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The hand of Fatima - the meaning of the talisman


The talisman bearing the name "The Hand of Fatima" is very popular among residents of India, Israel and other Muslim states. In this article we will highlight in detail the meaning of the Hand of Fatima talisman, and also talk about its proper use.

Often, the armor of Fatima was guarded as an original souvenir by tourists who visited Turkey, Egypt or Israel. But this is not the whole list of countries whose inhabitants firmly believe in the power of an amulet. For foreigners will also be interesting information about the magical properties of this talisman.

The Hand of Fatima (also known by other names - The Hand of Miriam, Hamsa, Hamesh Palm). The talisman received its main name (Fatima’s hand) in honor of the Prophet’s daughter. There is also a legend explaining why the talisman is called that way.

So in the tales it is told that once the daughter of the prophet was engaged in cooking, while her husband Ali brought a new wife into the house. A woman, taken aback by such news, dropped her spoon and continued to interfere with the food with her hand, paying no attention to burns and physical pain. Since then, it is believed that the amulet Hand of Fatima is a symbol of faith and patience, and is able to give the described qualities to anyone who will wear it.

The ward has the appearance of a human hand with five fingers. Each of them personifies one of the participants of this legend, namely:

  • big - symbolizes the prophet Mohammed;
  • index - personifies his daughter Fatima;
  • middle - unfaithful husband Ali;
  • and the little finger and the nameless one are the sons of a couple Hussein and hasana.

Often, the central part of the talisman is represented by the star of David, a fish or a stone of blue hue. Quite often, the entire talisman is performed in one of these tones (Muslims give them protective properties). Also, the palm of Fatima is decorated with Jewish prayers or words from them.

what means amulet

From the very beginning, the Hand of Fatima acted as a symbol of faith and patience, but today it embodies the protection against negative impact (damage or the evil eye). This is the main reason that images of the eyes are often applied to the surface of the product (they symbolize this negative effect).

  1. In the Eastern States, the Fatima Palm is often used as a popular plot for creating jewelery.
  2. Residents of Egypt are confident that the amulet can not only protect against the evil eye and black witchcraft, but also fill its owner with power, power, blessing from above.
  3. In Turkey, this mascot can be worn only by the fair sex. It is believed that he provides assistance exclusively to the female population, attracting well-being, good luck, as well as endowing with patience.
  4. Hindus believe that the Hand of Fatima will drive away failure from its owner.

In addition, the Palm of Fatima is a religious symbol among Muslims and Jews. It also acts as a symbol of similarity between all world religions and their common origins. Very often, charms in the form of hands were used by many ethnic groups, denoting power and strength, as well as fate and the right choice of life. It is believed that by purchasing this amulet, you can go to the correct path of the life line.

The amulet bought at the store will remain just a beautiful thing that does not have magical properties. And in order to turn the decoration into a talisman, you need to activate it, charging it with your personal energy. Only in this situation, you can be sure of his help.

Activation is possible through the reading of a special prayer, used since ancient times by the inhabitants of the east. Prayer will charge Hamsa with energy.

You will need to take the amulet in your hands and say the following words out loud:

"Hand of Fatima, close access to sorrows

Protect me from the difficulties of fate

Get rid of all strife

Fill my life with joy, peace and blessings. "

At the same time it is important to visualize how the positive energy starts to actively act, attracting success and good luck to you.

In countries where the main religion is Islam or Judaism, the use of the Hams symbol in the form of jewelry is common. Often made paired ornaments for both spouses, who are designed to protect the marriage union from any negative impact (from envious, rivals, and so on).

The symbol is also used to protect cars, offices and homes. You can hang amulet over the front door, but better - in front of her. Often, such gizmos can be found near workplaces in enterprises and this is explained fairly easily - a good career always raises discussions from the envious.

Even in the Russian Federation, this symbol can often be found, although Eastern culture came here not so long ago. The truth is that here he often acts not just as a powerful talisman, but rather plays the role of a memorable decorative element. It is also becoming very popular to put a symbol on baby carriages, since kids are the most vulnerable to the evil eye.

Whether to believe in the power of this amulet or not is only your own business. But, it should be noted that magic is able to perform real miracles in people who regularly practice it.