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Plot on salt and its varieties


Salt is not only the most affordable food available in every home, but also the main component of a huge variety of witchcraft rites. The conspiracy to salt in its popularity is on the second place after the conspiracy to the water. This phenomenon is due to unusual magical properties characteristic of this substance.

The magical properties of salt

Since ancient times, salt symbolized eternity and wisdom, thanks to its unique property not to deteriorate. People used it in all sorts of magical rituals, considered a powerful means of protection from the negative. Such popularity of salt in magic was due to its amazing ability to absorb, store and transmit information.

Its property to act as a strong energy carrier salt is obliged to the crystal structure. A verbal program (conspiracy), recited on this substance, charges white crystals with certain information and gives it magical power. Another advantage of salt - the small size of grains - allows it to be used in any practical situation required by the conditions of a magical ritual.

Sanctification of salt for white rites

Conspiracies and rituals, the main attribute of which is salt, are characterized by ease of implementation and high efficiency. Most often white crystals are used when performing rites from the field of white magic.

The so-called Thursday salt, which is received on Great Thursday before the Easter holiday, has a special power. You can take ready-made Thursday salt in the church, and you can cook it yourself.


On the preceding Easter Thursday, at sunrise, salt should be poured into a linen sack, then put in a preheated oven or oven. All the time while the salt is in the oven (oven), one should say the prayer “Our Father” three times. After that, the bag with the substance can be removed. The fourth salt is ready.

However, it may happen that getting the true Thursday salt does not work. Then you can prepare its analogue: to consecrate the substance yourself on any other Thursday, having done all the same actions, only “Our Father” to pronounce 7 times.

There is also one special prayer with which the rite of passage is consecrated. Its text is:

“Lord, our Savior, who appeared through the prophet Elisha in Jericho and cleansed the harmful water from the contamination with salt! Bless you and this salt, make joyful offering it. After all, you are our God, and we give you glory to you, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen!"

Sanctified Thursday salt is best used in magical conspiracies and rituals aimed at combating negative and dark witchcraft (for example, to heal from ailments, to get rid of damage or the evil eye). In the rituals of domestic character (for love, money, luck, trade, etc.) it is not forbidden to use ordinary salt, bought in the store.

The most popular conspiracies and rituals with salt

Plots on salt are characterized by a wide spectrum of action and can be applied in almost all spheres of life. The most popular white rites with the use of this substance are the rituals:

  • on love;
  • on wealth and money;
  • to health;
  • for good luck;
  • for trade;
  • to protect against detractors and envious;
  • to protect against negativity and witchcraft.

A plot of salt is also used in dark magic - it is usually used with rassorki and other turning rituals.

Conspiracy on the salt of love

The purpose of this conspiracy is to cause mutual love feelings with your chosen one (no one will argue that unrequited love occurs in our life very often). The ritual is held at midnight, in a growing month. The spell is read on the salt menu, 3 times:

“Salt is white and pure! Help me, God's servant (own name), love awaken in the heart of God's servant (lover's name). May his feelings for me be strong and strong, let him not see his life without me, let him yearn for so miss him, only he can look at me. I call love in him, I cause an answer, I call for a long time, forever and ever, forever! Amen!"

You need to shift the conspiracy salt into a separate dish or pouch and spice up your loved one's food with it. In the absence of such an opportunity, it can be poured on the threshold of the chosen one with the words "So be it!"

Plot on the salt, attracting money

The plot is carried out during the new moon, on a pack of salt (it must be purchased on the day of the ceremony). A packet of salt should be opened and put on the windowsill (you can use a saucer for convenience) with the words:

“As the month grows fat and is poured, so the salt is gathered with energy. As the body of the moon grows with each passing hour, so my pockets are full of money and gold. I will be rich! Amen!"

Salt must be left on the windowsill overnight. From the next day, it should be used for its intended purpose, that is, to salt the food.

This rite is very effective. If necessary, it is allowed to repeat after the previous conspired salt is all consumed.

Plot of salt on health

Dip a tablespoon of salt lightly with water, take it in the palm of your hand and close it. Start rubbing salt between your palms, saying (3 times):

“As salt this white, salty and pure, such it was, it always will be. Similarly, you, all sorts of ailments, sores and pains, have left me forever. Now and ever and forever and ever. Night and day my words lock and key! ”

After the plot is read, wash your hands under running water, holding your palms away.

Plot on salt for good luck in everything

The plot is read on Sunday, before the sunset of the daylight. Take a bag of cotton fabric, pour 2 tablespoons of salt into it. Holding a bag of salt in front of your forehead, read the plot:

“I will have no grief neither far nor close, nor high, nor low, nor on weekdays, nor on holidays, nor under the roof, nor under the heavens, nor among my relatives, nor among others. Sadness and bruising will bypass me, never approaching me. My words are strong and strong, forever. Neither the magician can break them, nor the common man. Amen".

Put a bag of talking crystals at the head of your bed.

A salt plot for good trading

Put salt in a linen bag, speak with the help of the following words:

“I charge salt with a successful trade, a buyer rich and generous, not poor. Trade let it go every day, money accumulates, buyers are added. So be it! Amen (3 times)!”

Sew a bag and take it with you to work (to the store). You can leave it there as well, hiding it securely so that no outsider can detect it.

Protective conspiracy on salt from envious people and enemies

Speak a small amount of salt using these words:

“I whisper, whisper yes I am turning. From now on, the enemy will not be able to annoy me, damage damage, break through with an evil eye. I am not afraid of the enemy's machinations, deceptions, anger and meanness. So be it! Amen (3 times)!

Heap the salt in a small cloth bag, or wrap it in a clean handkerchief. Let it always be with you - for this, sew it in a secret pocket of your clothes or place it in a separate pocket of your handbag.

Protective salt plot from witchcraft

If you feel that you have been subjected to a negative magical effect, do this simple rite for protection and purification. The ritual is performed at sunset.

Take a saucer, pour a tablespoon of salt into it. Sit at the table, place the dishes with the substance in front of you, and from your right a lit candle. Hold the saucer in your hands, peer into the candle flame and pronounce:

“Winds of violent, evil spell develop. Take them to deep, remote forests, to deep rivers, to fast waters. Yes, they will burn under the red sun! Get away from me, hurt thoughts. Let it be so - not for a day, but forever. ”

Plot the same kind of salt in a paper bag and hold it for 3 days on the windowsill of the room that serves you as a bedroom. During this time, the crystalline substance absorbs the negative. After 3 days, take the bag of salt away from your house, bury it in the ground, or throw it into the water.

How to protect yourself from damage, the evil eye and any evil with salt - look at this video:

The salt plots above are white and safe to use. It is with light rituals and rituals that it is recommended that inexperienced people begin their spellcasting practice - those who previously did not have to turn to magic help.

I specifically did not give in this article conspiracies to salt from the arsenal of black magic - because of their danger and high probability of negative consequences after the implementation. Dark types of witchcraft should be done only by professionals!