Dream interpretation

What does it mean if a dead man gives money in a dream?


A dream in which the deceased gives money to a living person is puzzling. What to expect - profit or loss, illness or death? Such a dream does not need to fear, it does not foreshadow an untimely demise. Usually the dead dream of changing the weather, but not always. What does it mean if a dead man gives money in a dream? Interpreters of dreams will help to clarify this question.

Image of the deceased in a dream

Most dream books warn: take out of the hands of a deceased thing or objects can not. However, money is an exception to this rule. To properly decipher sleep, consider two points:

  • who gave money;
  • denomination of bills or coins.

Auspicious sign is considered transfer of money from a blood supply - parents and grandparents. Especially if it was a large denomination banknotes, and relatives during their lifetime did not know the need.

Dead relatives, as a rule, do not disturb the living with their appearance in dreams. If they dreamed, it means that major changes are coming in the life of the dreamer. Dreamed father brings good news - your dreams will soon become reality. Also, fate will provide a chance to earn a decent amount of money.

However, if the father looked tired and sick, you should not take the proposed amount of money: you are transferred to karmic debts. What is karmic debt? This is an accumulated negative experience that must be atoned for by suffering. If you accepted the money, go to church and put a candle for the peace of the soul of the father.

If a mother offered money in the dreamremember what hand she handed over the bills:

  • right - to the financial well-being and the acquisition of wealth;
  • left - to receive a large inheritance.

The image of a dead mother always comes before significant changes in the fate of a person. If the mother looked healthy and happy, expect change for the better.

Grandmother is the guardian of the traditions of the genus. Deceased grandmother in a dream, she draws money - the whole clan places great hopes on you, exerts trust.

If a Grandma and Grandpa came to sleepit means that significant obstacles will have to be overcome on the way to success. But you can cope with the support of ancestors.

If a money transfers husbandwith whom you have a good relationship, you expect profit and well-being. If the money is offered by the husband, with the death of whom the deliverance from suffering came, do not accept his gift. Such a dream spells deception and tears.

If the late husband does not just give money, but tries to kiss, then sleep carries the threat of premature death. Try to wake up, avoid hugging in your sleep.

A bad symbol is the transfer of money by a stranger.. Money is used in magical rites to pay off negatives and sins, therefore, to accept them as a gift from an unfamiliar deceased is not good. However, if the stranger was wearing an expensive suit, you will soon get a new job.

Money value

Now let's look at how much money the late man offered you in a dream - metal or paper. Banknotes always foreshadow the good. If you can remember the numbers on the bill, you need to apply them in life. Perhaps they indicate the number of the house, car or a specific date.

Metal money dreams for trouble. See how the dead pours a handful of coins on your bare feet - to a serious illness. This dream also foreshadows poverty and joyless old age.

See handful of gold coins in the hands of the deceased - to temptation. Copper coins promise hard physical labor.

Other plots dreaming

If in a dream the deceased transfers the money to your friends, they expect trouble and disease. The same interpretation applies to younger relatives, whom you will see in your dream. For older relatives, such a plot foreshadows health and well-being.

If a alive in reality man dreams of dead and passes the money to someone of your friends, they are waiting for a strip of financial failures.

Gives money deceased? Dream promises reconciliation with current enemies.

If a money passes a successful person during his lifetimewait for good luck. Together with the money he gives you his success. However, if he sends the coppers, expect trouble and conflict over money. For girls, this dream promises a long period of depression.


If you dream of a deceased person, ask him to give you at least one bill. If this happens, you expect a great success. Fright in a dream at the sight of a dead man promises trouble. If the deceased is aggressively offering you moneythat you do not want to take - cross yourself. In this case, evil does not touch your life.

If the dead person ask you something in a dream, do not fulfill his request, avoid actions. Such a dream foreshadows illness and failure, loss and ruin. You can not give the deceased clothing, food, money, drink, etc.