Dream interpretation

What dreams of falling from a height


The height and flight of some causes a feeling of delight, while others - panic fear of breaking. Falling is often present in childhood dreams, however, it has a quite predictable interpretation - the baby grows. What dreams of falling from a height for an adult? The interpretation of this story is ambiguous and depends on the details accompanying the picture. We will analyze in detail.

Meaning height in interpretation

The image of height carries the value of high life ambitions and great prospects. For some people, this symbol is positive: they strive to conquer new heights in their lives. For others, height causes panic.

A common interpretation is the fear of difficulties or life in general: a person is afraid to make a wrong step. Therefore, the interpretation of a dream with a fall largely depends on the emotional perception of this event.

For successful people The ascent to the mountain peak and falling down in a dream promises a tremendous success, if in a dream it was possible to stay alive. A fall from a height foreshadows difficulties on the road to success that will be successfully overcome.

If dreamer during the fall experienced fear, it can talk about excessive demands on himself. Do not be too self-critical. For other people, the fear of falling can symbolize dependence on people's opinions: you are afraid to take on high and deserve criticism if you miss.

Dreams with parachute flight They speak of a lack of thrills in the dreamer, if at the same time he is delighted. Falling in a dream a stranger warns to learn from the mistakes of others: do not repeat other people's failures in your life.

Plots in a dream may be as follows:

  • fall from a height into the water;
  • roll down the mountain;
  • see the fall of another person.

See child fall in a dream - to difficulties. If your own child falls, you may be too worried about his safety.

If a husband fell down, you will soon hear about his rash act. If a husband in a dream falls from an airplane or a mountain top, he cannot do without your support and help.

Scramble up on the mountain or high-rise building and break down - your undertaking will end due to unforeseen circumstances. The started business is not worth your effort.

Dreams: fall into the water

Sleep with a drop in water from a height foreshadows love. You will plunge into a new feeling with your head, swim in the waves of passion and tenderness.

Dive from a height - to the new impressions, exciting emotions. Accidentally to fall from a height - to unexpected bad events in life. Fall into the sea water - to unfulfilled hopes.

Fall into a deep well - to self-knowledge. You comprehend the depths of your subconscious, you will find the truth within yourself. Sleep may portend a change in worldview, a new look at familiar things.

Roll head over heels in a dream

Many dream books foreshadow losses, tears and failures, if a person happened roll head over heels or elevations. Psychologists consider this dream an expression of the subconscious fear of losing status in society, falling in the eyes of people.

Vision where the dreamer falls down in the elevator, warns to rely only on their own strength and skills. Do not trust the fate of the occasion and other people. Take the reins of your own life in your hands, do not be afraid.

Alternative interpretation of the dream

Soft touchdown during a fall, it may portend a difficult struggle with difficulties that will end well for the dreamer. A strong fall from a height to the ground dreams when overcoming life's difficulties are inevitable losses, which should be reconciled.

If a dream sees the head of a large enterprise or a person in a high position, he is not yet able to cope with his powers and responsibilities. The dreamer should analyze his inner state: fear of not coping with duties will lead to resignation. Either leave the position, or overcome fear.

Fear of falling from a height it can symbolize the subconscious resistance to future changes in life, unwillingness to change the usual course and part with comfort. A dream can visit a person on the eve of fateful changes - a wedding, change of place of residence, appointment to a management position. This is more a fear of the unknown.

The dream is treated differently for men and women. If a man sees himself jumping from a height, he can make independent (even risky) decisions and is not afraid of difficulties.

For women an obsessive dream with a fall can dream in connection with the forbidden love feeling: she herself considers herself fallen and unworthy. In this case, a consultation with a psychologist is shown to reconcile with itself and accept its essence as it is.

Fall into the abyss - You can not overcome difficult life circumstances.

Opinion of famous dream books

  • Dream Miller connects the fall from a height with overcoming obstacles in the path of life. Crash in the fall - to the bitter loss, to be injured in the fall - symbolizes the severity of the loss, depending on the number of injuries.
  • Dream Medea foreshadows unpleasant changes in fate. Fall from a height - to the disclosure of your secrets. If the patient woke up during the fall, healing will come soon.
  • Dream Grishin predicts negative circumstances in the life of the dreamer. You can lose finances, your own honor, or just waste time on unnecessary business. A dream is falling down the stairs - loss of social status, falling from the tower - to disappointment in oneself, repeated dreams with a fall - to great unrest.


Esotericists associate the feeling of soaring in a dream and the fear of heights with the release of the astral body traveling through subtle worlds. The fact of the fall is the return of the astral substance to the physical body.

Willingness to jump from a height without fear for life speaks of a willingness to commit an extraordinary act. You are not limited by the limits of morality and generally accepted norms; you are ready for a bold act.