Dream interpretation

What dreams about the preparation for a dream-dream wedding — one’s own or someone else’s


Wedding is an exciting event for the newlyweds, and for parents, and for the girlfriend and friend of the future spouses. An exciting event undergoes many emotions and moods. Often, before a celebration, dreams are being made where preparation for the event takes place, but it also happens that the vision comes to people completely unrelated to the wedding. So why dream about preparing for a wedding?

Details of the dream about the wedding and their meaning

Getting the correct interpretation of sleep is simple, it is important not to forget the vision, and also to recall some nuances and trivia. What plays a significant role in the dream?

  • Sleep for the bride before her wedding does not mean anything. The vision is most likely caused by worries and anxieties.
  • Sleep with a gorgeous table for your own wedding promises good luck, profit and success. From the wealth of the table depends on the level of benefits.
  • You had a dream, as you looked at, or sewed something to a wedding dress, or tried it on? Take a closer look at others. A dream where you try on a dress in front of your chosen one to betrayal and treason. Perhaps your dreams and hopes will not come true. If decorated dress, then wait for cheating.
  • If a dream dreamed a man, and he was preparing for his triumph, he will get the desired profit, growth in income and career.
  • Negative emotions from the preparation foreshadow the man quarrel with the chosen one.
  • If a dream about preparing for a secret weddingthen wait for the obstacles. A dream aims to warn you about it.
  • Preparing for the celebration of tiring and exhausting? There will be sudden problems. Solve them will not immediately.
  • Preparing for the holiday girlfriend speaks of good fortune and profit for the dreamer and the person about whom the dream was.
  • A dream in which they brought you a wedding invitation letter, attracts news about relatives or great deals.
  • Helped to organize a celebration? Meet old friends.
  • We saw a beautiful and large procession, a rich and luxurious table, as well as cheerful and joyful guests.? Profit and joy will visit your life.
  • Black tuple to an unpleasant person. He will intrigue you. Perhaps your friend or close will be sick.
  • If in a dream you were holding a veil, Remember, there is a wave of gossip and obstacles from detractors.
  • Preparing for the holiday daughter dreams to pleasant surprises and great joy. Expect pleasant troubles, as well as messages about replenishment in the family.
  • Vision in which you fuss, make treats and stuff, and the marriage is about to happen, says that your family needs you.
  • Married women the vision speaks of their dissatisfaction. Beautiful tables, amusing guests, and an elegant bride dream of profit and fun.
  • Try on the dress of a married lady to the disease.
  • Preparing for the wedding of the sister? Unmarried sister it is worth waiting for trouble and problems. You can solve or prevent them. Married sister the vision heralds good news and a positive outcome in conflicts. If you don't have a sister, but in the dream she was, wait for a pleasant acquaintance with a good person who can change you and your life.
  • Someone else's wedding and preparation for it to successfully overcome difficulties and obstacles.
  • Sleep in which getting ready for the wedding procession with the ex-boyfriendpredicts a change. Negative emotions to unpleasant changes.
  • Wedding with ex-husband, preparing for the holiday promises quarrels with loved ones.

Dream Wedding Preparation

Dream Miller

If in a dream they were preparing for their wedding - expect good news and success. If the wedding is to be held in secret, then this is a call for tolerance and curbing passions and emotions.

Dream Vanga

Dreaming dreams before making important decisions, but first you need to overcome difficulties.

Freund's Dream

If you were preparing for the wedding, the process gave you pleasurethen this vision symbolizes understanding and harmony in the sexual relations between spouses.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

According to this dream book, the preparation for the wedding foreshadows the upcoming troubles and difficulties.

Dream interpretation Hasse

For this dream book, wait for confusion, confusion in the near future, if preparing for their own wedding.

Dream loft

For those preparing for the wedding, sleep symbolizes care and anxiety.that the dreamer is experiencing in the present. For those not affiliated with the procession, soon to make a decision.

Dream Grishin

Preparing for the wedding predicts preparing for a serious and important business. If you were organizer or master of ceremoniesthen wait for the obstacles and difficulties in the affairs.