Dream interpretation

Folk omens about weather, relationships, and money


Folk omens remained with us from pagan times, when people tried to understand the world, seeing in each event a sign of fate or a warning from the spirits. Not one area of ​​life was left without signs. They, among other things, help not to go crazy with helplessness in front of reality.

Old omens are mostly unkind, gloomy - firstly, because life in ancient times was not expected to do anything good, and secondly, because many omens were considered news from deceased relatives, and they wouldn’t to strain, just to say "It's ok."

One of the most numerous and popular Russian folk signs is weather. It is now raining or the sun only affects what shoes to wear and whether to take an umbrella with you. In more severe times, the weather determined the harvest and the order of all economic work, the extraction of food and, ultimately, survival itself.

  • Swallows fly low - to the rain. Even city dwellers know this!
  • The sun sets in the clouds - it will be raining.
  • When it rains, a rainbow is visible in the sky - precipitation will soon cease and the sky will clear up.
  • The sky at sunset turned gold or pink. - The weather will be good tomorrow.
  • Thunderstorms in October - in winter there will be little snow.
  • The birds headed south later than normal. - to a long and warm autumn, to the late arrival of winter. Birds feel better than people, and they are not accustomed to move to wintering before they chase the cold.
  • Ants run to the anthill in the afternoon and close up the entrances - to rain soon.
  • Frogs crawl out of the water. - again, to bad weather.
  • Long icicles hang from rooftops at the end of winter. - Spring will also be long.

Previously, death was “closer” to a person — they were left at home before the funeral, there were more relatives, they lived more closely, people from an early age saw the departure of dear people, tried to predict it, postpone it. And of course, everyone was wondering how long he would live.

  • You can not sit on the threshold - to illness and early death. The threshold is a transition not only between the street and the house, but also between worlds. On the threshold, the line between them becomes thinner, and a person can simply be dragged into the world of the dead.
  • All winter in the trees a thick layer of frost - in the summer expect health problems.
  • Identify in person - to the dead man. Or for the wedding. The latter is preferable: opponents of marriage can get a divorce, but from that side no turning back.
  • Dropped icon - to death in the house. An example of how the original pagan habit of writing omens included church paraphernalia (with a very watchful attitude of the church towards superstitions) and feels great.
  • "Buried alive" - you will live long. He was buried - not in the direct sense, of course, falling asleep with the earth and, even more, cremation of health will not heal. But the news of the death of a man who is still alive may well promise him a long time on this earth.

Birds occupy a separate place in the relationship between man and death. They both predict demise, and bring news from the afterlife, and warn of diseases and catastrophes. The most famous omen "how many times the cuckoo prokukuet - so much life left"- one of the scary examples.

  • Crows circling over the house - death will happen in it soon.
  • In the cemetery, a crow sits on a cross and shows it to someone's house with her tail. - to the dead man in it.
  • The crow sits on the roof of the church and caws - to the dead man. Fear is worth those who saw and heard the crow, and not all consecutive parishioners.
  • The bird hit the window or flew into the house - to illness or death. But a lot depends on the type of bird and its behavior. For example, if the bird calmly sat on you - to good luck.
  • Bird flew into the room to a sick person promises difficult recovery or even death.

The main question for our ancestors is not how to attract great happiness, but how to avert unhappiness. Failures and life lavishly fell on people (and they still do not stop), and Russian signs offered a system of warnings, signs and correct behavior in order to leave with minimal losses.

  • Keys on the table - unfortunately or quarrel. It is better to hang them or keep them in your pocket.
  • Break the mirror - to a series of failures. Mirrors are mystical objects, it’s better to handle them more carefully.
  • Clothing or underwear inside out - to fight. Better to be quieter and kinder on this day.
  • Lose a glove (mitten) - unlucky sign.
  • Found out hollow in logs at home - this is not good. Fewer people live in wooden houses, but many have dachas and bathhouses.
  • Raise the fallen pin with the tip towards you - attract misfortune.
  • Kill the cat - turn away from yourself good luck for seven years. Cruel to animals is generally not good.
  • Fly in winter in a plate - unfortunately for the one whose spoon it got. In summer, flies are too numerous to be considered as heralds of anything.

Protection against the evil eye and damage

According to our ancestors, misfortunes occur not only by themselves, but also occur as a result of the evil eye, damage. Did someone envy you? Someone deliberately spoiled? You will not get problems. But there are ways of protection, they, truth, prevent troubles, rather than correcting problems that have already fallen.

  • Pin on the wrong side of the clothes in the chest area two crossed pins - protect against damage.
  • Knock on wood after the loud announcement of optimistic plans or boasting - to bring misfortune.
  • When communicating with an unpleasant person, cross your arms or legs - Do not learn from him negative. If he wishes you evil, then nothing will come of it.
  • Horseshoe at the entrance to the house - A universal symbol of good luck, but also an excellent protection against damage.
  • Soap in the bosom will help deflect damage and the evil eye. For a modern person, small souvenir soap dishes or disposable trips are perfect.

For a long time, and to this day in our country, it is impossible to know for sure when hard work will bring monetary benefits (and whether it will bring it at all) and whether poverty will suddenly attack. Prosperity is ensured not only by good calculation and thrift, but also to a large extent by luck.

  • Whistling in the house - drive away money. The excuse "they are not there anymore" does not work: by whistling a person reduces future income. And on the street you can whistle as much as you want.
  • Endure that-then from home to rain - to poverty. It is better to wait until it clears up.
  • Take out the trash in the evening - along with him to make money.
  • Put money on the table - to losses. Money must have its own special place.
  • Stand on the threshold - Do not let wealth into the house.
  • Scratched left palm - to the money. To enhance the effect, the arm must be strongly clenched into a fist.
  • See the spider - The sign is generally good, and one of its values ​​is profit.
  • In the same house sweep different brooms - to disperse wealth.

For the welfare and relationships in the house is responsible not only for the family living there, but also for the brownie. He is a peculiar spirit of the house, he should not be insulted, otherwise he will begin to mischievous. Most will accept housing-related, comes from these beliefs.

  • Things disappear - House Naughty. It is necessary not to scold him, but to appease him with a word or a treat.
  • In non-residential house - the undead. If the brownie does not leave the home with the owners, he, angry with loneliness, begins to spoil everyone who crosses the threshold.
  • When moving can not leave trash in the old house - besides the fact that it is inaccurate, it can cause damage. In general, do not forget things in the old place - to failures in the new.
  • Forgot thing in a strange house - to return there soon. But you just need to forget, and not deliberately leave.
  • Creaks door - Unfortunately. Irritated households will be reprimanded for disorder - this is misfortune, so it’s better to hurry and smear the hinges.
  • Humming in the furnace (now - mantel) pipe - deceased relatives visit.
  • First in a new home you need to let the cat - she will take over all the misfortunes that have prepared the spirits for the household. BUT rooster needs to stay overnight, and only then populate themselves.
  • Also in a new place, especially if someone lived there before you, sprinkle holy water in the corners - from failure and devilry.

Construction signs

The burying of a horse's head under the foundation is a thing of the past. But some signs to ensure success in construction remained.

  • You can not start building a new house in old age - otherwise accelerate your own demise.
  • On the first laying to put money - for wealth as well wool - for heat.
  • Builders (and craftsmen) poorly treated - in a house settled evil forces. Sign, obviously, came up with the builders themselves.
  • The best thing start building on tuesday or thursday - to the rapid completion of construction and good luck in the house.