Dream interpretation

Why dream of a parrot woman?


Bright plumage, copying of sounds, noisy and cheerful character - these qualities are inherent in overseas birds to parrots. Big or small - they always create vanity, noise and fun. Why dream of a parrot woman? The image of a bird symbolizes a noisy society, gossip and empty pastime. However, the colorful plumage of birds symbolizes vivid impressions, and the cheerful character - communicative abilities and quick adaptation to circumstances.

The image of a parrot - plumage

The value of sleep is largely determined by the colorful plumage of the bird. The unusual bright color of feathers symbolizes news or gossip, new information. Since the leading color always dominates in the color of feathers, you should pay attention to this:

  • yellow feathers - false rumors;
  • blue feathers - the information will make you think;
  • red feathers - gossip about a person’s personal life;
  • black feathers - the information is distorted by negative notes.

Red plumage symbolizes subconscious fears:

  • social fears - fear of being humiliated, not achieve the desired;
  • psychic - weakness, self-pity;
  • physical ailments - lack of strength, physical defects.

White bird - you almost reached a new reality, past fears behind. Now you can safely engage in new projects, build a harmonious relationship with your loved one, enjoy the serenity.

Yellow parrot associated with joy and fun, solar positive energy. Enjoy life. Now everything works out easily - meetings and partings, new projects and intentions.

Blue parrot symbolizes balance. What is important is the balance of psychic forces, the time to think about what has been passed, the sifting out of unnecessary information. Harmonize psychic forces, bring the soul to balance. Blue parrot - the time of active actions.

Colorful birdssitting on the same branch symbolize communication. Now it is easy for you to communicate with people, find common topics of conversation, find pleasure in communication. You know how to win over your interlocutor, to gain respect and trust. You are provided with friendly support and comprehensive assistance.

Bird behavior

Screaming parrots symbolize the noisy company and empty pastime. You are wasting your emotional resources and mental strength. In your environment are gossipers spreading distorted rumors.

Now is not the time to criticize anyone, make comments, engage in public condemnation. You can not avoid the ridicule and quibbles on the part of the inner circle and colleagues. It is better to “go into the shadows” until favorable times.

Why dream speaking parrot? This image can express a real person chatting incessantly. If you can distinguish the words of a parrot, take information into service - that's what people around you say about you.

Also a talking parrot in a dream can warn to keep your mouth shut, so as not to say in society some absurdity. Teaching the parrot to talk - the dreamer herself spreads rumors about other people.

  • To see a parrot in a dream - to unexpected joy.
  • The parrot is sitting on the arm - you need to find a compromise solution.
  • The bird has flown away - your plans will collapse, hopes will not come true.
  • The parrot screams loudly - a warning of danger.
  • Silent bird - peace and quiet in the family, at work.
  • The parrot is sitting in a cage - you will manage to get rid of the annoying person.
  • Flying around the apartment bird - to the news from abroad.
  • Parrot walks on the table or floor - you need a creative approach to the situation.
  • Bird pecks grain - your dreams will come true.

Other plots dreaming

If a unmarried woman feeds in a dream a parrot, in reality, she will meet with babbler and parasite. If such a man already exists in the life of a dreamer, get rid of him immediately.

Buy birds in the store - you will be dismayed by the gossip that envious people dismiss about you. Dead bird - to the loss of friends or useful acquaintances. Killing a parrot is to the disappointment of a friend who is a gossip.

See parrot eggs - your ideas will be materialized.

What will the dream books tell

Female dream book claims that the parrots dream of a fun society and an empty pastime. Silent bird spells peace period in the family and at work. If a girl saw a parrot in her house, soon a young man would be disappointed in her. Teach the bird to talk - to trouble. Dead bird - lose friends.

  • Modern dream book warns of false news.
  • The dream of Azar foreshadows a talkative guest.
  • The dream interpretation of the 21st century promises joy and fun.
  • Children's dream book sees in the image of a parrot a sticky friend who seeks to imitate in all of you.

Dream Medea. The image of a parrot in a dream - to idle chatter. Do not tell everyone about your personal life, plans and intentions - keep your mouth shut. Also, a parrot in a dream can warn that you live in a strange mind and do not have your own life position.

Dream for the whole family Warns: Spread less about your personal affairs. All your words will be used against you, turned inside out and distorted. A flock of bright birds in the trees dreams of a fun society, however, beware of exorbitant spending on fun. If a big parrot attacks in a dream, flaps its wings strongly - postpone the flight for another time.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova believes that the overseas bird in a dream carries news from abroad. The parrot in the cage warns: gossip is spreading about you.

Dream Dream sees in the image of an overseas bird a meeting with an unusual person - a foreigner, a shaman, a psychic, a telepath, etc.

Esoteric dream book considers the image of a parrot the flight of the imagination of the dreamer. Flying parrot - you are full of mirages and illusions. If the bird walks on the ground - turn on your imagination to achieve the goal.

Dream interpretation Hasse Warns you are being tricked by fake friends. Screaming bird - to envious, speaking - to gossip.