Dream interpretation

What dreams of a broken car by dream books


Broken or broken things carry negative energy. A broken car also carries negative emotions experienced by a person during a car accident. What dreams of a broken car, what trouble does the dream book prophesy? Consider in detail.

Car after the accident

Much to my surprise, a broken car in a dream does not always foreshadow trouble. For example, to look at an inverted car - to the defeat of competitors. This is a very auspicious sign for the dreamer.

However, when dreaming about your own broken car, this is not good - this is a sign of serious challenges in the future. To prevent trouble, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons, consider the way to implement your plans and provide for possible obstacles.

The accuracy of the interpretation of the image of the broken car depends on what you saw:

  • broken parts of the body;
  • repair the car after the accident;
  • to see someone else / your car;
  • many broken cars in the parking lot.

If it was broken windshield, dream books warn of the danger of an accident in the near future. If a broken glass - to loss rearview mirror dreams to broken hopes. If you replaced the broken glass after the accident, in reality you will be able to correct the mistakes and align the situation.

See many broken cars - you are surrounded from all sides problems. You have to strain all your mental strength to withstand the circumstances. One damaged car It symbolizes the obstacles to the goals. Car repair after a disaster - the ability to correct their mistakes. If the car can not be repaired, it is better to abandon their plans.

Why dream broken car familiar person? Sleep denotes an impending conflict with this person. See the husband's car - he will blame you for his failures. See father's car - to disagreements with him. Broken someone else's car foreshadows the emergence of competitors. Also, someone else's car can warn of problems in the family of the dreamer: you spend too much time solving other people's problems, forgetting about the family.

What does the dream in which you drove in a broken car? This warning will leave the implementation of the plans for later. Now circumstances are not for the better, so the implementation of the plan is impossible. If you refuse to ride a broken car, in reality, it will be possible to avoid monetary losses.

If a car falls off a cliff and broken, soon in the life of the dreamer will come a series of trouble. The fall of the car into the water according to the dream book means trouble in the personal sphere.

Opinion of other dream books

Freund's Dream compares the image of the car with a male member. Accordingly, if you dream that you are breaking a car, there will be problems with potency. Repair the car - to dream of sexual contact. However, the difficult repair of the vehicle indicates the development of complexes in men in relationship with women. In some cases, a broken or old machine shows a disease of the genitals.

Broken windshield symbolizes the fear of sexual contact, self-doubt and a sense of inferiority. Completely broken own car expresses the dreamer's fear of life and death, inadequate perception of reality. Multiple breakdowns symbolize problems in the workplace. Regular repair of the car in a dream is an attempt to get rid of family scandals and reproaches of the wife.

Dream Miller Warns about tiff with friends. You may soon lose your friends with whom you have had a long relationship. Broken windshield - expect the betrayal of a loved one. If the car is not badly damaged after the accident, the intrigues of enemies will not succeed.

Modern dream book He considers the image of a broken car in a dream a sign of misfortune. Trouble will arise from people from the inner circle. However, if you managed to drive away from the crash site in a crashed car after an accident, then you will be able to overcome financial problems in the future. To see a car without a windshield - to get rid of enemies.

Female dream book warns: if you are constantly haunted in a dream by a broken car, a low-income contender for the hand and heart will soon appear. Choose you to answer his feelings or not.

Psychological aspect of interpretation

Psychologists believe that the image of a car in a dream is a reflection of the qualities of a person. Dear beautiful car symbolizes self-confidence, the correct assessment of their capabilities. Respectively, a broken car reflects self-doubt, uncertainty and notoriousness.

Also, a broken car may indicate a conflict with friends due to a misunderstanding, a “broken” relationship. A dump of broken cars expresses the dreamer's unwillingness to compromise in a relationship: revise your position. A faulty engine may portend the loss of loved ones.

If you intentionally crash your car in a dreamThis indicates a suicidal tendency. In this case, the interpretation of the dream does not help: need advice from a psychotherapist. If you dream that you purchased a new car, which suddenly turned out to be broken, stress and psychological stress can lead to depression.

Crash into someone else's car in a dream - watch your actions and words, do not hurt your loved ones with your actions and statements.