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Strong Orthodox prayer for their children


Being a mother is the hardest work in the world. From birth, the mother should feed, keep clean, develop, educate, take care of their education from birth. And the duties of the Orthodox parent, who believes in the Lord, also include the obligatory daily maternal prayer for her child.

The miraculous power of maternal prayer

Maternal prayer is invaluable to the child. No wonder one of the most famous Christian sayings says that the prayer of the mother can even pull from the bottom of the sea. The truth and relevance of this saying has been repeatedly proven in practice. Numerous examples from life (including those archived in various sources) show how the mother prayer rescued children in the most difficult and dangerous situations.

Between the mother and her child there is a lifelong, solid and unbreakable bond on a spiritual level. Words emanating from the mother’s mouth are able to directly influence the fate of the child, so any mother should wish her children only good things, not curse and not talk about them badly, and not make unfavorable predictions for their adult life.

A mother has special power over her child — the power bestowed on her by the Lord himself. Maternal love is the strongest in the world, love is the most sincere, bright, unselfish and holy. A mother for a child is a personal guardian angel in human form, who has been with him since conception. Being a mother is the life purpose of any woman. Mother is important and necessary for the child - this is precisely the meaning of her life.

The miraculous power of maternal prayer is associated with the power of maternal love, with the power over the child given to her by God. A loving mother has been worried about her baby since its birth. After the birth of the child, the mother’s heart seems to leave her body and begins to live separately from her - in her child. Of course, constant anxiety and anxiety for their children significantly undermines women's health. To soothe the mother's heart and to protect children from danger and various life turmoil will help the Orthodox prayer for their children.

The most famous mother prayers for their children

There are several Orthodox prayers with the help of which a mother can pray to higher powers for the welfare of her children. All of them are very effective and truly miraculous, as they emanate from the most sincere and pure heart in the world - the heart of the mother, and are pronounced with the most disinterested and holy love - the motherly.

Prayer to the Lord for his child

Mothers have turned to this prayer for a long time: she helped bring God's grace to the child. Speaking the text does not require compliance with any special conditions from the woman - you can read it at any time and in any environment, at the first call of the sensitive mother's heart. The words in it are:

This prayer, uttered with love and humility, draws the child into the life of the world and well-being, pacifies his (her) character, protects from making mistakes, helps out in any situation.

Mother's Prayer to the Mother of God for Her Children

With prayers for children, it is possible and necessary to turn to the Most Holy Mother of God - who, if not the mother herself, understands best of all the feelings and experiences of the same mother? The prayer, the text of which is given below, should be read daily, with any problem related to the children. The words:

Strong maternal prayer for their children - for older children

The most famous Orthodox petition of the mother for her children is:

This prayer is recommended for daily reading. It is especially effective in the address of already matured children.

Listen also to the text of this prayer on video:

How to choose the right mother prayer?

Any mother prayer for her child has an incredible power. However, it often happens that the parent is in doubt and does not know which particular Orthodox text to refer to.

The best solution for a woman in this case will be to consult with the priest, to tell him about his situation. Batiushka will always listen, suggest the best option and even be able to give a number of recommendations for further actions of the mother, which will help to protect her beloved child from all that is bad.

Orthodox prayers (including maternal prayers) are preferably pronounced in front of the icon of a certain saint. The priest will help clarify this issue.

When and how to read a prayer for children?

Any mother worries about her child, no matter what age it is. And each mother wishes her child good health, a happy fate, and an even life. The task of the mother is not only to give birth and raise her child to a worthy person, but also to do everything so that the life of her son or daughter is formed in the most favorable way. All this is an incredibly difficult affair, and the Orthodox prayer can be a great help in it.

Alas, it often happens that people remember about prayers only in difficult times. Daily bustle and routine, unfortunately, displace the spiritual component from a person. Meanwhile, the maternal prayer for their children should be pronounced every day - only then it will become a reliable and strong protective barrier. It is necessary to address it not only in the minutes when children have any problems, but also in periods when everything is calm and serene in their lives.

The prayer for children should be said with gratitude to God for giving the opportunity to bear the proud calling of the mother. At the same time, one should not forget to ask the Creator for forgiveness for outbursts of anger and swearing at his children (as every mother has), for lack of patience and wisdom in some situations.

Motherly prayer must be read with an open heart. Consciousness of the woman at the time of reading should be freed from all extraneous thoughts. It is important to concentrate on every word that makes up the sacred text. Sincere prayer will certainly be heard by the highest forces.