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Conspiracies and rituals on the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary (October 14)


The Orthodox Church celebrates October 14, the Intercession of the Virgin Mary - a Christian holiday, which is rightly considered feminine, because the Most Holy Mother of God always patronized the weaker sex, as well as the suffering of all and those in need. Read Pokrov conspiracies have great power and can be used in different spheres of life. Most often, they are used by unmarried girls who dream of meeting their husband, with whom they will succeed in creating a happy family.

From the history of the holiday

The cover of the Most Holy Mother of God is celebrated in honor of the event, which, according to legend, occurred in the ancient X century, in the city of Constantinople. The city was captured by the Saracens. There was also a temple there, in which the inhabitants of Constantinople prayed in difficult times, among them was St. Andrew the Fool. When the all-night vigil was going on, a miracle suddenly appeared in front of him: he saw the Most Holy Virgin Mary, who was walking through the air, surrounded by celestial angels.

The Mother of God prayed for the common people, and after her prayer was finished, she took off the veil (in honor of which, by the way, the holy feast and got its name) and spread it over the people standing in the church. The veil was visible until the Mother of God was in the holy house. When she left, it became invisible, but the worshipers still felt in their hearts the grace emanating from this veil.

Later, the feast of the Intercession received official recognition and became one of the most beloved and revered among the people. On this day, it is accepted for the whole family to attend church, to ask for the intercession from the holy heavenly patroness. Also on October 14, special ceremonies and conspiracies are held on Pokrov - the Mother of God assists in their implementation.

What rituals and conspiracies are applied on the Pokrov Virgin?

The rites and conspiracies to which people turn to Pokrov can be very different. There are also differences in the aspects of life for which they affect. But you can still select several types of rituals that have received the most widespread among the people. These are:

  • rite of love Girls conspire on love to speed up a fateful meeting with a lover;
  • rituals for marriage. They They are considered to be the most popular among girls, as there is a belief that they help single young ladies to get married within a year after the event. Moreover, this marriage will certainly be happy, as the Most Holy Mother of God herself puts her hand to him;
  • rituals for financial stability and material well-being. The conspiracy for money read on Pokrov is characterized by great force and attracts monetary success to the performer in the shortest possible time;
  • plots and rites for protection. Protective rituals are most often performed by people in relation to their family and home. They are done with the intention to protect their loved ones from misfortunes and misfortunes, from troubles and life's failures, from the effects of dark witchcraft (spoilage, evil eye) and all negative things;
  • rituals for good luck. If you hold them under Pokrov, any undertakings of the performer will be doomed to good luck, success and well-being;
  • rites of the ailments. Healing plots have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect, helping to get rid of certain diseases, or to facilitate their course.

The autumn feast of the Most Holy Mother of God gives people a unique chance to use magic and influence their life in the most favorable way.

The most popular rituals and plots conducted on October 14

Love spell

This conspiracy contributes to the meeting with the second half and the subsequent successful marriage. Read it on October 14. The words:

“God bless! Help, God! My righteous faith. Mountain of stone, stand around me. And I will be clothed in clear rays, I will be blessed by the Mother of God. Father, Pokrov, to me, servant of God (own name), the crown is gone. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen (three times)!”

Prayer for marriage for single girls

Lonely girls who dream of marriage soon can take advantage of this prayer. Words must be pronounced on October 14, at dawn, three times, imagining oneself in a wedding dress at the altar. The text of the prayer:

It is believed that the girl who read this prayer will marry within the next 12 months.

Marriage ceremony if there is already a chosen one

This conspiracy and ritual are used by a girl to marry an already existing lover. A ceremony is performed on the eve of the holiday, October 13, in the evening. For it you need to prepare a container with by water and shirt (t-shirt) of a loved one. First, 3 times water begins to speak:

“Mother of God, bless me for the wedding crown. Let my girlhood come to an end. I no longer need girlish braids - let unmarried girls wear them. In return, I ask for a woman's headscarf and wedding ring. Bless me, Mother of God, to the holy Pokrov. Amen".

The girl should wash her face with a water-fueled one, and then wipe it dry with the clothes of her lover. The shirt after the ceremony must be dried in a hidden place and returned to his chosen one.

Another way to look in the video:

Money Prayer at The Protection of the Virgin

Among the prayers and conspiracies on Pokrov, this prayer is one of the strongest. You need to read it on a coin of any value, placed on top of an open purse with money.

First of all, the Orthodox prayer “It is worthy is”, praising the Mother of God. Text of her:

After it, the prayer itself is read, attracting finances. Text:

The ritual ends with the prayer “Virgin of the Virgin, rejoice.” The conspired coin is put in the wallet and will continue to function as a talisman for money.

Conspiracy to health

On the day of the Intercession of the Virgin, you should be washed in the bath before dinner. A person suffering from any ailment should go to the bathhouse and say a conspiracy 3 times:

“Bath-house, let me wash and steam, long to not grow old. Broom white body and stroke your health under the cover-father get along. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen".

The sickness should soon recede. A healthy person can apply the plot - in this case, he will provide himself with protection against diseases for a whole year.

Protective plot-charm for the family

Under Pokrov, the head of the family or the oldest woman should sprinkle with water (a holy one) all family members without letting anyone in. This should be done through a sieve, accompanying the process with conspiracy words:

“Most Holy Mother of God, oblashi, fears and slander me and my family all good for the health, rich farmstead, for a long and happy life. Do not bother us to all enemies, enemies, just as not to take the water out of my house in a sieve. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and ever and forever. Amen".