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Slavic amulets and charms - their value and photo


Just a couple of centuries ago, for our ancestors, amulets, amulets and talismans represented the main protection against any troubles and troubles. With regards to the Slavs, they always knew how to create original jewelry, possessing not only a decorative function, but also protecting from any evil.

With the help of Slavic amulets, it was possible to protect themselves from evil spirits and unkind people, to drive away diseases and troubles. In addition, magical items provided communication with nature and higher powers.

Even after the introduction of Christianity, Slavic amulets and amulets did not lose their popularity at all and were also actively used by people, only this time in secret. We will conduct a small excursion into history and consider all the types of amulets known today.

All Slavic amulets divided into three large groups:

  • talismans dedicated to cosmogonical beliefs (here can be attributed the cult of Perun, as well as talismans, on which are painted solar and lunar symbols
  • charms and charms dedicated to spell magic
  • amulets dedicated to animal magic.

Cosmogonic amulets

In most cases improved agrarian activities. Our ancestors paid a lot of attention to the issue of the elemental forces of nature (sun, moon, thunderstorm, rain and others). This is due to the fact that nature strongly influenced human life.

In the Slavs, lightning, thunder and rain were associated with magic, so there were a number of amulets that help control these natural phenomena. In addition, Slavic amulets were designed to protect the soldiers in battle, to help them win the battle.

Charms Charms

They belonged to the category of women. Usually in their appearance they looked very much like keys, spoons, dippers, combs, and so on.

  • The spoon, for example, is an ancient Slavic amulet, symbolizing wealth and satiety.
  • Loafers foreshadowed wealth in general, as well as good luck in all matters.
  • The keys promised replenishment in the financial sphere, as well as the protection of wealth from ill-wishers.

Almost all spell amulets and amulets were symbols of wealth and wealth in the family, they were used very often.

Animal-related amulets

There were still in the days of the primitive community. The ancient people were convinced that their kind came from a particular animal, so they sought to seek help from their patron. Using your animal's amulet (or totem) could be filled with his strength and power.

Protective talismans

The ancient Slavs paid much attention to the issues of their home (in particular, its defense against evil forces). So, for example, when the foundation was laid, pieces of wool, grains, and sometimes a horse's head were put in the corners.

All designated items performed protective charms, which guaranteed a calm and happy old age. In the "tap" corner, they usually cut out the symbol "wheel of the kind", to lure good luck they hung a horseshoe.

And, of course, ritual towels were popular, on which various ornaments with sacral meaning were embroidered.


Homemade dolls endowed with special power at our ancestors. Each doll was used on a separate occasion. The most ancient is considered to be the Eye of God doll, made of cloth. She tried to hang at the front door, and happened, and near each room.

Often it was possible to observe the God's Eye near the cradle for children, she protected the little ones from the evil energy. This doll minimized any negative emitted to the owners of the home. This Slavic amulet can be seen in the photo:

A doll with a beautiful name Bird of Happiness was the guardian of the family hearth. It was made of wood and placed in the hallway. Any guest entering the house, passing under the doll, left all the bad energy behind the threshold.


Slavic embroidery was applied on different details of the suit and usually meant protective properties. Embroidery was placed on those parts of the costume, through which evil could penetrate the human body (on the hem, neck, cuffs, collar).

Slavs believed that the impure forces would not be able to get into the human body through the fabric, as in the process of its manufacture they use special objects equipped with a spell ornament.


Such charms are worn by both men and women. They could be glass, metal, wood, and also made of bone. Various symbols (rhombuses, flowers and other signs) were applied to the decorations.

Jewelry was suitable for use by people of any age category. In the Slavic tradition, those talismans and amulets that protected their owner from evil spirits, various diseases and troubles were most popular. An example of typical Slavic amulets and amulets can be seen in the photo:

Based on the specific application, amulets could be used to protect the dwelling as well as be worn on the body. The process of their creation was a whole art transmitted from generation to generation.

Slavic amulets - a very interesting and fascinating topic. They are able both to protect evil forces and to bring love, happiness, wealth, good fortune into life of a person - everything that is necessary. The main thing is to sincerely believe in them and use them only with good intentions.