Dream interpretation

Why do pigs dream in a dream?


The image of the pig is ambiguous in the interpretation of dream books. On the one hand, it is a symbol of fertility and wealth. On the other hand, it denotes spiritual or physical unscrupulousness. What does it mean to see a living pig in a dream - to good or evil? Let us examine the interpretation in detail.

The image of a pig in dream books

The appearance of a pig in a dream often heralds interaction with an unpleasant person, after contact with whom there will be a residue in the soul. Talking animal warns of an unpleasant conversation the other day, see pigsty with animals - get into the society of rude and ungrateful people. Run away from pigs - you will overtake fame.

The pig eats from the trough - your business partner is dishonest and greedy, beware of a trick on his part. Even worse see a pig in your house, which leads to confusion in the rooms - soon an unpleasant person will rush into the life of the dreamer, which will bring many experiences. Also, sleep does not advise to assist in the near future - do not wait for thanks.

If you saw arrogant and dirty boar, ahead of expecting trouble with rude people. Herd of dirty pigs symbolizes a society of unfriendly minded people. Perhaps this is your workforce.

Aggressive pig in a dream foreshadows the troubles that an influential person delivers.

Pigs and little pigs dream of money income, small pigs - to empty troubles. If the pigs behaved calmly, life will flow in a peaceful way. If piglets fussing about the pigsty, wait for the bustle and bustle.

Wild boars warned about the aggression of an influential person towards the dreamer. Forwards pigs hard times are predicted in the life of the dreamer, especially if they bite.

Black pig - According to the dream-image, the image of an envier and an adversary. Take a good look at your surroundings, you will find this person. To avoid evil on his part, do not enter into confidential conversations.

Positive sleep value

When does the image of a pig bode well? Financial injections have a dream where the animal is cut for the holiday. Monetary value has a dream in which they saw:

  • uterus with piglets;
  • an animal in a muddy puddle;
  • pig nose;
  • instead of his nose piglet.

Monetary value has a dream in which many pigs are actively running and play in the pigsty, eat from the trough and rest in the mud. And the more pigs - the greater the positive effect. However, money will not fall from the sky, you will need to be able to earn it. If you do not be smart, your profits will go to others.

  • Big and fat pig according to dream books, it carries positive symbolism, dreams of well-being. This could be a bonus, a salary supplement, or an expensive gift. The image of a fat pig promises a one-time receipt of a large amount or a long period of comfortable life. The fatter mumps, the more profit promises.
  • Cut the pork carcass - dreams of a good profit, and for butchers - a prosperous business.
  • Kill an animal in a dream - to the realization of hope for well-being: you get what you dreamed about.
  • Feed the pig - secure your future.
  • Catch a live fat pig in a dream - to apply strength to achieve well-being, to catch an animal - to good luck, to let a pig out of your hands - not to take a chance for a profit.
  • Pork Dish foreshadows a full and comfortable life. However, raw pork warns of disease.
  • Pig's blood It promises the arrival of relatives, and this dream to the girl reminds of the onset of menstruation.

What do the dream about the pig

ABC interpretation of dreams considers the image of a pig a reflection of a person's instincts, his physiological needs. Also, the image of the pig can reflect a person familiar to the dreamer, his true nature. Bathing pigs in a puddle - to family problems. If you dream of a dead pig or her head - to failure in business.

Big online dream book promises a big profit. Even a depleted animal still portends a profit, although not very large. There is a pork dish in a dream - to trouble. Try to remember who treated you to pork: from this person and expect a trick.

To buy an animal on the market - to profit. If you sell a pig familiar person, you can deal with it. To sell an animal - to losses. The more money you take for the sold animal, the greater the loss will be.

Cut the carcass - to great trouble because of a thoughtless act. If you plan to do something, reconsider your decision: it’s not too late to warn an unreasonable act.

Intimate Dream sees in the image of a dirty animal filth in a relationship with a partner. At best, your ideas about relationships simply do not match. To ride a pig - you commit an act that will discourage you and put you in a stupor.

  • The newest dream book warns: some of the close ones “put a pig on you,” that is, it hurts.
  • Russian dream book predicts a meeting with a bad person.
  • Dream interpretation 2012 considers this story a reminder to be grateful to life for everything, not to turn into a "pig."
  • Dreambook Azara warns: you let you down.
  • Dream interpretation Denise Ling sees in this image a symbol of promiscuity.

Russian people's dream book considers the image of a pig a symbol of swagger, incompetence and stupidity. However, to see a pig in a dream - to wealth. If the pig carcass was smeared in dirt, you are waited by rumors and gossip. The image of digging the roots of the oak pig foreshadows trouble from an incompetent person. The image of a pig sitting in a chair is a quarrel with friends and big troubles.

Modern dream book treats the image of large well-fed pigs as a symbol of profitable deals and enrichment. Skinny animals promise misunderstandings and trouble. The uterus with piglets foreshadows a happy outcome of commercial and other projects. The squeal of pigs promises problems and sadness. Feeding animals - to prosperity, selling pigs - to future profits.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century believes that pigs are dreaming of trouble and meeting with ill-wishers. If a girl saw a boar in a dream, it promises her a marriage proposal. To kill an animal - to the loss of position, dismissal. Seeing yourself in the guise of a pig - to mental agony. Piglets dream about the bustle and bustle, vain efforts and useless undertakings.