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Money Mascots


Quite often in our world, people have to make an incredible amount of effort in order to provide themselves with everything they need. But then another problem arises - where to take time to rest, privacy, have fun with friends and other leisure activities? There is a vicious circle, but there is a way out of it, which was used by our ancestors - they are monetary talismans.

Of course, there are people who relate to this method to become rich enough skeptically, but who among us at least once in life has not dreamed of unexpectedly winning the lottery, getting a long-awaited legacy or, at worst, finding a purse full of money on the street? And, by the way, these are very real things, money can be brought into your life by magic, you just need to know how to do it.

Any money talisman will work. - and purchased in finished form, and made personally. The main thing is to firmly believe in his power and not to doubt it for a minute.

It is clear that one talisman will not be enough for you to satisfy all financial requests, you will still have to work honestly and make some efforts. But with the help of magic, any of your undertakings will be successful, all processes will be accelerated, and savings will increase.

The very first financial charms appeared a long time ago, they were invented by our distant ancestors, who are closely associated with nature and magic. It was the ancestors who noticed that certain signs and talismans can help in money matters.

Inherently mascot is a thing positively energetically charged for certain goals. It is important not only to activate it with the help of your energy, but also to tune it to the desired wave. In this situation, monetary talismans have the ability to attract to their owner the energy flows responsible for monetary well-being.

Then we will tell you the ways of self-production of money talismans, if you do not want to search for them in stores.

  • Clay. Need to buy clay. Place it, add honey and a pinch of cinnamon. Then a small coin is rolled out of clay. Leave to dry, and then put to the bulk of the money.
  • Book. Purchase in a store or just pick up your favorite book. But it must be kind and positive. Take dark green or bright yellow leaves, each of them thoroughly wipe with church water and place between the pages. The more accurate the actions you perform, the greater the financial amount you will receive as a result. The book should be placed in a far corner, and after a year to report another 7 leaves.
  • Paper. Take a sheet of red paper. Bend it, departing while a couple of centimeters from the edges. Bend the rest of the paper in half. Glue the sides with double-sided tape. On the resulting envelope should draw any sign of wealth. Regularly add money to this talisman, but in any case, do not start to spend it!
  • Owl - is a symbol of all unplanned expenses and helps in making the right decision.
  • Horse - will contribute to attracting positive financial change.
  • Money tree - place it in the money zone, and it will constantly attract finance to you.

We also offer you several proven talismans, which are placed directly in the wallet.

  • Patchouli oil. Remove all paper notes from your wallet. Gently lubricate them around the edges with oil and put back. This tool not only attracts material wealth, but also improves mood in difficult moments of life.
  • Zagrebushka spoon. It should be placed in the department of the wallet in which you usually hold the largest bills.
  • Magic powder. Stock up on a file and a piece of magnetized metal. You need to turn it into powder, pour it into a bag and always keep it in your wallet.
  • Honey bill. Take out any bill from your wallet and spread it well with sweet honey. Then it should be dried with a hair dryer and placed in a secret pocket. Other money will stick to it.
  • One leaf of mint. The smell of mint is also considered "monetary." Therefore, the leaf of this plant should be put on the lining of the wallet.

Many magicians strongly recommend not to buy ready-made amulets, but to make them exclusively independently. And there are a number of reasons for this:

  • The talisman is inclined to absorb the energy of the person making it, so the acquired amulet can work only half-power, while the one made by him can turn into a strong magic helper;
  • Acquired talisman can be a fake, "dummy", the usual beautiful souvenir, not charged to attract finance.

There is also an option when the ready talisman is bought, but reprogrammed to the new owner. But for this, of course, knowledge of magic is also needed, as well as holy confidence in the final result.

Money mascots are a very interesting and effective thing, which will help to bring material success to your life and will make sure that the desired bills are always in your wallet and never leave it!