Dream interpretation

What dreams hug in a dream with a man


Hugs are welcome and undesirable, because everything depends on the personality of the man who touches the woman. What does it mean to hug in a dream with a man? Sleep can dream of an unmarried girlfriend and spouse with family experience. Riddle help decipher the dream books.

Love hugs

The vision of the embrace of a loved or desired man in a dream has no interpretation. Psychologists consider sleep a continuation of the day-dreams about the object of love. For young girls hugging is a symbol of the desire to find a loved one and make a personal life.

However, not only the desired man or an abstract young man (collective image), but also the enemy can come to the dream. The image of a man can be different:

  • stranger;
  • relative;
  • comrade;
  • Chief;
  • dead.

Embrace with the desired person, with whom I have not seen for a long time, to an unexpected meeting, a renewal of relations. This dream is interpreted in the event that you have not thought about this person for a long time. If thoughts were, then the dream is a reflection of your day dreams.

Spouse's arms in a dream, they promise a quarrel and misunderstanding, followed by reconciliation and apology. If the spouse himself hugged you, it means that a plan of treason has matured in his head. If there were hugs with kisses on his part, the fact of betrayal is already evident.

The arms of a stranger in the presence of her husband - to jealousy scandal. Jealous husband can also jealousy is not excluded from the wife. Do not bring the conflict to the point of no return, try to smooth out sharp corners.

Hugging with former spouse - you are too attached to the past life, it's time to get rid of it. Until you expel the past from your life, you cannot find the present.

The arms of a stranger promise to meet with an interesting person, if the appearance of the man was attractive. A stranger with a repulsive appearance spells misfortune. Either you meet a rogue, or become a victim of violence.

If a hug with a stranger were in the bathroom with the water tap open, the meeting will be short-term - only memories will remain of the novel.

If your spouse or guy hugs unfamiliar girl in your dream - there is a reason for jealousy. The man has a fan, whose attention flatters his vanity.

If a guy hugs a dreamer in a dream from the back, it means that he has dishonest intentions. He just wants to have fun with you for a while.

Hugging with relatives - Soon there will be an opportunity to get together at a festive dinner. The reason for the meeting will be joyful.

Friendly hugs

Hugging a friend - to the imminent separation from him. If a friend lives in a different place, then the embrace promises to meet you soon. The same meaning has a dream with a relative's arms.

If a friend sobbed during a hug, the dream foreshadows a quick loss. Embrace with a married man in a dream foretell trouble in family life and divorce from her husband.

Hugging with the chef - get a chance to take advantage of his favor. Do not miss the opportunity to improve your position in the workplace - now is the time.

Cuddle with the enemy - to reconciliation. Dream interpretation is a good omen repeating the plot with the friendly embrace of the enemy. However, if the initiator of the embrace was the enemy, expect a trick on his part.

Cuddle with the deceased - The dream has no unambiguous interpretation. If the deceased caused unpleasant feelings, expect illness and sadness. If you are hugging a relative or friend, the planned business will succeed.

Cuddle with dead father - to find a strong patron who can replace the help of his father. Also, you have to make a responsible decision, which will determine the fate.

Interpretation by days of the week

Interpretation of the dream depends on the day of the week, in which you saw an interesting plot:

  • Sunday night - your sex life is not distinguished by prudence;
  • Tuesday night - the hero of your sleep is a noble man;
  • Wednesday night - to harmonious relationships;
  • Thursday night - your partner is playing a double game;
  • Friday night - to family unrest;
  • Saturday night - promises illness and family conflict;
  • Sunday night - you will receive a pleasant surprise.

Dream Value

Dream Miller promises family troubles, if spouses embrace in a dream. Hugs of relatives promise trouble and illness. If you are hugging someone with a sense of gratitude or joy, a dream prophesies happiness. Hugging with a stranger - to the unexpected arrival of guests.

Dream Dream also foreshadows a family scandal, if the spouses were embracing in a dream. Hugging a loved one in a dream and experiencing positive emotions - fortunately.

New family dream book foreshadows family troubles, if the husband and wife embrace each other in a dream. Hugging a loved one with joy - fortunately in life. The arms of the stranger - to the unexpected guests.

Modern combined dream book also considers the embrace of a husband and wife a bad omen - you are in for a disagreement and a showdown. Hugging relatives in a dream - they will soon get sick. The joyful embrace of the lovers promise happiness, the sad embrace - quarrels over jealousy. The stranger dreams to uninvited guests.

Dream interpretation Hasse believes that embraces symbolize love. If someone hugs you in a dream, then it feels a sense of love and sympathy. If the dreamer embraces someone, then he will be able to carry out his plan.

Dream song gypsy sees in this story uncontrollable feelings that can lead to trouble. A strong tender hug promises spouses a happy family idyll.

Erotic dream book believes that the symbol of embrace is the fear of losing something or someone dear to the dreamer. Embrace - the desire to preserve a piece of happiness that fills the heart of the dreamer.

Dreaming longo prophesies reconciliation after the scandal or the creation of a new family. If you dream of a dream during the growth of the moon, expect joyful events with a small amount of grief.