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What superstitions are in Russia: a list of the most popular


Superstition - for those who believe in them - is a way to “negotiate” with fate and influence what usually depends on the case. And even the one who believes only in the interconnection of things that directly affect each other will name one or a couple of the most popular superstitions in Russia.

We all remember the sprinkled salt and “knock on the tree”, but we do not always know why this should be done, where it went from and how to defend against failure because of a black cat running across the road. So, consider a list of the most popular superstitions.

As a sign of the imminent appearance of money, many random unpleasant events are treated. A kind of consolation.

  • Step in a dog "gift"- to profit and success in business. Especially there are many of them in the spring, when the snow begins to melt, given our absent harvesting culture for our pets.
  • Bird tagged you - also to the money. One of the few positive bird-related signs, usually feathered, is heralds of misfortune.
  • You can not whistle in the house - there will be no money. It is believed that the whistle attracts evil spirits, which steals good luck and well-being (or simply money, which is not clear where they disappeared from the envelope with the savings).
  • You can not take money straight from the hands - translate. It is better to ask to put them on the table, then to calmly take. The same with the transfer - do not give in the hands.
  • You can not sit on the table - attract poverty. The table is a symbol of satiety, all that is valuable in the house, there is nothing to offend it.
  • You can not lend in the evening - not only that the debtor, most likely, will forget to return the money, so also your own will unexpectedly end.
  • Also in the evening you can not take out the garbage - with him go the money.

It is better to live long and in good health than to be ill and die early - the truth for all ages. Superstitions, foreshadowing death and allowing to measure the length of the remaining life, more than enough. The list of fateful signs and superstitions:

  • You can not sit on the threshold - attract disease. Drafts in the doors are not useful to anyone, plus - the symbolism of the threshold as a transition from one world to another. Delay there is not worth it.
  • Celebrate the fortieth birthday - call trouble. Forty (days, years) is an unlucky number, it is better to pretend that you are still thirty-nine.
  • Crows circling over the house - soon there someone will die. What else to symbolize scavenging birds, if not death?
  • If a ask the forest cuckoo how many years to liveShe prokukuet answer.
  • After the death of a person mirrors in the house need to close. Through the mirrors, nothing else looks at us.
  • Meat dreaming to the disease. The body clearly suggests something.

A road, especially a long one, is a small adventure, full of unforeseen circumstances or even dangers. Our ancestors were serious about any trips beyond their own courtyard.

  • Returned - there will be no road. It is believed that if the path was not set from the very beginning (I forgot the keys, gloves), then nothing good can be expected. To ward off trouble, you need to make a face in the mirror.
  • Need to sit on the track - to luck and easy way. You need to sit down to deceive evil spirits, who will think that you were not going anywhere, and will not be bound by it.
  • In the train you need to eat immediately after he started. This is not from big hunger, but from the desire to make a new place, albeit temporarily, our own. Where I have eaten is the branch of your house, and they will not do harm to you there.
  • Bird fights in the car window - on the road lurks danger. Variant of omens with a bird beating through the window of the house, which foretells death. The ancient peoples did not have cars, and the omen migrated from real estate to cars only recently.

What is most important for survival? And in ancient times, and now it is a community of people ready to help. Quarrels loosen our connections with people, so it’s best to avoid them.

  • Sprinkle salt - quarrel. To prevent this from happening - you need to throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder. Pre-making sure that there is no one there, otherwise the reason for the quarrel will not have to and invent.
  • Put the laundry inside out - to discord. Or even be beaten. Turn it, inside out - so wrong, and it attracts bad events.
  • You can not eat with a knife - you will become angry. Apparently, the meaning of the knife as a weapon goes to a person. Or - the tongue will be as sharp as a knife.

How not to stay in the girls

Although why not? Not married at this time better than ever. It was our ancestors who were afraid to be alone in panic, and superstitions on this score multiplied and accumulated. Take it into service - it will come in handy to take a marriage if you are not going to go there at all.

  • The girl sit opposite the corner of the table - for seven years to remain unmarried. Longevity!
  • Measure someone else's wedding dress before the wedding itself - to secure a few free years. But the dress that already participated in the marriage ceremony has no effect.
  • Sit on the windowsill (especially when dangling feet) - to dare the suitors.
  • Pass food and things across the threshold - set aside the day of your marriage.

What signs of fate promise us failure, how to protect ourselves from them and what should be avoided so as not to cause trouble ourselves?

  • You can not sew things on yourself - "memory sew." It is not known why memory suffers, but the danger of being pricked with a needle is quite real. To neutralize the effect, you need to take a piece of thread or fabric in your teeth.
  • Black cat ran across the road - to failure! The most famous superstition. How to deal with a harmful animal? Find a detour route or spin around yourself three times.
  • You can not pick up things (especially coins) at intersections - pick up fail. Magic rituals of getting rid of unnecessary prescribe to speak and throw away a trifle exactly at the intersection or road, so you do not want other people's problems - it is better to leave the coins where they lie.
  • Knock on wood - protect your optimistic future plans from evil spirits who love to spoil everything. Tell me how you are doing well, and it will be even better - knock on the tree to avoid bad changes.
  • Friday, 13th - an unlucky day, and it is better not to venture anything serious and requiring effort and luck on it.