Dream interpretation

Why dream of hair on my legs?


Hairiness is a symbol of masculinity. However, the expression "shaggy hand" has a different interpretation - the stable financial situation and the patronage of an authoritative person. Hairiness is considered a sign of success, wealth and leadership in everything. Why dream of hair on my legs? The meaning of the dream will depend on the gender of the person and on some of the nuances of the storyline.

Men's dreams

Other people's hairy legs are a symbol of successful career growth and success in business. See your legs hairy in a dream - a sign of high self-esteem. Self-reliance is a necessary quality that allows you to conquer new heights and achieve your goals.

but excessive hairiness on the legs suggests that self-conceit has passed the permissible boundaries. You are fixated on your personality, do self-admiration and move away from reality. While you were admiring yourself, other events developed under your nose that you didn’t even notice. Look around until it's too late to fix it.

See a woman with hairy legs - to success on the love front. The dreamer will attract the attention of the most inaccessible and proud beauties. Also, a dream may indicate that there is a lady with leadership qualities surrounded by a man who can provide invaluable assistance in solving business issues.

Women's dreams

For women, excess hair on the body brings many experiences. All strive to become the owners of smooth slim legs - a symbol of female beauty. Therefore, to see your legs hairy in a dream is stress and fright. Any girl on waking will immediately begin to check the condition of her legs - has the vegetation appeared there?

Seeing your legs with hair is a sign of a strong manly character.. You will be able to achieve a high position on your own, without using powerful people. You can prove your competence and consistency, without adapting to the opinions of others.

However if you suppress the initiative of your beloved man with your strong willThis will lead to disharmony in the relationship. If you have achieved a lot in life - a successful career, family hearth and obedient children - it's time to think about yourself. Do not you too entered the role of leader? Maybe it's time to become feminine and affectionate? The subconscious sends a signal through the image of hairy legs.

See someone else's legs

See hairy male legs for women - a good sign. The dreamer enjoys the attention of a strong half of humanity, attracts men with its charm. However, sleep can prophesy and deception of a loved one.

If a woman saw hairy feet of a familiar personit means that in reality he inspires her with respect and even fear.

Why dream hair on the legs of strangers? Often such dreams predict a journey, and long hair - a long journey.

Curly hair promise adventurous adventures. If you are frightened by the appearance of rings of hair, then an unpleasant surprise will happen. If the rings caused affection, then the journey will bring joy and a lot of pleasant impressions.

Hair color

Interpretation of the dream will depend on the color of hair on the legs. Everything matters - color, length, cover density.

Black coarse hair on the legs of a fair-haired girl foreshadow evil — deception, disappointment. If you see black hair on the legs of a familiar person, do not trust him with your secrets - this is a traitor.

Light-colored hair they talk about fear of growing old. You should not be afraid of aging, because there are many anti-aging procedures and means to restore skin elasticity.

Red curls on the legs can predict the onset of pregnancy. For men, this dream is reminiscent of the transience of time and the depletion of sexual potential.

Shave or not shave?

The impression of what he saw in a dream makes you want to shave off excess vegetation on your legs. For women, this act looks quite natural, but for men - predicts the loss of male qualities.

A man refuses to be a leader, to take responsibility on his shoulders and achieve his goals. If you are tired of responsibility and problems, just take a vacation. A short rest will bring the soul to balance, and you with the renewed forces will continue the work begun.

A similar dream can see a man who loves to complain about the injustice of life. No one can please him - neither the wife, nor the boss, nor the neighbors on the site. This position of the whiner is caused by the reluctance to do anything and take responsibility for their actions. However, in the depths of his soul, a man knows that he is to blame for everything.

What was the plot in which hair after shaving becomes even more? Soon you expect a large cash flow. If you get hurt while shaving, expect a lot to pay.

Meaning of hair by dream book

Family Dream - the hair on the feet of a man dreams of profit and career success. A woman’s dream is predicted by the envy of her colleagues, if she sees someone’s hairy legs. To see red hair on their own legs - to pregnancy. Red hair on the dreamer's legs - he ceased to be attractive to his own wife.

Dream dream wanderer warns: shave the hair on the legs - to material losses. You will lose earnings because of your own laziness and carelessness. If you try to be disciplined and responsible, you will be able to achieve prosperity.

Dream Miller foretells the journey. If the hair was long, the journey will bring unpleasant experiences and excitement. It is necessary to overcome difficulties and obstacles.

On a note

In Tibet, hairy legs in a dream are a welcome dream. According to Tibetan beliefs, a dream symbolizes good luck, such a person is considered lucky. The size of benefits and good luck will depend on the length and thickness of the curls on the legs. Shave off the hair in a dream - do not let luck into your life.