Dream interpretation

Very strong prayers for the fulfillment of desire instantly or in the near term


No, probably, in the world of such a person who at least once in his life would not have dreamed of getting a magic wand and using it to fulfill his innermost desires. But, alas, magic lives only in fairy tales. In real life, it is often necessary to rely on luck, which is not in a hurry to favor everyone, but still all people without exception are waiting for this moment. A prayer for the fulfillment of desire will help bring this moment closer - in some cases, it can play the role of a magic wand and make a man’s cherished dream come true in the very near future.

Difference from conspiracy

Prayers for the fulfillment of desire should not be confused with conspiracies that pursue the same goal - these are two completely different things.

Not a single Orthodox prayer, even the strongest, provides an absolute guarantee that a person will get what they want. Prayer is a request, and when voicing it, the prayer never knows in advance whether the higher forces will respond to this request or not., he only hopes for a positive outcome.

Although Christ said: “Ask and it will be given to you.“- do not regard God as a great magician and wizard who will miraculously fulfill all our desires. The result from the prayer may not be - first of all, due to the fact that the prayer is simply not morally ready for the fact that his dream will come true, moreover, if it is done, it may not justify his aspirations and hopes, and sometimes even hurt. The higher forces understand this and always know how a person will be better, therefore they are in no hurry to fulfill absolutely all his requests.

A conspiracy, unlike a prayer, is already a priori setting for a positive result and is almost always accompanied by various occult acts. The conspiracy has nothing to do with Orthodoxy. A conspiracy is witchcraft, therefore its use by the Church is discouraged (in particular, due to the fact that turning to it has a negative effect on the human soul, causes great harm to it).

Concretization - the key to the fulfillment of desire

It is very important to correctly formulate your desire.

It often happens that a prayer has only a general idea about his dream, but does not know what exactly and precisely he wants to receive. The inability to make a competent formulation of one's desire delays its implementation for an indefinite period or completely deprives any chance of implementation. Therefore, it is necessary to ask about any particular need: healing from illness, profit in a business, obtaining a certain position, profitable sale of an apartment, etc. Specification is the primary pledge of the next meeting with his cherished dream.

Ritual before pronouncing the sacred text

Before turning to prayer, it is recommended to perform one simple ritual. His appointment is to help the performer concentrate on his desire.

Ritual content:

  1. Thoroughly think about your desire, to formulate it, not forgetting the concretization.
  2. Visualization. It is necessary to imagine in your imagination that the dream has already come true. Then try to clearly feel the feelings and emotions that your desire would have caused you after its implementation.
  3. In such a joyful and elated mood, your desire should be formulated and written on a clean piece of paper. It is also desirable in the same place to describe their joyful experiences.

The finished piece of paper must be kept and carried with you until the wish is fulfilled. The text written on it should be re-read at least 2 times a day. It is useful to do this before reading the sacred words.

The strongest Orthodox prayers

A prayer for the fulfillment of the desire to appeal is made, first of all, to the Lord God himself. Prayer petitions are also characterized by strong effectiveness, aimed at:

  • Nikolai Ugodnik;
  • Matrona of Moscow;
  • John the Divine;
  • St. Martha.

There are also ways in which all the heavenly angels of the guardians and the saints ask.

To the Lord

It is necessary to read the text of this petition in front of the image of Jesus Christ, kneeling. Cross yourself and say 3 times:

Nicholas the Wonderworker

One of the most powerful Orthodox prayers that help bring the fulfillment of a cherished dream closer. To read it, the performer must carefully prepare: to clear his head of disturbing and negative thoughts, forget about the problems, clearly articulate his desire.

Best of all, if its text will be pronounced in the temple. If there is no opportunity to visit the church, it is not forbidden to contact Nikolai the Benefactor at home, but this should be done in complete silence, with a burning candle, in front of the icon of the saint. Text:

This prayer will be especially powerful when it is pronounced by the performer on her birthday. But on ordinary days it can be used.

Matrone Moskovskaya

The request to the Blessed Staritsa Matrona of Moscow can be addressed at home. This should be done in a calm state, in absolute loneliness.

The icons of Matronushka, St. Nicholas and Jesus Christ are put on the table (if you don’t have one of them, buy in advance), 11 church candles are lit in front of them. Crossing and bowing to the images, proceed to reading:

It is required to do this prayer ritual daily until the dream is fulfilled.

John the Divine

A hidden desire will be fulfilled in the near future if you say a prayer to John the Theologian on your birthday. The words are as follows:

The words of the prayer should be read with a burning church candle. On the table there should also be icons of John the Theologian himself, Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Mother of God, St. Nicholas and St. Martha.

Lord, all saints and angels

Another strong prayer, fulfilling desires in the near future, sounds like this:

This prayer is read daily, 12 days in a row. Be sure one of these days you need to visit the church and put a candle in front of the icon of Christ and say these words in front of her. It is also desirable to make a donation to the temple (any amount).

Desire usually comes true within 12 days following the completion of the prayer ritual.

Important: prayer can be used no more than 1 time per year!

How to read prayers

There are quite a few Orthodox prayers designed to help a person accomplish his desire. All of them should be pronounced sincerely, with firm faith, with repentance and humility in the soul. Besides, desires must be such that they can harm no one. If all these conditions are met, the Lord and His holy saints will certainly respond to the prayer’s request, although it may sometimes take some time - all the will of God.

Dreaming about the fulfillment of his desire, a person should not put all his hopes only on prayer. He himself will need efforts to make the dream come true. A praying person should try to do everything to get what he wants: pray in accordance with all conditions, improve himself, his knowledge, skills and abilities, take care of his soul.