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Is it possible to keep a ficus in the house - signs and superstitions


Indoor plants are the same living things as pets, and the atmosphere in the house is influenced by no less. Plants determine the energy of the room, the most popular varieties are endowed with special significance, and it is not surprising that superstition and signs about ficus appeared in the house.

Mostly the ficus is considered as a plant benevolent, they do not notice any special vampire properties behind it. It cleans the air well, it looks beautiful, and, in addition to this:

  1. helps to get a baby;
  2. drives away potential suitors.

How is this possible at the same time? In our latitudes, the unusual plant was treated at first with suspicion, but then, when it became habitual (almost in every Soviet apartment, in many institutions), it became more loyal to him, and the significance of the signs softened. This happens with many objects, events, signs: as mankind becomes acquainted with them, anxiety decreases, and the past tendency to see sinister signs gradually melts.

The plant perfectly cleans the air, and where it is easier to breathe, and live more fun. He is unpretentious, stuck a tub somewhere in the corner - that’s goodness and beauty. And many useful energy properties.

Is it possible to keep the ficus in the house according to omens and superstitions? Very much! And for the office, it is also well suited. True, in the latter case - more for the beauty and purity of the air, it brings real benefits in the family nest.

The ficus is considered a wonderful plant for a house with a large family, because it harmonizes relationships between people, the very "weather in the house." Through a positive impact on energy, he:

  • prevents conflicts;
  • adds comfort and promotes good rest;
  • helps with money problems of the family;
  • brings good luck in the affairs of the household.

Ficus has no separate, special and good properties, it is useful for the family as a whole. Whatever the main problem today, the positive influence of the flower will help to deal with it.

But do not expect strong and immediate action from him - the ficus is quite a calm plant in terms of its magical properties. Someone does not feel the changes at all from the appearance of a tub with a pot in the corner. In this case, either there is nothing to harmonize, everything is so good, or you are caught not the most magical instance. Well, clean air is not bad either.

A separate conversation: a ficus and children. Not already present, but potential. It is considered highly useful for people wanting to be parents, especially for mothers (because it requires more effort and sacrifice from women). Especially good signs speak of a rubber-ficus.

Positive energy helps:

  • to cope with diseases of the reproductive system (ovaries, uterus);
  • establish the menstrual cycle;
  • get pregnant;
  • maintain their health during pregnancy.

It is best to improve the reproductive position "works" donated ficus. Bought on their own will work too, but the effect will be somewhat less noticeable and soon.

In the East, he is considered positively affecting male power. Not the one that moves the furniture, but the one that gives pleasure and conceives children.

Juicy nickname "muzhegon" Ficus (and ivy at the same time) gave the Slavs. Our unaccustomed ancestors to this plant suspected that he spoils the relationship, contributes to the emergence of rumors and gossip, badly affects the character of the men who live next to him, and scares off the boyfriends from women, does not allow starting a long-term affair.

First, these signs originated in those times when no one, except for a few lucky ones, had ficus. All unusual causes anxiety. In the case of plants, it is best to listen to the signs of those countries where this very plant came from, and not where it was delivered.

Secondly, if the ficus still shows exactly such properties (not all plants of the same species and even varieties are the same), use them to the full extent!

  • Tortured an obsessive suitor who doesn't understand the word "no"? Ficus-muzhegon help! Take care of him especially carefully, put in the bedroom, and the unwanted man will soon untie.
  • Do you plan to start a long relationship, because they do not have enough time and energy, or did the previous novel make you doubt that you need all this? A ficus in the house will help: too energetic and willing to immediately move to you and build a patriarchal nest fans will change their mind.
  • For family relationships, it will also work: does the older brother not want to find a job and move out? Ficus to the house - and he immediately pulls on a separate life.
  • Is the divorce delayed? Ficus! He will lead all unwanted men (ex-husband and his relatives) out of your life, and at the same time decorate your home: in a beautiful setting it is easier to restore the forces undermined by marriage.
  • Do you want to quietly build a career without harassment from your boss and colleagues? Flower at work, no one will cause suspicion, help to settle in and save from unwanted creeds.

Sprouts from a proven muzhogon can be given to girlfriends or even sold, many girls who are not attuned to relationships need help to win their peace of mind.

In this case, the Ficus should dwell with you, to give it to a fan, the disappearance of which you had dreamed about for a long time, is useless. It is still regarded wrong ...

What is the best way to apply the ficus so that its magical properties are not lost in vain?