Dream interpretation

Why dream parting with your loved one?


Separation from a loved one brings mental pain in reality and in a dream. However, do not be in a hurry to despair, because separation in a dream can have quite the opposite meaning. Then why dream of parting with your loved one or girlfriend? To answer the question, we turn to the interpreters.

What does separation mean by dream-books?

The mystical meaning of parting in a dream is a transition to a new level of relationships, change. For example, if you are swimming in different directions in the ocean, this may mean strengthening your connection.

Water symbolizes the sphere of feelings, and the distance between you simply means an increase in sensory perception. Maybe you already understand half a word from each other and even from a half-look?

If there is water in the dream of a man in love, then the feelings are sincere. Why then comes the image of separation in dreams? This may be caused by the subconscious fear of losing your beloved / loved one! In fact, the relationship is very strong, and the attachment is strong.

Dreams with a parting script with a boyfriend or girlfriend are interpreted by dream-writers exactly the opposite: the more experiences in a dream, the more joy in reality.

The appearance of the third character

What, according to dream books, means the appearance of a third person in a dream? The interpretation of this question is ambiguous:

  • or you are afraid of treason;
  • or in reality there was a rival.

How to determine the correct interpretation? If a a rival appears in the dreamThis may indicate a lack of your attention to your beloved - he lacks affection. Also, the appearance of the figure may indicate your inner fear of betraying your loved one.

In what cases separation is inevitable? For this there is a certain sign - a black bird. If during an argument a black bird appearedyour union is doomed to break. The image of this bird is a herald of separation, all the rest is only psychological discord in the soul.

When “sleep in hand”

When can a dream with a separation be prophetic? Interpreters identify them by the presence of sharp / cutting objects. For example, when in a dream girl scissor or knife. If you saw a similar scenario, you need to understand yourself: what does not suit you in a relationship?

Sleep warns that a conflict is brewing, which can be resolved in advance. If your relationship is dear to you, it is better to clear up all the misunderstandings beforehand. Even better - get rid of understatement. Often, partners hide some secrets from each other, which definitely carries a danger. The understatement is felt at the level of intuition, subconsciously. This wormhole can destroy any relationship.

Interpretation by days of the week

Often the correct interpretation of a dream depends on the day he dreamed.

  • on Tuesday - foreshadows separation;
  • on Wednesday - the appearance of an opponent;
  • on Thursday - empty;
  • on Friday - prophetic;
  • on Saturday - empty;
  • on Sunday, prophetic;
  • on Monday - it can come true.

Dreams on Tuesday night patronizes the planet Mars. Night paintings warn of danger that can be avoided. If the separation was peaceful, your relationship can become routine and boring. A stormy parting with your beloved on this night may portend a real separation.

Wednesday night dominated by Mercury. At this time come prophetic dreams of a warning nature, that is, events can be changed active actions. However, if in a dream the lovers parted peacefully, in real life we ​​can expect a strengthening of relations.

On thursday night Jupiter, head of career and finance, controls us. On this night, empty dreams of love and are not subject to interpretation. If separation is a dream, it is a reflection of the daily experiences and fears of a possible separation from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Dreams on Friday The goddess of love is ruled by Venus. This night all dreams of love come true precisely. To dream did not come true, tell your beloved one, discuss this question together. If you talk about what you saw at night before dinner, the prediction will not come true.

Dreams on saturday are influenced by Saturn. This planet is distinguished by severity and ruthlessness. However, they are recommendationsand not fatal inevitability. Reconsider your attitude to your beloved. Maybe he needs your attention?

Dreams on sunday are under the control of the Sun, which illuminates with its light the hidden and secret. Dreams on sunday give a hintin which direction to move. Maybe you should change to make relationships harmonious?

Dreams on Monday ruled by the moon. This is a planet of illusions and transformations. The moon can accelerate the course of events, change in any direction. So that separation from your beloved does not upset your heart, talk frankly with your beloved, become more tender and tender. Maybe that's what he needs.

Psychological aspect of dream interpretation

  • Why can a plot appear in a dream in which a loving girl runs away from guy and hiding? Psychologists explain this behavior by trusting relationships that have become so close that they have caused fear of them.
  • If a the girl was hiding in the forest, the image of the trees symbolizes her fears. It is the fears that prevent you from fully revealing and getting pleasure from relationships. Do not put artificial barriers in relationships, open feelings completely.
  • What does a dream mean in which girl binds her partner and insults? This may express a lack of emotional openness. Do not be afraid to express your feelings, do not hide emotions under the cover of decency. Perhaps your emotional closeness afflicts you? Talk to him frankly. Often insults in a dream indicate a lack of attention from a partner: a girl lacks affection.
  • Another psychological aspect of the dream - fear of being abandoned. To get rid of this delusion, you must learn to appreciate yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself. You do not need to become dependent on relationships, you must learn to preserve your personal space in integrity.