Dream interpretation

What is the dream of a former girlfriend?


Sometimes a person we have long forgotten can come to our sleep. What does a dream mean? It is believed that the person dreamed thinks about the dreamer and wants to meet. What dreams of a former girlfriend to a woman or a man? Consider the interpretation of dream books.

How to understand a dream?

The interpretation of the dream can not be unambiguous. A person who has divorced life may come to sleep, or a person whose parting has become a gift of fate can dream. Therefore, the interpretation of sleep depends on whose image you saw:

  • good old friend;
  • childhood friend;
  • former husband's friend;
  • former sweetheart;
  • dead girlfriend.

If a dreaming childhood friendMost likely, you are seized by nostalgia for the past. Nostalgia can cause an object or thing associated with childhood. In this case, sleep is a reflection of your daily experiences.

If you experience an anxious feeling, sleep is interpreted differently. Perhaps you are in for trouble because of an unsolved problem in the past, an echo of long-standing events.

Peacefully talk with ex girlfriend no good: this dream foreshadows gossip and trouble. Scandal with a girlfriend in a dream - you can make peace with her soon.

If you sleep old friendwhich she has not seen for a long time, she remembers you and wants to meet. If your memories of an old friend did not bring joy, a dream spells gossip and trouble.

  • Former girlfriend dreams about problems in life.
  • A quarrel with her foreshadows a scandal at work.
  • Beat your ex-girlfriend - to conflict with colleagues.
  • Gossip with her - wait for the bad news.

Why dream ex-girlfriend husband? If the dream has caused unpleasant emotions, a scandal is brewing in your family. You have not come to terms with your spouse's past life, and jealousy periodically makes itself felt. Trust your husband to keep the relationship.

Remember how her husband's friends behaved? The vulgar behavior of the girls reveals the subconscious fear of losing a dear person. If the former girlfriends of her husband talked with you calmly, marriage is threatened. Try to restore the faded love, otherwise the divorce is inevitable.

What does sleep mean for a man

What does a dream mean in which a man saw ex-wife or cohabitant? Financial problems will soon begin due to unpaid debts, unresolved old problems and promises. A dream indicates that the causes of problems are in the past.

  • To dream of a former love - to conflict with his wife or girlfriend.
  • To quarrel in a dream with an ex-girlfriend - to vilify the dreamer's reputation.
  • To dance with the former - to a new frivolous hobby.
  • Beat the former - to serious problems in his personal life.
  • Passionately kissing the former - your feelings for her are not extinguished.
  • A dreamy girlfriend is dreaming - a passion for alcohol will attract trouble in a short time.

If dreaming wedding with the former wife, to be justified for the old deeds. Past mistakes and miscalculations, rumors and gossip will float to the surface. We need to go through this black line, it will not last long.

If a man saw in a dream his first girlfriendPerhaps fate will provide a chance to revive old feelings. However, it’s not worth plunging headlong into these sensations: the old relationship has already lost its freshness and novelty.

There is a different view on the interpretation of this dream - your dreams and plans are difficult to achieve, that is, you dream of the unreal.

Dead in a dream

To see the dead wife in a dream not to good. Something "dead" from the past will come to life and break into the life of the dreamer. However, sleep can also have a positive meaning if the dreamer has experienced bright emotions. For example, a desire that has already been forgotten may be fulfilled.

If the wife died not so long ago (up to two years ago), the dream has no interpretation. The dead are often alive in dreams and loved. Put a candle in the church, order a memorial service, visit the grave: the soul will calm down.

The image of the deceased friend dreams of girls to the test. Old fears and anxieties can come to life. Sleep can foreshadow material losses and mental exhaustion. If a friend tried to convey information, pointed the way somewhere, you need to recall her message in detail. However, this message can bring good and harm.

Bad if dead girl calls with in a dream, trying to take with him. In this case, you should force yourself to wake up, but not follow her in a dream. However, more often the dream foreshadows just a change in the weather, like a dream with any dead person.

Interpretation of other dream books

  • Dream interpretation Tsvetkova. If you dream of the arrival of a school friend, you can not forget the painful episode from the past, which lurks in my heart.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse thinks that kissing a dead girlfriend is to unexpected support and help from outside.
  • Dream Miller believes that a long-forgotten childhood friend dreams of the memory of old insults and experiences. Former girlfriend, with whom they had not communicated for a long time, dreams to help of strangers. Seeing a dead girlfriend is not good, if she kissed you in a dream. Such a dream on Friday foreshadows a car accident, on other days - wait for trouble.
  • Dream Vanga warns: the appearance of an old friend in a dream promises trouble due to past mistakes associated with that period. Something from the past will break into your life and make you survive the negative moments. The dream is especially dangerous if a friend looks a few years older than she was at parting. See, as the former girlfriend gave birth to a child - to pregnancy. Girlfriend in a drunken state dreams to own misstep. If a deceased friend kissed her in a dream, the dream foreshadows a serious illness.


Why do old friends, ex-wives and husbands dream? Psychologists associate these dreams with a particular psyche of the dreamer. You need rest. Stay away from time to time, allow yourself to relax.

Also, old school friends can dream as a reminder that you have long gone out of adolescence. It is time to become an adult, to change the worldview and former foundations of life.