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Eye of Fatima - an ancient charm


In the world of Muslims, as well as in any other, there are a number of unique amulets that have magical properties and are able to save their owner from many troubles and misfortunes. But the most popular since antiquity is the charm of the eye of Fatima (or Nazar) - presented in the form of a glass blue bead having an eyeball and a black pupil - just like a real eye. You will learn about the origin of this talisman, as well as its meaning and magical properties from this material.

Nazar Bonjuk - a name that has fallen into the history of the conquest of Byzantium by the Ottomans Turkish Sultan Mehmed II. All the janissaries of his troops used such a blue pebble. In many Turkish families, the ancient amulets of Fatima’s eyes, inherited from their ancestors, have survived to this day.

According to another version (the love one), the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed fell in love with a simple young man, who was given a similar talisman on a dangerous path. Charm defended the guy, and he returned to her home safe and sound.

The legend about the daughter of the Caliph, who did not want to take on the burden of power, but promised to keep her father's kingdom from any adversity, is also known. Fatima was the name of each of these girls. To date, it is impossible to establish in honor of which of them charm got its name, but it is very popular in Turkey.

In other sources you can even find approximate age of the amulet: more than 500 thousand years BC It turns out that the eye of Fatima is almost the most ancient amulet on Earth. Images of the all-seeing eye, which can be found on numerous Egyptian pyramids, serve as confirmation of this fact. Despite this, the eye of Fatima is still considered a Turkish talisman, although charms of such a plan were found even in the process of excavation of settlements of ancient Slavs.

This Muslim amulet has a practically unlimited range of exposure. and will eliminate both banal cold and get rid of the evil eye. The eye of Fatima is the guardian of the family hearth, it will save the home and its owners from various hardships and misfortunes. Also, the amulet warns of a catastrophe (you can find Nazar onboard airliners). Promotes harmonious love and success in business.

It will be more difficult to answer the question what functions this amulet does not cope with. It is noteworthy that the magical effect increases with the size of the object. The larger the charm size, the better protection it provides. Large talismans traditionally strengthened on the facades of buildings, and it does not matter at home or business centers.

Turkish eye, protecting from the evil eye, reflects any negative energy from its owner. But it will act solely on the mind when it is on the human body. Only in this case, the charm protects its owner from evil forces. And a stone under clothing will not have so much power.

If the amulet breaks - It means it reflects a very strong blow and this was his last function. Be sure to pronounce the words of gratitude, and then bury the remnants in the ground. The lost stone will also indicate this. If this happens - immediately buy a new item of protection.

It is especially recommended to wear amulets to weakened people who have low immunity, as well as children, women in the position, successful businessmen and beautiful girls. The categories of people described above are the most exposed to negative energy, which comes from ill-wishers.

The most powerful options amulet The eye of Fatima can be made entirely by hand. The material is blown colored glass - from dark blue to rich turquoise hue. Amulets are allowed to be worn as jewelry, key chains, bracelets and pins.

  • Pregnant women should pin the guard against the evil eye to their clothes.
  • Only babies born to the amulet need to hang on a blue ribbon and tie up on the handle. In the process of walking the talisman will save the child from the evil eye.
  • Adults usually wear an amulet on a pin, clinging it to clothing.
  • The lovers present the Turkish eye to each other, wishing at the same time strong protection against the evil eye. In this situation, Nazar will acquire double power - at the same time absorbs the strength of two people at once.

Do not forget to periodically purge this amazing talisman. To this end, you just need to wash Nazar in running water every week and gently dry with a soft towel.

The eye of Fatima can not only protect a person from the evil eye. This beautiful stone protects even from disasterf. Turks tend to hang it everywhere - in cars, offices, at home. The amulet also attracts love, assists in the financial sphere, protects family comfort and harmony, will provide you with a successful marriage and an easy pregnancy.

Apply the amulet correctly, depending on the expected purpose:

  • For profit. Place the amulet in the places where money is located (safes, cash desks). Turkish eye, stylized as a money tree or another souvenir can be safely installed on the desktop.
  • For harmony in the family. If you want to bring well-being into your home, give your preference to the large amulets of the Eyes of Fatima. We have already mentioned earlier that the more a house amulet is, the more powerful the effect will be.
  • For the safe conception Nazar hanged in the bedroom, and to protect the house - in the area of ​​the front door.

Do you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the evil eye, as well as troubles and troubles? At the same time ensuring the protection of property, raising funds, a successful marriage and filling the surrounding space with harmony? Just buy one of the most powerful oriental amulets - the famous eye of Fatima.