Dream interpretation

What dreams of a broken phone in dream books


The phone is a symbol of communication with the outside world. This necessary means of communication is so firmly embedded in everyday life that it has become a constant companion of modern man. What dreams of a broken phone? We will understand in detail with this issue.

Phone - a symbol of communication with the outside world

A broken phone in reality and in a dream will cause a state of shock, which does not seem to be necessary to explain. For some citizens, an expensive phone represents a social image, no less.

What symbolism does this image contain in a dream? If a the phone was newexpect bad changes in life. If a cell was old, coming update in life. Getting rid of old things and objects in a dream is always a good change.

If we consider a gadget as a means of communication with the outside world, then a broken gadget will mean:

  • loss of connections with the right people;
  • parting with friends or a dear person;
  • conflicts with business partners on the basis of misunderstanding;
  • an obstacle to communication with the right person;
  • lack of necessary information;
  • unwillingness to communicate with anyone.

If we consider the actions that were associated with the phone, the following plot will be important:

  • the phone crashed unexpectedly;
  • You intentionally broke your gadget;
  • someone else broke your phone;
  • You see someone's phone is broken.

Smash the phone by accident - not good. Dreamers expect problems in dealing with important communication matters. If the gadget screen is cracked, the dreamer does not have a clear idea of ​​the case in which he got involved.

To see a broken phone in a dream - a symbol of problems in communicating with loved ones. Soon there will be a misunderstanding and conflict with friends, and the connection will be broken for a while. However, you should not get upset: communication will be restored after a while.

If dreamer in despair breaks his gadgetThis may mean:

  • angry about inaccessible information;
  • attempt to get rid of communication;
  • desire to get rid of previous memories;
  • desire to radically change your life.

Secret or inaccessible information that the dreamer needs may provoke an attack of despair or anger. That is what the dream in which the sleeper denotes breaks the gadget against the wall or flings to the floor. Whatever you do, but in the near future you will not know what you want to know.

Sometimes the old social circle is so annoying to a person that he is ready to run off anywhere, just not to meet with unnecessary people. Or a person suffers from unnecessary communication and does not know how to get rid of - the subconscious sends the image of a broken phone. The dreamer himself must abruptly cease all contacts that are of no use.

Both positive and negative memories are associated with communication. Break a gadget in a dream - the advice of the subconscious to get rid of unnecessary memories. Live in the present day, not past events. Also, a phone broken against a wall can give a hint to a lifestyle change that begins with the negation of previous contacts and a change of environment.

Sleep warning

If you try in a dream talking on a faulty phone, conflicts will soon arise with friends or co-workers. If you wanted to send a friend the news on a damaged phone, it is with him that misunderstandings will arise. If you called for work, wait for problems with colleagues. If a girl calls on a faulty cellular lover, the couple will soon leave.

If you call a faulty phone to a person with whom you are in a quarrel, you should immediately reconcile with it. This is a dream-tip for action. Now is a good time to build relationships.

You bought a new phone that turned out to be broken? So, soon there will be big problems in communicating with people. On the contrary, to break the phone - get rid of the annoying problem associated with unnecessary communication. You dialed a number, but phone cracked or spoiled? So you are exaggerating your communication problems.

If you are trying to find a solution to a question or in doubt, where to start, - a dream with a broken gadget speaks of a lack of awareness. You do not have the information to successfully cope with the planned business. As soon as the necessary amount of information arrives, everything will be solved by itself - and the problem will disappear.

Communication, communication, information - through them we keep everything under control. Therefore, a broken communication tool warns that the situation is out of control and develops spontaneously.

If a you have been entrusted with the secret, but there is a temptation to tell it to the world - a dream warns you not to do stupid things. Bury the secret in the depths of your soul, because it does not belong to you. Do not make a fatal error.

Psychological aspect of a dream

Psychologists consider the image of a broken gadget a symbol of psychological problems associated with communication:

  • fear of loss of communication;
  • desire to avoid responsibility;
  • desire to keep information secret.

A broken phone may dream about falling in love people who are afraid of losing each other. In this situation, sleep is a reflection of daytime experiences and is not subject to interpretation. Broken / broken communication media is a bad dream for loving hearts who only live in communication with their loved ones.

When man is afraid to be responsible for his words/ deeds, the image of the broken means of communication expresses his subconscious fear of being responsible for the perfect. This dream also has no interpretation, as it is a reflection of the dreamer's thoughts, an attempt to avoid conversation.

Fear of divulging secrets can also be transformed into an image of a broken communication tool. The dreamer is so afraid that someone will find out about his act, that he grabs a straw - he dreams that all means of communication will disappear from his life. Fear can be passive - comes the image of someone broken gadget. Fear can take a panic form - the dreamer smashes the phone in a rage.