on destiny. Rituals, fortune telling - everything is carried out on a specific date to certify the result. And signs on a holiday are doubly effective.

  • Sneezed at the New Year's table promises good luck to everyone who sits at this table. BUT how many times a person sneezes - so many fans she or he will.
  • Birthday number of guests - to prosperity all next year. Perhaps this is due to the fact that our ancestors believed: everything is in pairs - everything is in order.
  • Dreams that dream before birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year usually come true. Listen to what your dead relatives and friends have to tell you in a dream.
  • How many laughed on birthday - so much happiness will be.
  • Before the New Year put in the pockets of a coin - to secure happiness for the whole year.
  • Unlike the rest of the time, salt sprinkled on New Year's celebration - to good luck.
  • Get a letter for the New Year - an excellent sign, promising happiness, good luck and joy. Emails are also considered, but SMS is not.
  • Meet a woman with full buckets - to luck and profit.
  • Meet pregnant on the way to work - to success in business. Almost all symbols of well-being, prosperity and wealth - to success.
  • Find a coin on the road (bill) - money will be got. In this case, be sure to pick up the money, do not leave lying. Unless this is the case. intersections: coins are usually thrown there on purpose during rituals of getting rid of troubles.
  • Step in a dog "surprise" - to the money. The lucky sign works for any manure, but in the cities mostly dog ​​“bombs” are available. If in your city the hosts are cultural and clean up after pets - you are lucky and without any signs.
  • Bird "marks" - also to monetary well-being. Do not be surprised: litter, especially bird's - a valuable fertilizer and has long been associated with satiety and profit.
  • Left palm itches to the money. So, if you find yourself scratching it, you can safely start new business - you will be left with a profit.

High hopes are always placed on relocation as the beginning of a new, more successful life. How to understand whether it will be such, and how to ensure maximum happiness?

  • After the housewarming find on the road rusty nail - to good luck. It will be even better if you take it with you and nail it somewhere in the house. A small nail behind the furniture will not spoil the view, but it will bring happiness.
  • To attract wealth and happiness you need to go through a new house with bread and a saucer of salt, going into every corner.
  • Brooms stand handle down - all will be well.
  • If the first dish, which was prepared in a new place, succeeded - and life here will succeed.
  • If every guest invited to a housewarming party throws a coin across the threshold into the house - Owners are waiting for a happy comfortable life.
  • Put some coins under the tablecloth - to satiety in the house.

Nothing defines happiness as a well-established personal life. Our favorite - support, support and source of joy. What awaits us, how will the novel flow, what will the family be like?

  • Flying stork - to a successful family life. Interestingly, the “carrier of children” does not necessarily foreshadow those same children to those who see it.. Sometimes family life is much happier without offspring.
  • At the free girl itchy elbow - one of the unmarried guys is thinking about her. Not that the promise of the novel, but a hint at his opportunity.
  • Find a lost ring at home - to the birth of a new relationship. The same with earrings.
  • If you go on a date one way, and back - another, together it will never be boring, life together will delight.
  • Ladybird flew to the young couple in the house - to strong relationships or to children. Those who did not plan replenishment should be careful.
  • If the bride earrings puts on a happy married girlfriend - then the bride everything goes.
  • Wear old wedding shoes - attract good luck. You need at least a little bit like new clothes, at the same time and carry.