Dream interpretation

What dreams of a graveyard and graves of relatives


The cemetery and the graves bring a sad mood, sadness or inner fear. A dream with pictures of the cemetery landscape can cause panic upon waking. What dreams of a graveyard and graves of relatives? Is this dream a precursor of premature death or warns about something else? Consider the issue in detail.

What does it mean to see a graveyard and graves in a dream

Interpreters offer two options for the meaning of a dream - positive and negative. Usually, the grave mound dreams to be remembered, and the cemetery itself - to the funeral. The accuracy of the interpretation is determined by the details of the dream, the emotional response to what they see and the connection with real events in the life of the dreamer. After awakening, you should remember:

  • view of the graves in the churchyard;
  • whose grave dreamed;
  • action in a dream.

Pay attention to the view of the cemetery in a dream. Well-groomed graves and a clean cemetery - a dream promises good changes in life. You will get rid of old problems, a new life coil will begin. Abandoned graves dream of hopelessness and frustration.

Wander through a graveyard in search of a certain grave. - the sign is not good. This dream foreshadows loss in life, separation from loved ones, collapse in business. Analyze your life: something valuable can go away from it.

If dreaming the grave of a deceased relative, this is a reminder of commemoration - you should visit the grave, leave a mention, weed, etc. If there is no possibility to visit the grave, order a church in the church for forty minutes and place commemorative candles.

Nightmare in which dead relative is trying to drag you to the grave, warns of trouble. Be careful, do not visit dubious places, do not walk down the street late in the evening. This is a dream warning, but not a sentence.

See the grave still alive grandmother - according to dream books, this is a foreshadowing of her imminent demise. However, such dreams do not always come true, so do not worry much. Maybe the subconscious mind warns that life is transient? Give grandma more attention.

Grave of the deceased father may dream as a warning about the loss of the breadwinner: this may be a divorce from her husband or his premature death. Also, the grave of the father can warn about a serious illness, but you will overcome the disease.

Grave of a dead mother also may portend danger. However, there is a different interpretation of sleep: replenishment in the family.

If a you are buried in the burial ground and buried alive, sleep foreshadows the loss of soil under your feet. You can lose credibility, a solid position in society or just respect for people. Gasp in the grave - to severe illness.

Positive interpretation

  • The symbol of death in any image has a positive meaning: farewell to the old and revival in the new quality. If you see a graveyard, quietly walking between the graves- it portends a victory over circumstances and a long life. See the graves of ancestors - to their patronage alive, however, do not forget to commemorate the departed in the days appointed by the church.
  • Grave with a cross can symbolize the successful completion of cases, getting rid of bad things in life, a new life turn. For example, you can get rid of an annoying enemy or loneliness. Many magical rituals to get rid of unnecessary held exactly on the graves.
  • If you are in a dream visited the grave of a relativeThis may portend a rebirth in a new capacity. For example, a widow will gain a new husband, and a previously childless woman can give birth to a healthy baby.
  • See your own grave - to changes in life. What can happen? You have to go through the tests that will form a new personality. For example, after experiencing anxiety, the dreamer can gain a new understanding of life, get rid of cliches and illusions.
  • To dream of an empty grave - the desire to get rid of what interferes in life or bury unpleasant memories. In this dream there is no warning about the imminent demise. Lie in the grave pit - you urgently need rest.

What else can symbolize when a cemetery dreams and graves in a dream?

Subconscious gives a signal: you are too attached to the old, obsolete and unnecessary. Do not look into the past, live for today and fix your eyes on the future.

Dream Vanga about graves and cemetery

  • Walking through the winter cemetery in a dream - to a desperate struggle with poverty and financial loss.
  • In love this story foreshadows unfulfilled dreams about the wedding: the beloved will go under the crown with another.
  • A well-kept cemetery heralds the news of the recovery of the old man, who was already buried in dreams.
  • Wandering through the cemetery alleys - your friends can't help you.
  • To dream of your wedding ceremony in the cemetery - to the loss of her husband in an accident.
  • For a young widow, a cemetery foreshadows remarriage.
  • This dream warns old people about the last days of life.

Other interpretations of dream books

  • Dig a hole for yourself - to sudden unexpected changes in life. The nature of change can be any - positive and negative.
  • If you watch how grave diggers dig a hole, this dream promises positive changes in life. The image of a grave pit can symbolize an attempt to “get to the bottom of the truth”.
  • If dreaming grave of a living person, in reality, relations with him will break. This may be a gap on the basis of scandal or simply cooling the relationship.
  • What does grave in your own yard or at the dacha? This dream warns of a family secret, which is not yet known to the dreamer. If the secret is known, then it must be carefully kept.


The frightening pictures of the cemetery can have a completely harmless meaning, if there was a peaceful atmosphere in the dream. Wandering around the cemetery, testing peace in the soul, does not bode ill. It is a symbol of the frailty of being and a reminder that you need to live here and now. Just enjoy life.

Anxious feeling during a dream does not prophesy death: it is a warning to be careful. In the near future, do not take long journeys, do not visit questionable places, do not sign contracts with strangers.